The Art of Creating Your Personal Style

How to make a powerful fashion statement

Developing a wardrobe that shows off your personal style is a powerful asset to have under your belt for a number of reasons: It will help you look your best consistently, it will boost your self-confidence, you will feel comfortable in your day to day life, and will make an impression to the world that genuinely helps others see who you really are. Developing a wardrobe is also fun, chic and works to your benefit in both business and relationships.

Cultivating your own fashion statement is a mix of knowing what flatters your body and takes into consideration the practical needs your clothes must fulfill throughout your day. The idea is to pull together outfits only using pieces you really like and feel good in that express your tastes in fashion. There’s no need to have a professional stylist, a hefty fashion budget, or be a slave to style to curate a look of your own. Here are the basics:

We are generally at our best when we are comfortable in our clothes.

Don’t wear what doesn’t fit, or causes you to walk or sit self-consciously. Ask yourself, what do I wear over and over that makes me feel good and gets compliments? Start there. If you try on pieces that are too tight, too loose or fit only here or there, don’t put down your credit card, even if the salesperson is applauding your reflection in the three way mirror. If some minor nip and tuck tailoring has an excellent possibility of making the piece a perfect fit, then go for it.

What’s the story you want your clothes to tell about you?

I’m a mom. I’m an artist. I’m an attorney with an edgy side. To make a more personal impression, don’t wear one designer or one trend head to toe. Train your eye to put together outfits that suit you and are current by doing a little fashion research each season before you shop. Start by working with the basics you already have in your closet and then change the mood to fit yours - romantic, sultry, modern—just with accessories. Peruse your favorite fashion blogs, magazines, catalogs, and do some window shopping without your wallet in tow, just to get a sense of what’s in stores and to find looks you that you love and that will work for your body, job and lifestyle.

Daina Hulet spent ten years as the west coast editor for Glamour magazine covering beauty, fashion and lifestyle. She has also written freelance articles for national publications and created content for corporate fashion and beauty websites.

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