Look Good, Feel Good

Finding Confidence and Power Through Style

Believe it or not, scientists have actually studied the connection between our appreciation of clothes and how we approach the world. Turns out, if you look good (or at least if you think you do!), you have more self-confidence, which contributes to feeling better overall. The phenomena is called enclothed cognition and it explains why a red dress can make you feel sexy, or a single color head to toe (namely white or black) feels so chic.
How does it work? Enclothed cognition is all about association. Think Beyonce’s got the market cornered on sexy? Emulate her for date night. See Scandal’s Olivia Pope as the epitome of power? Streamline your interview outfit to reflect one of her looks. Digging Sienna Miller’s relaxed boho vibe in last summer’s Vogue sailboat spread? Pack your vacation bag accordingly.
Why? Because by approximating the style of women you personally associate with power, sex appeal, confidence, glamour or any other attribute, you will automatically feel more of that attribute. And not to worry – you don’t need to have a celebrity bank account to harness their so-called star power! You be a constellation unto yourself by wearing any particular brand or item of clothing that has meaning to you, even if you’re the only one who knows it. Consider what a good pair of blank-me pumps, a power pencil skirt or a glowing skin tone can do! Bottom line: far from a frivolous expense, every item of your wardrobe and personal style contributes to your power!
How’s that for dressing for success?!
Stephanie K. Smith is a freelance writer working across mediums. Her pieces have appeared on sites ranging from CNN.com to National Lampoon and she’s written television pilots for Fox, CBS, The CW and Legendary Television. She lives in Los Angeles with her son, Dash and their (girl) cat, Fred.  http://www.stephanieksmith.com/

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