Summer 2016 Swimsuit Trends

Hot Looks for Cooling Down!

Ladies, it’s that time of year again when the temperatures rise, and people run for their pools, beaches and backyard barbecues. Translation? You need a new swimsuit. And whether you want to keep it simple with a standard black bikini or mix it up with a festive print or crocheted one-piece, this year brings a bevy of options to flatter any body type, and have fun while you’re doing it!
So, without further ado, here’s what’s hot for Summer 2016…                    
High neck crop tops
Necklines are becoming more noticeable this season – witness this year’s selection of halter crop tops! Rising all the way up to the collarbone, sometimes with cut outs or other embellishments, these suits offer more coverage than a standard bikini top while still leaving the midriff exposed for maximum tanning. Bottom line: they’re flattering no matter your cup size and will emphasize your toned shoulders.
Caged and strappy sex appeal
Whether they remind you of bondage or Bond girls, sexy, strappy suits with strategically placed cut outs that make for tantalizing tan lines are all the rage this season. From geometric one pieces with zig-zagging back straps to neutral tanks with stripes crisscrossing over the breast bone to full-on swimwear that takes on the bandage dress, these suits leave a mark that lasts long after you take them off. The skinny: seriously sexy for anyone who dares to wear them.
Prints, prints and more prints
Sure you can find neutrals – particularly if you’re open to embellishments like those listed above. However, you’ll likely notice that prints are all the rage this season – tempting even the most conservative to live a little. Expect to see everything from paisleys to geometrics to Aztec-inspired suits everywhere you look. Hint: including your mirror!
Sporty Spice
Last, but certainly not least is a look that any lady can love, known affectionately as sporty spice. These suits have built-in sports bras and are known as much for their comfort as their style. Throw on a skimpy bottom with a support top and it’s a surprisingly sexy combo. Even if you go full coverage in a once-piece, these flattering suits make it easy to be on the beach all day and look great while doing it. The verdict: you don’t have to be an athlete to love this chic yet sporty style, but you might wind up feeling like one! 

Spring Fashion Trends

What everyone’s wearing now… and how you can, too

Spring is here and you know what that means…blue skies, warm breezes and a host of new fashion trends…some would say an onslaught. So, what’s worth knowing about? From the runway to the suburban sidewalks, here are some of the most wearable must-have fashions for Spring 2016!
Big bold stripes
There’s something to be said for simplicity, and the idea that everything old is new again. Witness the trend toward big, bold stripes. Doesn’t matter if they’re horizontal or vertical – both directions are making a splash, sometimes on the same garment! What does matter, however, is that the lines you lay down are thick and comprised of bright and/or contrasting colors. Think nautical red, white and blue patterns, primary colors set against each other or any color alongside bright white. The impact is understated, but current – in fact, the right striped t-shirt can make an otherwise bland outfit shine. Pair a striped, structured shirt with a pair of lightly acid washed jeans, for instance, and you’re instantly on point.
Micro pleats
Meanwhile, though the stripes may be thick and chunky, the teeny, tiny pleats this season are anything but. Luckily, the results are both fashionable and flattering for everyone. Why? While standard size pleats are known for adding bulk (just ask any former Catholic school girl), micro-pleats add texture and depth without adding pounds. Plus, they fall beautifully on any body type, making a flowy, micro-pleated skirt or dress the perfect way to cash in on Spring’s romantic trend without fully embracing ruffles (which are also haute, haute, haute right now). Opt for a loose French braid or tight braided buns, and you’ve got two very different looks that are equally of- the-moment.
And finally…
Exposed shoulders
There’s nothing like a little skin as the weather heats up. And so it is that the exposed shoulder is making a comeback. However, it’s not in the form of simple off the shoulder shirts or dresses of recent years past. Instead, shoulder cutouts that hearken back to the 90’s have taken the stores by storm, allowing for the structure of a button down with the sex appeal of an open neckline. Pair a structured, exposed shoulder top with a low-slung pair of sailor pants and you may feel like it’s 1996, but you’ll look pure 2016. Bonus points if you add a cat-eye and bright lipstick.
Bottom line: trends can all be made your own, the trick is knowing how to wear them.


Look Fabulous in the Right Dress

Your Guide to the Best Dresses for Your Body Type

Have you ever walked into your favorite designer’s store and fallen in love with a dress displayed on a mannequin? You can’t wait to try it on and then low and behold… it just doesn’t look the same on you as it did on display… The truth is that certain dress styles can make us look amazing and some styles are just not suited for our body frames. The key is to know which styles accentuate our bodies. Here is a guide to the best dresses for your body type:
If you have an hourglass figure:
If you are curvaceous (your bust line and hips are fuller and your waist is smaller), try a dress with a belted waist; the belt will bring attention to your sleek waist.
If you have a boyish frame:
For women with less definition between their bust, hips and waist, styles such as fitted sheath dresses and classic shift dresses are good choices. Other great choices are frocks with ruffles and detailing, which can add the illusion of curves to your frame. For a formal occasion, try a one-shoulder cocktail dress for a dramatic touch.
If you have a “pear” frame:
For women who are smaller on top with fuller hips and thighs, try an A-line dress that is strapless or has a deep V. An open neck draws the eye up while the A-line minimizes the hip area.
The dress that flatters everyone!
One style that universally looks fabulous on every woman is a classic wrap dress. Not only can this style be worn by women at every age, its sophisticated style can be casual or professional.  The versatile dress can highlight your best features and minimize any perceived figure flaws. Finally, this adjustable style can even be worn while you are pregnant; just adjust the waist as needed.


Runway Looks

Makeup Trends from 2016 Fashion Week

With the Fashion Weeks of London, Paris and Milan all behind us, now is a great time to review what’s on point this season. And there’s plenty to talk about. What can we learn about everyday hair and makeup from the European runways? Let’s take a closer look!
You do you
London in particular was a study in opposites, proving that now, more than ever, a cookie cutter look is not going to get you noticed. Instead, find the style that works for you, just keep it modern and fresh. That doesn’t mean rolling out in looks from five years ago, but it does mean you can feel comfortable working within your wheelhouse. Take note of polar opposites Naomi Campbell and Rosie Huntington Whitley, both of whom made a splash in London. Naomi went full blown bombshell with seventies-style glamour curls and bright red nails. Whitley, on the other hand, was all sleek blonde and pale makeup. 
Meanwhile in Milan, there was one common theme.
Go big or go home
From hair to lipstick to accessories, bold was the order of the day for the Italian fashion capital. Big hair (waves, curls, you name it!), statement lips (bold and bright or bold and dark!) and outwardly girl statement accessories (the shades and embellishments had it!) all experienced a grown up makeover, making them fashion forward but accessible. The bottom line: this is not a time to tread lightly. The fashion of the moment dictates that whether you go monochromatic with your makeup or unleash your natural curls, you need to make a statement!
One easy way to do that?
Feed your feline…
Eye that is. Heavy lining was all over the runways this season. From Cavalli to Versace to Fendi and even Lagerfeld (whose playful, geometric styles were said to have taken inspiration from Burning man), the cat eyes had it and you can too. A subdued feline flair is appropriate for daytime while more elaborate cat eyes can replace statement jewelry for a high impact evening look. All it takes is a peek around the internet and you’ll find a style you can emulate. Meow, ladies!
And finally…
Embrace your dark side
Whether in London, Milan or especially Paris, looks this year seemed to embrace a harder edge than we’ve seen in a while. From the pale faces, dark hair and deeply hued lips that gave Louis Vuitton a futuristic goth vibe to St. Laurent, where lined eyes, bright lips and black leather brought a feminine face to the punk rock aesthetic, to Givenchy’s so-called biker chic, aggressiveness was the order of the day… The message: don’t be afraid to put an edge on it. Bold is sexy.

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