Banish mask-induced breakouts with JAFRA ROYAL Clear Smart

Are you breaking out after wearing a cloth face mask? It’s called maskne and you’re not alone! Blemishes, blackheads and whiteheads are a major skin concern for millions of people, under any circumstances. When you add in skin reactions from face coverings and the general increase in stress, the problem skyrockets.
In dermatologist lingo, these breakouts are called “acne mechanica.” The mechanical friction of skin rubbing against fabric can irritate the tiny follicles on your face and disrupt the skin’s barrier function. Moisture builds up under the mask, creating an environment where bacteria thrive. As pores become clogged by oil and bacteria, angry red pimples pop up, especially around your nose and jawline.
We’re thrilled to have a new, holistic solution that works for every age, from teen to adult. JAFRA ROYAL Clear Smart helps treat and prevent acne, and maskne, with a combination of cutting-edge microbiome science, blemish-busting salicylic acid and exclusive Royal Jelly RJX. Balanced skin equals clear skin, so Clear Smart starts by balancing the skin’s microbiome. It also removes excess oil, unclogs pores and hydrates to keep skin soft, smooth and shine-free.
The Clear Smart Ritual works in four simple steps, with advanced formulas that are fragrance-free and suitable for all ethnicities. Designed to work together, the five products are proven to deliver clearer skin just 7 days*. Immediately, 8 out of 10 experienced all-day oil control, improved skin texture and a visible reduction in the size of pimples*. And, the results get even better over time.
• Clarifying Cleaning Foam Purifies pores while helping treat and prevent breakouts
• Clear Complexion Toner Helps unclog pores, control oil and eliminate shine

• Blemish Spot Treatment Delivers speedy relief from individual blemishes
• Clear Pore Hydrator Hydrates, fights blemishes and controls oil
• Shine Control Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 25 Oil-free, invisible-finish UV protection
*Independent consumer test results in US and Mexico.
Wendy directs the global product development and strategic marketing for JAFRA Skin Care and Toiletries. With a proven record of leading top brands in the beauty industry, she brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the role.

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