What you need to know about the most sought after skin care solution of the year

There’s a reason that face masks are the #1 searched skin care trend of 2017 so far; they work. Whether your face is dry, oily or dull, there’s a serum, solution or deep cleaning mask out there ready to remedy the problem. Some special masks even do everything at once, which is why smart women have begun combining them. That’s right; #multimasking is an actual thing. With so many vast and varied problem solvers in the mask game, there’s no point in under indulging! Instead, sit back, relax and get ready to rejuvenate with one, or all of these amazing masks. It’s also worth noting that all but one of these masks originally hails from Korea, which is the go-to for serious skin care solutions.

Get Fizzy With It
Pour yourself a glass of bubbly and treat your face to a similar sensation. Fizzy or foaming masks bubble up when exposed to oxygen, deep cleaning your pores and penetrating your skin with active ingredients designed to leave you feeling fresh and tingly.

Splish Splash
Splash masks offer a new twist on an old tradition. Derived from 20-minute rice milk soaks, these quick fixes deliver the same nutrients in just 20 seconds! After washing your face, simply splash the mask on, and that’s it! These leave-on tonics provide extended benefits, as they soak into your skin over time, sometimes overnight depending on the mask.

Under the Sheets
It’s no wonder our third trend du jour has a special place in our hearts, and on our faces. Known to brighten, smooth and hydrate your skin for a glowing complexion, sheet masks are the triple threat of masking. Simply lay one on your face and reap the powerful, nutrient-rich benefits.

Back to Basics
Going all the way back to ancient Egypt, clay masks are still the simplest way to get maximum skin care impact. If you’re in need of a quick and easy detox, there’s nothing like a clay mask to clean deep and get rid of toxins. Try one like JAFRA’s Clear Complexion Clarifying Mask and you’ll be soft, smooth and blackhead-free in as little as 10 minutes!
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