Discover our signature JAFRA ROYAL skin care ingredient

In nature, royal jelly has exceptional power — the power to transform an ordinary bee into a queen. It nourishes and energizes the queen, so that she grows 2X larger and lives 40X longer than the other bees in the hive. At JAFRA, we discovered that this wonder of nature has extraordinary benefits for skin, helping it to look smooth, supple and more radiant.
JAFRA’s royal jelly love story began in 1957, with our original Royal Jelly Milk Balm. Our skin care experts have been passionately exploring its power ever since. Today, with exclusive Royal Jelly RJX technology and precious royal jelly oil, we’ve discovered new ways to incorporate its benefits into our luxurious JAFRA ROYAL Skin Care Rituals.
  1. NATURE’S ROYAL JELLY — potent elixir for beautiful skin
The Origin: Created by bees in the hive
The Action: Antioxidant and skin barrier support
The Benefit: Contains everything skin needs for optimal performance
Royal jelly contains a wealth of riches that nurture skin’s smoothness and vitality: antioxidant vitamins and minerals, lipids for skin barrier support, proteins for environmental defense, naturally humectant sugar and water for optimum hydration. This natural super-nutrient is the inspiration for — and a key ingredient in — every JAFRA ROYAL product.
  1. EXCLUSIVE ROYAL JELLY RJXour breakthrough for younger-looking skin
The Origin: Created by bees and unlocked by science
The Action: Delivers royal jelly’s benefits with more power, potency and precision
The Benefit: Revs up skin activity so it stays younger-looking, longer
In science, “X” means multiply the power. Our exclusive, scientifically advanced Royal Jelly RJX multiplies the power of nature’s royal jelly. It’s proven to help skin look younger and stay that way longer. Where can you find this next-generation innovation?  Only in our JAFRA ROYAL products.
  1. PRECIOUS ROYAL JELLY OIL — superhero for advanced signs of aging
The Origin: Extracted from nature’s royal jelly
The Action: Rich in fatty acid 10-HDA, supercharges moisture, restores elasticity
The Benefit: Helps skin look deeply rejuvenated
A bio-active emollient, Royal Jelly Oil deeply nourishes and moisturizes while increasing skin’s elasticity and clarity. The result? Skin looks plumped, luminous, ageless and visibly transformed. Find it in our most powerful, most age-defying skin care ever – JAFRA ROYAL Defy.
Wendy directs the global product development and strategic marketing for JAFRA Skin Care and Toiletries. With a proven record of leading top brands in the beauty industry, she brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the role.

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