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Don’t Let Allergy Season Wreck Your Good Looks

The itchy red eyes, irritated nose, dry skin and overall puffiness that can result from seasonal allergies are all tough beauty challenges. Yet, they can be managed and camouflaged successfully with hydrating beauty products, color correcting, a few waterproof makeup products and some application tweaks.

The Prep
When your face has been attacked by allergies, switch to a gentle hydrating cleanser. Harsher soaps can leave skin even more irritated. JAFRA Advanced Dynamics Soothing Cleanser is formulated to minimize redness.

If you look puffy, put a clean, damp washcloth in the freezer until it’s very cold. Then, apply it to your face like a mask, making sure it makes contact with any particularly swollen areas, like underneath your eyes.

Allergy medications may cause facial skin to appear dry, as does the constant use of tissues. Before applying makeup, use a moisturizer and concentrate on the dry or flaky areas, like around your nose. Allow the moisturizer to dry and absorb into your skin before applying the rest of your makeup. You may have to dab on extra moisture here and there to get a smooth finish. Finish with eye drops to combat redness.

The Cover Up
Dark eyelids and under eye circles, as well as redness around the nose can be masked with a color correcting concealer. Apply it  before your foundation. To mask dark eye areas, dab on a yellow tinted concealer where necessary. To hide irritated red skin, go with a green concealer. JAFRA Imperfection Corrector contains both of these concealer shades. Next, even out your entire complexion with foundation or use a skin-toned concealer over only the affected areas and blend.

You can also line the inner rim of your lower eyelid with an eye pencil that matches your skin tone to reduce the look of redness.

Do’s and Don’ts
Waterproof eye makeup is a definite “Do” during allergy season, but for some, even waterproof mascara may not be the best lash enhancing solution because of eye sensitivity and watering. Instead, make lashes appear fuller by applying waterproof liner as close to your lash line as possible and then following up with an eyelash curler.

If your lips are chapped, avoid matte lipsticks that may dry your pout out even more. A hydrating lip color or a simple tinted lip balm are going to be your best bets for bringing your lips back to life. JAFRA Moisture Rich Lipstick hydrates and conditions in nine gorgeous colors.

Daina Hulet spent ten years as the west coast editor for Glamour magazine covering beauty, fashion and lifestyle. She has also written freelance articles for national publications and created content for corporate fashion and beauty websites.

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