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Makeup Trends from 2016 Fashion Week

With the Fashion Weeks of London, Paris and Milan all behind us, now is a great time to review what’s on point this season. And there’s plenty to talk about. What can we learn about everyday hair and makeup from the European runways? Let’s take a closer look!
You do you
London in particular was a study in opposites, proving that now, more than ever, a cookie cutter look is not going to get you noticed. Instead, find the style that works for you, just keep it modern and fresh. That doesn’t mean rolling out in looks from five years ago, but it does mean you can feel comfortable working within your wheelhouse. Take note of polar opposites Naomi Campbell and Rosie Huntington Whitley, both of whom made a splash in London. Naomi went full blown bombshell with seventies-style glamour curls and bright red nails. Whitley, on the other hand, was all sleek blonde and pale makeup. 
Meanwhile in Milan, there was one common theme.
Go big or go home
From hair to lipstick to accessories, bold was the order of the day for the Italian fashion capital. Big hair (waves, curls, you name it!), statement lips (bold and bright or bold and dark!) and outwardly girl statement accessories (the shades and embellishments had it!) all experienced a grown up makeover, making them fashion forward but accessible. The bottom line: this is not a time to tread lightly. The fashion of the moment dictates that whether you go monochromatic with your makeup or unleash your natural curls, you need to make a statement!
One easy way to do that?
Feed your feline…
Eye that is. Heavy lining was all over the runways this season. From Cavalli to Versace to Fendi and even Lagerfeld (whose playful, geometric styles were said to have taken inspiration from Burning man), the cat eyes had it and you can too. A subdued feline flair is appropriate for daytime while more elaborate cat eyes can replace statement jewelry for a high impact evening look. All it takes is a peek around the internet and you’ll find a style you can emulate. Meow, ladies!
And finally…
Embrace your dark side
Whether in London, Milan or especially Paris, looks this year seemed to embrace a harder edge than we’ve seen in a while. From the pale faces, dark hair and deeply hued lips that gave Louis Vuitton a futuristic goth vibe to St. Laurent, where lined eyes, bright lips and black leather brought a feminine face to the punk rock aesthetic, to Givenchy’s so-called biker chic, aggressiveness was the order of the day… The message: don’t be afraid to put an edge on it. Bold is sexy.

Stephanie K. Smith is a freelance writer working across mediums. Her pieces have appeared on sites ranging from to National Lampoon and she’s written television pilots for Fox, CBS, The CW and Legendary Television. She lives in Los Angeles with her son, Dash and their (girl) cat, Fred.

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