Quarantine Beauty

Let’s Remember the Examples of Jan Day and Lucille Ball

I always admired the way women on television in the 1950’s were always done up and pulled together in their “home style.” Their stylish “house robe dresses,” hair perfectly done in a permed up-do and makeup flawlessly put on. I Love Lucy was one of my favorite television shows growing up and Lucile Ball’s home regimen became something I always aspired to. Especially now... more than ever this ritual of making myself beautiful on the outside while in quarantine has never been more important! More than ever now, I am continuing the ritual of putting on makeup every day because of the way it makes me feel. It’s like putting on war paint. If I start my day with a wonderful workout, a nice shower, and a fresh face of JAFRA makeup I feel ready to conquer the world as I work from home. I feel good about myself every time I pass my reflection. I feel like life hasn’t changed that much after all. However, if I choose to skip this ritual of “getting ready” my headspace is never as clear. It’s as if the ritual of pulling oneself together is actually mentally preparing yourself to take on the world!

 I lived with my grandmother, Jan Day, as a child and later as a teenager... she was like a Lucille Ball. I can’t ever remember one day where I found my grandma in her pajamas during the day. She was always wearing a stylish day outfit, hair always perfect, and her makeup was always beautifully painted on. Without even knowing it, this greatly influenced me to be the best version of myself at all times. To watch my hero, my grandmother, be always so pulled together and ready to take on the world. It would not have been as inspirational if she had stayed in bed all day and wore pajamas around the house LOL!

 Let’s all remember, as we navigate through these unprecedented times, how important it is for us to take care of ourselves, for our own wellbeing. Let’s remember the examples of Jan Day and Lucille Ball. We shall remember to jump out of bed every day and take on life’s beautiful moments, challenges, and everything in between .... with a freshly painted JAFRA face!

Granddaughter of JAFRA’s founders, Jan and Frank Day, Estel has more than 20 years of experience in the fashion industry. Through her brand, MARK AND ESTEL, she designs custom bespoke fashion for some of today’s most stylish fashionistas including Lady Gaga, Kendall Jenner, and Kelly Osbourne. Her vast experience on the fashion runway, fashion photoshoots, designing for celebrities and growing up as a JAFRA Baby with Jan and Frank in Malibu gives her a unique perspective on beauty, style, high-fashion, and our JAFRA founders!


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