The Emotional Power of Lipstick

Happy National Lipstick Day! As Vice President of Worldwide Marketing and Product Development for JAFRA, I am often asked about my favorite products. Of course, I love all our products, but lipstick has magic and deserves to be celebrated. Lips are all about communication. We use them to debate big ideas, kiss babies, sing, smile and say “I love you.” And, lipstick takes self-expression to the next level.
Lipstick may not be the first thing that comes to mind when part of your daily routine is donning a mask. But it’s important, especially right now, to do things that make you feel good. For me, that’s wearing lipstick! It wakes me up in the morning, helps me feel polished on a video chat and looks great for a no-filter selfie. Plus, lipstick gives you a reason to smile when you take off your mask.
Looking through the rainbow of lip colors in my makeup bag, I feel incredibly empowered. Every shade is packed with emotional possibility. Bold reds resonate with passion and smolder with seductiveness. Soft pinks evoke sweetness, innocence and friendship. Bright berry shades feel spontaneous and fun-loving, while rich plum tones bring an element of mystery.
At JAFRA, we LOVE lipstick. This month, we’re showing our love with a limited edition of our ultra-creamy, best-selling JAFRA Beauty Full Coverage Lipstick. With a special embossed bullet and two new swoon-worthy shades, our iconic “Love & Kisses” lipstick loves you back with an irresistible message: LOVE!
Limited Edition “Love & Kisses” JAFRA Beauty Full Coverage Lipstick in Scarlet
A trendy take on classic red. For me, it conveys charisma, creativity and daring. Wear Scarlet at your next video call for an invincible vibe that keep your colleagues glued to every word.
Limited Edition “Love & Kisses” JAFRA Beauty Full Coverage Lipstick in Dark Toffee
A tempting shade of rich, chocolate brown. This earthy hue is sensual and unexpected. Dark Toffee adds sun-kissed warmth to your face, while helping you feel calm and grounded. It’s the ideal shade to kick-start a long weekend at home with your family.
Above all, our LOVE-embossed lipstick reminds us that beauty is fun! It’s about playing with color and there are absolutely no rules. Everyone should feel empowered to wear even the boldest, brightest lip look — for virtual meetings, date nights at home or a mood-boosting bit of self-care, just because. JAFRA beauties, I hope you will treat yourself to some positive vibes and a swipe of uplifting lip color!
As Vice President of Worldwide Marketing and Product Development for JAFRA, Dena drives brand growth and new product development at the global level while fostering cross-cultural collaboration. She joined JAFRA’s marketing team in 2015 after working for top brands in the toy and entertainment industry. Dena holds an MBA in Marketing and Bachelor of Science in Bio-Medical & Mechanical Engineering as well as a Mini-MBA in Digital Marketing. With a dynamic, results-oriented leadership style, Dena makes #bosslife look easy.

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