Legend Privé: a sophisticated new way to make a legendary impression

Let your senses guide you to find a sophisticated, charismatic, strong, and captivating Legend.

When you consider the men in your lives there are likely countless emotions that come into play. If we are being completely honest, there might even be some negative ones lurking in the shadows (hello ex-boyfriends…). But when we think of the good men – the best friends, the role models, the fun cousins, the great dads, YOU (I see you, male readers!) – they probably have a lot in common.  Strong. Charismatic. Powerful. Captivating. Bold. Adventurous.  


These are the men that legends are made of.  


Who is a Legend? 

A person whose powerful charisma is impossible to resist.  


These are the men we want to be near, personally and professionally. Ones we want our children to be like – the ones we want to be like. They are grounded in principles like integrity and kindness and draw strength from their families and their past. They leave behind a legacy of goodness.  


Like a tree rooted to the earth, they manifest timeless strength. Like richly textured wood, they exude powerful character. Like a true legend, they captivate with undeniable charisma. 


Profile of a Legendary Perfumer 

Pierre Négrin aspired to be a photographer as a child; he long admired the work of Robert Capa and Henri Cartier Bresson. Later as a young adult he became a student of chemistry and physics. When searching for an internship one summer he was offered an opportunity that would change the course of his career a perfumer friend offered him a position in his workshop, and it was there that Pierre experienced the universe that opened his eyes and seduced his senses. “I suddenly realized that, instead of expressing myself with light, I could express myself through fragrance.”  


Pierre is no stranger to the amazing natural elements that create fragrances – he was born in Grasse, in the South of France, where both of his grandfathers were merchants of products and plants for the creation of fragrances. He fondly recalls visiting them as a young child, discovering “an Aladdin’s cave of scents: baskets crammed full with jasmine and sacks of roses.” 

Once he started on the path to becoming a perfumer, he did not pursue a specialized school to learn perfumery, but rather learned in fragrance laboratories. In the early 90’s Pierre left France to work in Mexico, and eventually move to the USA. In 2008 he joined the ranks of the accomplished perfumers at Firmenich’s New York Fine Fragrance Center. Along his path to get there, he was awarded the International Prize for Fragrance Creation by the French Society of Perfumers in 1990.  


It is evident in his refined and beautiful works of olfactive art that Pierre is a discerning man. He likes to celebrate life’s small pleasures and is drawn to a life of discipline – cycling daily and practicing yoga regularly. Much like the simple and elegant bottles of Legend, he does not appreciate ostentation or excess. He appreciates what is simple and minimalistic and is drawn to the natural elements, while he admits he does not have anything to hide and knows that no one is perfect. What a wise legend he is!  


The Classic Character of Legend 

Iconic, strong, and sensual, Legend is an unforgettable cocktail that leaves behind a trail of intrigue. The opening notes of Legend mix citrus scents of bergamot, peach, lemon, and cassis. Combining the virility of woods with an adventurous heart of oriental spices (including bold cinnamon, nutmeg, and iris), his raw charisma draws you in and takes hold of your senses. As the heart notes of spices, swirled with pepper, basil, geranium, sage, and jasmine, begin to mellow the powerful base note trail starts to emerge. Reveal character and integrity with sultry amber, vanilla, musk, patchouli, sandalwood, and vetiver.  


Spontaneity. Adventure. Charisma. This bold blend of rich woods and oriental spices exude power that transcends time and trends. Draw in those around you with your raw energy.  


The Sophisticated New Legend Privé  

Legend Privé arrives on the scene dressed in elegant style. The carefully crafted composition of dark powerful woods and modern chypre notes accentuate his undeniable and irresistible charisma. The masculine mix of premium pink pepper and warm patchouli oil enveloped in rich oud wood will make a lasting impression on everyone you meet. The top notes of spicy, sophisticated pink pepper are combined with bergamot and, fresh and foresty black currant. While top notes dissipate, they give way to the modern chypre heart pulsing within; warm patchouli oil, muguet (also known as lily of the valley), and cedarwood. Like its predecessor, Legend Privé finishes with a powerful trail of base notes: oud wood is joined by Sri Lanka sandalwood oil and musk.  


Power. Sophistication. Charisma. This modern mix of dark woods and chypre notes allow you to arrive on scene dressed for the occasion and impossible to resist. Reinvent yourself with power and style to make a first impression that will not be forgotten.  


A Deeper Dive into Legend Privé 

Many of the notes within the original Legend and the more modern Legend Privé may come from families of scents that you are familiar with if fragrance is a language you speak (because let’s be honest, it does take some learning and skill to talk the talk sometimes). However, you also may have noticed that there are more unique elements as well. For Pierre, the definition of luxury is -- that which is rare and authentic-quality materials that are left to breathe free and unstifled. He endeavors to nurture these distinctive products, celebrating their rough and essential nature, using them wisely and deliberately.  


Chypre scents, for example, are often characterized by fresh citrussy notes followed by hints of floral (similar to the combination of bergamot and muguet found in this fragrance). This deliberate usage of the notes in this order allows them to highlight one another and bring out the natural, earthy beauty of the fragrance. Pierre has composed the notes like a perfect symphony; and while he knows that subject matter is important, Pierre is convinced that a masterpiece is all in the way its ingredients are composed – even the humblest ingredients can result in a work of art 


Sourced from the rich heartwood of the agar tree, oud is one of the most expensive raw materials in the world of fragrance. Its complex scent combines opulent smoky notes with nuances of sensual musk. This luxurious ingredient brings a sense of opulence and warmth to the base of the fragrance – grounding Legend Privé in the earth, much like the men it represents. This ending note and imagery is especially beautiful given Pierre’s belief about keeping yourself grounded:  


“I believe very strongly that the earth itself is the material, it is the true origin of our industry. It is always in my mind. Your head can be in the clouds as long as your feet are on the ground!” 


Legendary Giveaways 

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