JAFRA Makeup based on your Zodiac Sign!

Explore your star signs and its makeup pairings

If you find that you often have your head in the clouds or your mind focused on the heavens, JAFRA’s new lustrous shimmering liquid shadow line may be the makeup hero you have been waiting for. In 7 high impact shades, there is something for every personality and mood - or play with colors outside of your comfort zone to mix things up, spark your imagination, and express yourself in new ways!
These seven beautiful colors are weightless and buildable. They glide on smoothly and blend easily, allowing you to wear it alone or layered with powder shadow for a finishing sparkle! You've always been told you have stars in your eyes - and now your eyes will shine like the stars. We have buffed up on our zodiac signs and created some astrological pairings that will hopefully make your horoscope-loving-heart hum with happiness!

Ipanema Dreamer: This lustrous pale lavender is named for an iconic beach, popular for sunbathing, surfing, and beautiful sunset views.

Try this color if you are a:
  • Pisces - This water sign is drawn to shades of lilac, purple, and violet, making this beautiful lavender the perfect pale shimmer to play off of their element.  Pisces are very friendly and often have a desire to find a brief escape from reality - true Ipanema Dreamers.

Rosé All Day: This dazzling dusty pink brings beauty and sparkle together in an ideal unity.Try this color if you are a:

  • Libra - Drawn to balance, symmetry, and beauty, this air sign is gracious and fair. They appreciate gentle harmony which makes this beautiful dusty pink the perfect pop in their palette.

Playa Oaxaca: Named for a beach in a region in Mexico, this creamy sparkling champagne has all the lush vacation vibes, while still allowing the simplicity of a beautiful shine that pairs perfectly with everything - just like champagne.

Try this color if you are a:
  • Cancer - Driven by emotion and intuition, Cancers are highly sympathetic and loyal. This dreamy champagne hue holds the same "intuitive" feel, being able to blend well with other colors seamlessly, with ease. This beachy color is perfect for a water sign and ruled by the moon.

Dorado: This rich gleaming gold tone is full of promise and sparkle - perhaps like the fabled city of El Dorado itself? Try this color if you are a:

  • Leo - This fire sign does well with gold and yellow. Much like their leonine counterpart, they are passionate leaders and are often a dominant presence. Dorado is the crowning color for the king (or queen) of the jungle.
  • Virgo - At the opposite end of the spectrum is Virgo - practical and kind, but shy and sometimes over analytical. Yellow is a great color for this sign, but with their detail-oriented nature and desire for perfection, they may try this bold color over a powder shadow for a more subdued yellow hue!

Tulum: Named for a town on the Caribbean coastline of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, this glimmering jade green is sure to transport you to the tropics. Tulum is known for its beaches and well-preserved ruins of an ancient Mayan city - perfectly fitting for social signs who love connection.Try this color if you are a:

  • Taurus - This Earth sign has a deeply rooted appreciation for mother nature and the world's natural beauty. They are patient and responsible, making them great caregivers for people and plants alike.
  • Gemini - This Air sign is versatile and drawn to yellow and green. They are curious, adaptable, and social - perfectly fitted for a tropical oasis full of life and history.

Aztec: Intense shimmery copper compliments every skin tone and eye color, creating a bold signature look.Try this color if you are a:

  • Aries - The first sign of the zodiac, Aries tend to be courageous, energetic, and trendsetters. With Mars as their ruling planet and Fire as their element, Aztec brings the ideal copper shimmer to match this sign.
  • Scorpio - Even as a water sign, shades of red hold deep meaning for Scorpios. They too are ruled by Mars and have a strong passion, focus, and determination.
  • Capricorn - This Earth sign is generally drawn to browns and blacks, but this bold copper would be the perfect base layer - or a beautiful top shimmer - for a natural brown makeup palette.

Villa Azul: This dazzling deep blue harkens back to luxurious countryside estates, beautiful seas to gaze upon, and blue skies to relax under.

Try this color if you are a:
  • Sagittarius - Although Sagittarius is a fire sign, they are drawn to shades of blue. They are curious, energetic, and open minded - making them wanderers and travelers, drawn to adventure.
  • Aquarius - Those born under the sign of Aquarius are independent and energetic but have a deep need for some alone time to recharge. This need for space and tranquility makes the deep waters of Villa Azul the perfect calming color for them!
Whatever creamy buildable eyeshadow color you choose your beauty is sure to shine through! As you explore your star signs and your liquid shadow pairings, may the stars in your eyes and in your life align.
Mom of two, writer, Realtor, and creativity enthusiast, Nicole is a multitasking maven with a passion for helping people. With almost a decade of experience in hospitality, she is an expert in personal customer service, active communication, and creative problem solving. She is a real life JAFRA fanatic, with the Tender Moments collection and JAFRA ROYAL Boost Purifying Gel Cleanser amongst her most-loved personal care products.

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