Celebrating National Lipstick Day!

When you think about your childhood... what is your first memory of lipstick? Is it sneaking into your older sister’s room to play with her make-up while she was in the shower? Was it kindergarten graduation when you had to hold your mouth in that weird AH shape so mom could apply her favorite shade? Or maybe it’s the time your great aunt Hilda came over and kissed you on the cheek fifteen times (because you're SO grown up now), and you had to spend the next 10 minutes trying to wipe it off your face! Whatever it is... I bet it’s memorable!

Makeup firsts, as a right-of-passage, have a way of leaving a lasting impression on our memories and often our hearts. It's for this same reason (aside from their amazing capabilities) that we end up having favorite brands, favorite lines of products, and favorite colorways. Lipstick just happens to be one of the most celebrated and loved products - and for good reason! As far back as 5,000 years ago, Mesopotamian women ground up precious gems and used their dust, combined with oils, to decorate their lips!

National Lipstick Day falls mid-summer and is the perfect excuse to re-evaluate your happy girl summer color palette and pick a new lip color to brighten your summer wardrobe!

Red: Shades in the red family are vibrant and passionate! Many people also associate red with love and happiness within their love life... so whether you’re happily coupled or looking to manifest new love - try Always Fierce Lip Stain

Orange: Shades that fall on the scale between red and yellow are so welcoming! If you need a little extra positivity and energy to kickstart your day, then this is the right color for you - try Kiss ‘n Tell

Bright Pink: Shades of pink have long been lauded by women for their intrinsic confidence building powers and sexiness. JAFRA Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick in Long Kiss is no different - it is feminine, but strong and ready to take on the day! 

Purple: Shades of purple have always been reserved for the royal family - saved for only the wealthiest and most powerful in the land. This color is luxurious and bold - and is sure to make you feel like a queen. Try JAFRA ROYAL Color's Luxury Lipstick in Haute Berry

As you color your summer with new, bright, happy shades and make new lipstick memories... let your lips do the talking. Cheers to your happy girl summer and National Lipstick Day!
Mom of two, writer, Realtor, and creativity enthusiast, Nicole is a multitasking maven with a passion for helping people. With almost a decade of experience in hospitality, she is an expert in personal customer service, active communication, and creative problem solving. She is a real life JAFRA fanatic, with the Tender Moments collection and JAFRA ROYAL Boost Purifying Gel Cleanser amongst her most-loved personal care products.

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