Halloween Costume Ideas

JAFRA products for boo-tiful makeup looks

Gals and ghouls, are you ready to win some Halloween costume contests? No basic witches ever win. So if you’ve got your eye on the prize, we’ve got a few makeup looks that will squash any competition. JAFRA Beauties, get your eyeshadow palettes ready!
Here are five winner-worthy ideas to consider:



Guard the galaxy, explore outer space or go on a cosmic beauty adventure! This JAFRA Beauty is a sky full of stars. @thetayavalkyrie created this galactic look using our Limited Edition JAFRA Beauty Galaxia line. Find a metallic shirt or dress to wear. Put it on along with some white sneakers and voila! You’ve transformed into the galactic queen of your cosmic dreams. Adding antennas and metallic arm bands would add an extra touch (and possibly more points) to beating your competition.
If you’re looking for a high shimmer pearl finish then our Galaxia Metallic Liquid Eyeshadows are a good choice. Apply it with your finger tips or an eyeshadow brush. The liquid eyeshadow ‘Retrogade’ is perfect for a Milky Way, Moon or Neptune inspired costume.



If you’re feeling heroic then this is the look for you! @beautyby_evelynmonroe added the finishing touches to her Wonder Woman look with a bold JAFRA lip. Use the JAFRA Beauty Longwear lip gloss in ‘Boundless Berry’ to any superhero costume to intensify your inner strengths! For Spider Woman, Elasticgirl or Iron Woman, the JAFRA ROYAL Luxury Matte Lipstick in ‘Besame Mucho’ is also absolute perfection. It’s a red-daring color that will keep your lips feeling hydrated while you’re fighting crime!
Improvise your costume’s outfit by using anything red from your closet and crafting a superhero logo to stick on your chest. Boom! That wasn’t an explosion, it was just your competition bombing the costume contest.



Hurry, find shelter! This thunderstorm is beautifully electric. @hairmakesupbee used ‘Hyperion’ and ‘Titania’ from the Limited Edition Galaxia Eyeshadow Palette as the base for her metallic midnight mask. Achieve a smoky eye look with these two eyeshadows! If your costume is missing ultra-pigmented shimmer then this palette is a must. Anything in your closet that’s grey, dark blue, black or even white can work!
Use the Galaxia Metallic Liquid Eyeshadow in ‘Retrograde’ for a cosmic shimmer on your cupid’s bow. You can never have enough glitter, especially during Halloween!




This look is guaranteed to make you (or force  you to) smile! Our creative JAFRA Beauty, @maquillajemuak, completed this femme clown masterpiece using our JAFRA brow pencil. Dye the tips of your hair to match your clown theme and be creative with your look! The beautiful thing about being a clown is that you can wear anything as long as it complements your clown makeup. Of course, don’t forget your props! A fake flower bouquet, red nose, hat or pins to juggle are fun to play with.
If this doesn’t tickle your creativity, @maquillajemuak has other costume makeup ideas to recreate.


Day of the Dead

This one is to die (figuratively speaking) for! Sugar skulls originated from Mexico and have been a Halloween costume trend nationwide. @stayroyalqueen composed this Day of the Dead look with all JAFRA ROYAL Color makeup.
Wear a headpiece of fake or real flowers to add to this costume aesthetic. Even a red rose on your hair will work! Most sugar skulls are bright and colorful so it’s recommended to wear an outfit with subtle colors. Grey or black clothing will work for this costume and no need for props! You’re representing a departed soul, what’s more spookier than that?
So, what’s it going to be JAFRA Beauty? Are you committing to fighting crime or protecting a galaxy far far away? Whatever you choose to be this Halloween, don’t forget to tag @jafracosmetics for any Halloween looks!

Have fun and stay safe JAFRA Beauties!


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