Fabulous Freckles: Real or Faux

How to show off these spotted gems

There is a new beauty trend on the block…sweet, sprinkled dots of pigment called freckles! Once considered a symbol of unconventional beauty, freckles are now a coveted sign of youth and vibrancy. Freckles (real and faux) have even been spotted (pun intended) on the runways at New York Fashion Week. Here are some tips to accentuate your freckles if you have them, and how to fake them if you don’t!

If you have them:

If you are blessed with these freckles, you should use a product that evens out your skin tone without covering them up. In the past, women used opaque foundations to create an even complexion; today you can use a CC Cream or even a tinted moisturizer to let your natural beauty shine through.

Freckles tend to be a warm brownish-red color, so choose a blush color in a cooler pink tone to help them stand-out instead of disguising them. For a sun-kissed look, buff a sheer bronzer on your cheeks; making sure your freckles still shine through.

Finally, most freckles tend to be on the upper cheeks and nose, so highlighting your eyes with eyeliner and mascara will draw attention upward to bring attention to your chic spots.

How to fake them:

If you don’t have freckles, you have a few options to fake them. The first method involves self-tanner and cotton swabs. Start by applying a sunless tanner to your face and let it dry thoroughly. Next, dip a cotton swab into the self-tanner and apply concentrated dots of pigment on your nose, under your eyes and on your cheeks; basically anywhere organic freckles might appear. Gently smear the pigment spots with your fingers (real freckles aren’t perfect of course!). Now let the color develop over-night and wake up with your faux freckles!

The second technique is quicker but doesn’t last as long. First, start by applying your foundation and concealer as usual. Next, use either a light brown eyeliner pencil or eyebrow pencil to draw freckles on your face; varying the size and shape. Similar to using self-tanner, you will want to lightly smudge the freckles for a natural look. Set your spots with a very light dusting of translucent powder and enjoy your fab new look!

Nina Sutton is a TV host, spokesperson and beauty/lifestyle expert. She specializes in mommy beauty and style.  She is also one of the winners of People Magazine’s “Real Beauty at Every Age” contest and was featured in the April 2012 “Most Beautiful” issue. With an MBA and a business background in beauty, fashion and consumer packaged goods, Nina brings real world expertise to audiences around the country. 


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