Eau d’Arômes Sunshine makes headlines!

Our newest fragrance is sparking joy

In just a few weeks, Eau d’Arômes Sunshine has stolen the hearts of media outlets, influencers and customers. Imagine a scent with notes of Italian lemon, wrapped with sunflowers, blended with warm driftwood. It is pure joy bottled up in a radiant sun ray yellow package. Makes you want to see for yourself, doesn’t it? Here is what top beauty editors and bloggers have to say about this fragrance:

“If Jafra had made the bottle of Eau d'Arômes Sunshine any color other than yellow, it simply wouldn't have made sense. Its two most prevalent and day-brightening notes, Italian lemon and sunflower, are basically icons of the color, so before you even spray it, you know you're getting a truly cheerful scent experience. You could say Jafra attempted to bottle sunshine and totally succeeded.” - by Marci Robin


Honestly Jamie
“The new JAFRA Eau d’Arômes Sunshine Fragrance is bright, light-hearted and, quite honestly, blissful to smell.  Also, it’s got a splash of citrus to it and a mix of fresh Italian lemon (top note). It also has a vibrant sunflower (mid note) wrapped in the lingering warmth of driftwood (bottom note).  For me, it’s just the epitome of summer. Also, given the year that we’ve all had, I thought we could all use a nice boost of sunshine, right?”
-Jamie Stone


The Glitter Guide
“My mom used to wear a perfume when I was younger that doesn’t exist anymore, but it reminded me of being in a field of sunflowers. This new fragrance from JAFRA reminds me of that same feeling. It’s a spark of pure joy in a bottle. It’s a bright, light fragrant mix of Italian lemon, vibrant sunflowers and soft driftwood which just leaves you feeling drenched in sunshine. I will be gifting myself a bottle for Mother’s Day!” – Samantha


“This Sunshine perfume smells soo good. I’ve been wearing it every day since it arrived.
Now how cute is this Dwarf Sunflower planter. I can’t wait for it to grow so I can show you guys. I love plants, so this was a great gift. The lipstick is called Rose Nouveau and it’s the perfect nude pink. Looks a little brighter here because of the lights but trust me it’s more muted. Go check out Jafra it’s been my number one favorite since I was a child.” - Jennifer
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