Outsmart Acne with New JAFRA ROYAL Clear Smart

Did you know? More than 50% of women suffer from blemishes and breakouts at some time in their adult lives. That’s why we wanted to create an acne skin care ritual that would work for all ages, from teen to adult. New JAFRA ROYAL Clear Smart is our holistic solution for men and women of all ages, skin types and ethnicities. Powered by JAFRA’s exclusive Royal Jelly RJX, Black Bee Honey Ferment and Salicylic Acid, Clear Smart works with the skin’s microbiome for visibly clearer skin—in just 7 days.*
In developing this ritual, we invited real people with acne to try Clear Smart for 4 weeks. The results were astonishing—After using Clear Smart, participants saw fewer pimples and blackheads. Their skin looked clearer, smoother and healthier.
Clear Smart helps treat and prevent blemishes, gently, and it starts by balancing the skin’s microbiome. The microbiome is the skin’s natural ecosystem of bacteria that helps it stay calm and clear. When the microbiome falls out of balance, “bad” bacteria overwhelm “good” bacteria. This can lead to breakouts.
Pimples are caused by multiple factors. The process begins when sebaceous glands produce excess oil. The oil mixes with dead skin cells, creating a pore-clogging plug. Trapped in the pore, acne bacteria feeds on the oil, multiplies and causes the pore to swell. The result? A red, swollen blemish on the skin.
Disrupting the oil-bacteria-pimple cycle is key to controlling breakouts. So, we created Clear Smart to treat all the causes of acne at the same time. It unblocks pores, eliminates excess oil, fights bacteria, and restores a balanced microbiome. It also hydrates to help keep skin clear and prevent side effects, such as peeling or redness. After 4 weeks, 100% agreed that it was gentle and effective.*
Clear Smart is fragrance-free and formulated to be extra gentle on sensitive, acne-prone skin.
• Royal Jelly RJX - our exclusive technology that multiplies the power of nature’s royal jelly
• Black Bee Honey Ferment - helps restore and maintain a balanced microbiome
• Salicylic Acid - blemish-busting superhero unclogs pores and helps prevent future breakouts
• Niacinamide – wonder vitamin B3 reduces excess oil and visibly shrinks blemishes
• Meadowsweet – rich in antioxidant phenolic acid, helps with sebum
• Bisabolol – ultra-pure biotech extract intensely soothes and comforts skin

*Independent consumer test result in U.S. and Mexico.
Wendy directs the global product development and strategic marketing for JAFRA Skin Care and Toiletries. With a proven record of leading top brands in the beauty industry, she brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the role.

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