Beauty Defined: The Beauty Blender

The super cute makeup accessory that changed the foundation game

If you’ve been into makeup at all in the past decade, you probably know what a Beautyblender is. These adorable egg-shaped applicators brought a new kind of coverage to the table in 2007. It took the beauty world by storm and has been the recipient of Allure Magazine’s Best of Beauty award seven times. Learn a little bit more about why this foundation sensation is worth every bit of the hoopla.

Behind the Blender
When Rea Ann Silva created the revolutionary Beautyblender, she just wanted to find a way to make makeup look good on high-definition television. She had applied makeup on sets for years and came up with the idea for Beautyblender in a special-effects makeup class while discussing cutting sponges as part of an application technique. Silva says the idea popped into her head like a lightbulb turning on. “I was totally enraptured and I thought, ‘Oh my god, this could be it.’”
Fun fact: Tracee Ellis Ross and her perfectly poreless look played a part in bringing this fantastic invention to the rest of the world. Silva tested her first Beautyblender prototype while working as a makeup artist on the set of Girlfriends, a show Ross starred in before Black-ish.

Why it’s Different
Unlike traditional makeup sponges, the Beautyblender is hydrophilic, which means it's designed to absorb water. Before Beautyblender, most makeup sponges were designed to repel moisture, the idea being that you’d lose product in the sponge otherwise. If you wet the Beautyblender first, which you should, it soaks up the water instead, so there’s no room left in it to absorb your foundation.

How to Use It
The Beautyblender is more versatile than you may think. For starters, it isn’t just for liquid formulas; it can make power products look flawless, too. Brushes simply sweep powder-based products around your face, as opposed to evenly blending them. Applying powder products with a Beautyblender lets you target which areas of your face need more coverage and less shine.

The most effective application technique for the Beautyblender is to lightly tap or dab the product onto your face instead of sweeping or dragging it. It was designed to refresh your look throughout the day by re-blending your existing makeup instead of reapplying. That way, you avoid the possibility of product caking up and potentially clogging your pores. You can also remove makeup mistakes instead of starting all over by dragging a dry Beautyblender across the mishap; it works like an eraser! It’s also great for applying bronzer, sunscreen and even serums and other skincare products. As a standard rule, wash your Beautyblender every few uses with a gentle cleanser. 

Beauty Solutions: Brow Basics

Brows got you baffled? Here are a few tips…

If you’ve got a problem, we’ve got your solution! Beauty Solutions tackles the beauty problems that plague us all, breaking them down so your beauty routine gets a little easier with every article.

Question: How do I shape my eyebrows? How do I fill them in?
Want bang-up brows? We know the way.

Easy, Tweezy - First off, start slow. When it comes to tweezing, once it’s done, you’re going to have to wait a while for those brows to come back. Stick to tweezing hairs that are out of place, but don’t go overboard. Take a step back in the mirror and see how things look every other pluck or so.

Shade Selection - Use the brow product in the shade that is the closest to your actual brow hair color.

The Natural Technique - Brush your brows up and out with a small spoolie brush, so that you can see the natural shape and arch of your brows. Use short, small, dash-like strokes, starting from the bottom of your brow, using light pressure to fill them in. This will mimic your natural hairs in any sparse areas.

Set It Off – Once you’re all filled in, take a little matte shadow in a matching hue to gently fill in sparse spots and use a setting gel to keep your brows just how you want them. Take things a step further with our Brow Define and Lift Duo that will elevate your arch and give you a more defined look. 

Main Event Manicures

Top trends for your fingertips

The latest news in high impact nail art is all about new colors; from sheer shades and muted pastels, to glitter and graphics, your manis and pedis are going to be exciting this spring.

Solid & Chic
Sure, you can go with one color for your hands and feet, but what’s the fun in that? Tempt yourself with some new and unusual shade combinations. Light grey, mango, bright blue hues and opaque shades of pink and white, are all popular new picks. Of course there’s always classic red and fiery orange, but for a fresher take on bright red hues, match your lip color to your manicure when the occasion calls for it. If you’re ready for a little more nail fun,   use three or more coordinating color choices to paint your fingers and toes. Just be sure that your polish picks have a similar depth and vibrancy.

The New French
This year, the French manicure has gone from basic to Instagram-relevant with a plethora of creative duo-tones. Try a sheer color on nails and add bright, metallic, or glittery polish to the tips. Try an upside down take on the French look by outlining the area around the cuticle instead of the nail tip, or using a contrasting color on the moons of your nails. The detail brush from the JAFRA Nail Art Tool Kit can help you create fine lines to make these DIY nails happen for you at home.

Nail Art
The possibilities for nail designs are endless. Nails that are dipped in glitter or covered in multicolored stripes or polka dots are just some of the nail looks of the moment. If you’re getting artsy with your nails for the first time, make sure to allow enough time in between coats and colors for each shade to dry completely before you add another. JAFRA Rapid Dry Nail Lacquers help speed up the process.

Fingers and Toes
 Any of these new trends will work well in one color for both your fingers and toes. If you prefer a look that’s a little less complicated, select  one color from your manicure design to use on all of your toes. For a touch more drama, embellish one  statement nail in a stand out color or design. 


What you need to know about the most sought after skin care solution of the year

There’s a reason that face masks are the #1 searched skin care trend of 2017 so far; they work. Whether your face is dry, oily or dull, there’s a serum, solution or deep cleaning mask out there ready to remedy the problem. Some special masks even do everything at once, which is why smart women have begun combining them. That’s right; #multimasking is an actual thing. With so many vast and varied problem solvers in the mask game, there’s no point in under indulging! Instead, sit back, relax and get ready to rejuvenate with one, or all of these amazing masks. It’s also worth noting that all but one of these masks originally hails from Korea, which is the go-to for serious skin care solutions.

Get Fizzy With It
Pour yourself a glass of bubbly and treat your face to a similar sensation. Fizzy or foaming masks bubble up when exposed to oxygen, deep cleaning your pores and penetrating your skin with active ingredients designed to leave you feeling fresh and tingly.

Splish Splash
Splash masks offer a new twist on an old tradition. Derived from 20-minute rice milk soaks, these quick fixes deliver the same nutrients in just 20 seconds! After washing your face, simply splash the mask on, and that’s it! These leave-on tonics provide extended benefits, as they soak into your skin over time, sometimes overnight depending on the mask.

Under the Sheets
It’s no wonder our third trend du jour has a special place in our hearts, and on our faces. Known to brighten, smooth and hydrate your skin for a glowing complexion, sheet masks are the triple threat of masking. Simply lay one on your face and reap the powerful, nutrient-rich benefits.

Back to Basics
Going all the way back to ancient Egypt, clay masks are still the simplest way to get maximum skin care impact. If you’re in need of a quick and easy detox, there’s nothing like a clay mask to clean deep and get rid of toxins. Try one like JAFRA’s Clear Complexion Clarifying Mask and you’ll be soft, smooth and blackhead-free in as little as 10 minutes!
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