5 Resolutions You Absolutely Must Break to Get Beautiful Skin

Did you make a list of resolutions for the New Year? You may want to consider tweaking them if any sound like this:
“I’m only going to eat 500 calories a day until I finally lose that weight!” Losing weight is the number one resolution every year for almost everyone. But if you’re going to do it, do it right. Consuming fewer than 1,200 calories a day is going to leave your skin (and the rest of you) starved for important nutrients, especially the healthy oils found in fatty fish, nuts and avocados that keep your complexion glowing. Better to drop the pounds more slowly and keep your skin and your body healthy.
“I promise to exfoliate every day!” Whoa, curb your enthusiasm! Gentle cleansing and exfoliation are necessary for glowing skin, but daily exfoliation, especially with an abrasive scrub, is too often. Once a week is plenty. On the other days, use a mild cleansing milk.
“I vow to get outside more and exercise!” We’re not going to bust you for communing with nature or getting a fresh-air workout, but we’re betting that you’re skimping on sun protection. Doesn’t matter if it’s cloudy or clear, make applying an SPF of at least 30 part of your daily beauty ritual.
“I’m going to make my own beauty products!” Yes, there are lots of clever beauty hacks to extend or replace certain products, but generally making your own supplies out of kitchen ingredients isn’t smart. Sea salt, for example, is a bad idea as a scrub because the crystals are too sharp and will scratch delicate facial skin, while olive oil is too heavy to use as a moisturizer and will just clog pores.
“I’ll save money by buying the cheapest brands!” Looking for a bargain is a great idea on commodity household goods like dish soap and paper towels, but it’s not smart when it comes to beauty. For skin care and cosmetics, make your goal getting the most for your money, rather than just buying by rock-bottom price. Why? Because cheaper formulas frequently contain unhealthy chemicals the more sophisticated brands avoid, like sodium lauryl sulfate, and skimp on the more expensive, cutting-edge ingredients like peptides. Read and compare labels and choose the safest, most effective ingredients at the best price. Your skin will thank you.


5 Harmless Habits That Destroy Your Skin

You Know You Do at Least One of These!

You’re savvy about avoiding bad skin habits—smoking, sunning, and popping pimples. But you’ll be surprised at what other seemingly harmless habits can damage your facial skin.
Skipping sunglasses. Being outside in sunshine is a double whammy: You squint, promoting the formation of wrinkles, and you let the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays damage the fragile skin around your eyes. Always wear sunglasses when it’s bright out and make sure you clean the glasses’ nose rest and temple pieces regularly to keep them bacteria-free.
Cuddling your cell phone. We all love our cell phones, but if you make a habit of pressing yours against your face, you are spreading some very nasty bacteria to your skin. One scary study found that the average cell phone has more germs on it than a toilet seat. Use a headset when you can and wipe your phone case—not the screen—with antibacterial wipes. To clean the actual phone, use a dry microfiber cloth. (Anything else, like paper towels or wipes, can damage the screen’s sensitive coating.)
Skimping on laundry. You spend more hours with your face in contact with your pillow than anything else—even your cell phone! Change your pillowcases a couple times a week to keep bacteria from settling in. Likewise, treat yourself to fresh towels at least that often.
Leaning on your hand. You probably don’t even know you do it, but resting your chin or cheek in your palm spreads dirt, oil and germs to your facial skin, as well as encourages wrinkles by pulling on the skin. A hands-off policy is best. And keep your face relaxed: Don’t frown, purse your lips or rub your eyes.  
Cleansing too enthusiastically. You already know that not removing your makeup at the end of the day isn’t good for your skin, but that doesn’t mean the opposite habit isn’t just as bad. Exfoliating more than once a week or scrubbing your face vigorously with bar soap and a washcloth every day leads to dry, irritated skin and promotes premature wrinkling. Cleanse your skin gently in the morning and evening with a moisture-rich non-soap facial cleanser. Avoid hot water, which dehydrates the skin.

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6 Skincare Resolutions You Absolutely Must Keep in 2016

Who doesn’t want healthier, more beautiful skin for the New Year? Here are six smart, simple resolutions guaranteed to get you there. And a bunch of them are total freebies—you won’t need to buy a thing!
Reassess your regimen. Is your skincare and makeup routine right for where you are now in your life? If not, it’s time for a change. Try adding an anti-aging serum, for example—it’s never too early! 
Out with the old. The beginning of a new year is a good time to clean out your beauty stash. If you have makeup or products that you haven’t used in the last year, toss them. Once opened, many beauty items have only a six-month shelf life, so hanging onto them is unhygienic as well as clutter-producing. Now is a good time to upgrade to effective, quality products you will enjoy using every day.
Keep it clean. Buy yourself some new beauty tools to replace worn ones and protect your investment by keeping everything scrupulously clean. Makeup brushes work better and last longer when you give them a gentle shampoo and air dry occasionally. If you use applicator sponges or puffs, change to a fresh one often.
Simplify! Now that you’ve dumped your unwanted beauty clutter, you can develop a simpler, more streamlined beauty ritual that works for you. No more fumbling through unloved eye shadows and old mascara tubes. The extra time you gain will pay off in better cared for skin.
Learn to love your SPF. You know you should be applying sun protection of at least SPF 30 to your face every day, but do you remember to protect your neck, hands, and lips? The easiest way to make this important anti-aging tactic part of your daily regimen is to smooth a sun protection fluid over your moisturizer right after cleansing. And for hands and lips, make sure you re-apply at least once during the day.
Enjoy nature’s freebies. Want in on a couple of beauty secrets that don’t cost a thing? Sleep more and drink more water. Nothing makes you appear older faster than looking exhausted and/or being dehydrated.
P.S. Confidential to smokers: We’re not going to nag you about this. You know smoking ruins your skin, depriving it of oxygen and causing premature wrinkles. So, make a resolution to kick the cigarettes and stick to it! 


Winter Color Therapy

Makeup Colors to Boost your Mood!

The cold, dark winter months can cause many women to feel the blues; but there is a way to boost your mood just by changing the colors you usually wear. While the obvious choice is to update your wardrobe and accessory colors, choosing the right makeup hues can also transform your disposition from so-so to sunny!
Happy lips
Boost your complexion and your mind with a fabulous, bold lip color. A fuchsia pink, bright orange or fierce red lip can give your confidence and attitude a much-needed adjustment. Red is often seen as a power color, orange conveys enthusiasm and pink exudes passion and love.
Manicure Mania
If your usual winter manicure consists of dark reds or basic neutrals, change it up with a cheerful coral, peaceful blue or dazzling metallic gold lacquer. Other polish options are stimulating purples or refreshing greens. When going bright with your nails be sure to exfoliate and moisturize your hands; the cold air can make skin dry and chapped. Finally, if you are too shy to perk up your manicure, go bold with your pedicure; you will be sure to smile every time you see your feet!
Cheerful Cheeks
Chilly winter air can make complexions look gray and dull, which can dampen even the most joyful disposition. Liven up your cheeks with a cream blush in a peony pink or pretty peach. Using a cream formula will not only add much needed moisture to your skin, but it can be layered for a subtle or bold look.
Elated eyes
If dreary winter days make you see red, it’s time to add some blue to your eyes; blue eyeshadow that is. Try a pop of brilliant blue or vibrant violet eyeshadow to make your eyes sparkle. Make the look modern by applying a neutral color to the lid and blending in the brighter color into the crease and upper lash line; remember, the look should be happy, not overdone.
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