Transform Your Complexion

5 Ingredients Your Smoothie Must Have to Get Your Skin Glowing

Want to transform your complexion and get a radiant glow that everyone envies? Start from the inside.
The key to fending off — or even reversing — the damage that comes from too much sun, smoking, or unhealthy eating is getting plenty of antioxidants, a substance that protects your body from harm on the cellular level and is found in abundance in many fruits, nuts and vegetables.
Vitamins A, C and E are all antioxidants, as are many phytochemicals, which are compounds found naturally in plants.
One of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to get your beauty-boosting nutrients is to start your day with a healthy breakfast smoothie. Your top ingredients should be:
Anthocyanidins. A phytochemical that's a powerful antioxidant, anthocyanidins give fruits their red or purple colors. Best sources: Blueberries, blackberries, cherries, raspberries.
Carotenoids. Carotenoids produce a red, yellow or orange color in fruits and veggies. This phytochemical enhances collagen production, which is the protein fiber that keeps your facial skin firm and youthful looking. As we age, collagen isn’t replenished as quickly and the skin sags. Best sources: Carrots, guavas, lemons, limes, tomatoes, watermelon.
Vitamin C. This important vitamin is a potent antioxidant and works together with carotenoids to help keep collagen healthy. Best sources: Cantaloupe, kale, kiwis, oranges, papayas, strawberries, red bell peppers.
Vitamin E. Working from the inside to protect the top layers of skin against sun damage, vitamin E is important for preventing wrinkles. Best source: Almonds, avocados, sunflower seeds.
Selenium. Consumed in tandem with vitamin E, selenium improves your skin’s elasticity and texture. This mineral is abundant in some fish and grains, but for smoothies, your best bet is Brazil nuts.
To whip up a beauty-boosting smoothie, put a cup of any combination of the fruits, juices (lemon, lime), vegetables and nuts mentioned above into a blender with a handful of ice cubes. (Or, to make your mix creamier and richer, replace the ice with chunks of a frozen banana. Bananas are a nutritional powerhouse in their own right, containing potassium, vitamin B6, fiber and pectin.)
Pour in about half a cup of lowfat milk or a substitute like almond, coconut or soy milk and blend until the mix is free of lumps. You can also use yogurt or kefir, if you prefer.
To give your smoothie more staying power so you can go from breakfast to lunch without getting hungry, consider adding a tablespoon of peanut butter or a scoop of whey protein powder. Also think about adding spices like cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg or vanilla extract to create new flavors. If your smoothie is too tart, blend in a couple teaspoons of honey.
One caveat: A few of these ingredients are high in calories, such as avocados, honey, nuts and seeds, so watch how much you’re adding. Three or four Brazil nuts or seven or eight almonds are enough to give you the nutritional benefit without busting your calorie budget.


The Best Hairstyles for Your Face Shape

The Most Flattering Face Framing Strategies

Embracing your face with the most flattering hair looks is as easy as knowing your face shape. It’s that little extra bit of beauty knowledge that will help you make informed cut and style choices with your stylist. You’ll find that many on-trend looks work for most faces with just a personalized tweak here or there.
To determine your face shape, pull your hair back and trace an imaginary line around your hairline in the mirror. Is the outline square, round, oval or heart-shaped?
Round faces are as wide as they are long, curve in at the forehead and jawline, with full cheeks.
-- Looks that break up the roundness include cuts longer than chin length with thick side swept angular bangs. A round face looks lengthier with long straight or long wavy hair with layers or curls that begins below the jawline. A side part adds new direction to a circular face. 
Square faces are as wide as they are long, with the addition of a strong angular jaw and forehead.  
-- Cuts, both wavy and straight, that fall close to the side of the head soften the strong features of a square face. Layered looks are best when the shortest layer begins at the chin to give the illusion of a rounded jawline. Use choppy bangs, longer at the sides than the middle, or a side part to add even more curve.
Oblong faces look similar to ovals but are longer than they are wide, with more length at the bottom.
-- Side swept bangs or bangs cut straight across will help make a long face look wider.  Short crops and chin length hair give a long face a lift. Long hair looks best with the movement of waves or layers.
Heart-Shaped faces are widest at the cheeks with a narrow chin and wide forehead.
-- Bangs draw attention to eyes, away from a strong chin. Try long feathered bangs worn straight in a brow grazing length that tapers down to the outer corner of the eye. Use a side part with a long one length bob. Long layers or waves that are styled to fill in the jawline from the ears down, balance a strong chin.
Oval faces are about one and a half times longer than wide and slightly broader at the forehead than the chin.
-- This face shape can embrace most hair looks.


Your Valentine’s Day Beauty Guide

Flirty, Fun, Fabulous

No matter what your plans are this Valentine’s Day; whether a romantic walk on the beach or a candlelit dinner for two, one thing is for sure; you will want to feel pretty and approachable.  Here are some beauty tips to be irresistible from head-to-toe.
Kissable lips
Valentine’s Day is all about… kissing! Keep your lips in pucker perfection by exfoliating first to make them super soft; a soft toothbrush gently rubbed on your lips can do the trick. Follow with a moisturizing lip crayon; the color will look shiny and effortless. The lipstick-balm combo makes it easy too for touch ups after kissing your honey!
Glowing complexion
There is nothing more beautiful than glowing, radiant skin. Start by using a gentle face scrub to lift away any dead skin cells and to reveal your fresh beauty. Next, drench your skin in moisture with a vitamin infused serum. Finally, using a slightly damp makeup sponge, buff a radiance boosting, hydrating foundation into the skin.
Flirty eyes
Create come-hither eyes by first curling your eyelashes, followed with two coats of a curl-defining mascara, focusing on the outer lashes to really open up the eyes. Next, smudge a cream liner into the outer corners of your lashes for a sexy, yet alluring look. Give your brows some love too by applying a brow defining pencil using light, feathery strokes (this will create a soft brow, not a harsh look).
Inviting skin
For soft skin all over, start in the shower with a body scrub from head to toe. Next, cleanse with a hydrating shower gel and then while your skin is still damp, apply a body oil to seal in moisture. Remember to pamper your feet too; try an intensive foot cream for soft, pretty heels and toes. Finally, spritz a fragrance body mist all over your body or a romantic floral perfume on your pulse points (inside of your wrists, behind your ears, bottom of your throat, even behind your knees!), so every inch of you smells delicious!


Fragrance and Your Moods

The Powerful Connection

Next time you spray your favorite perfume and you notice your mood perk up or suddenly you feel sexy; it’s not your imagination. Scent is the sense that most closely ties to emotions. Scientists tell us that the part of the brain that controls emotions- the deep limbic center- is linked to your olfactory system, the part that controls scent. This means that various fragrances can affect your mood and emotions. The result - you can use perfumes and aromas to boost your mood, energize you, relax you or even create an ambience for your life.
Create energy
For a boost of energy try fragrances with notes of citrus or peppermint. A great way to start your day is with a citrus body wash to energize your mind and body. For a mid-day pick-me-up at work, try gently inhaling peppermint oil; it might work better than a cup of coffee!
Relax and de-stress
Two fragrances have been shown to have soothing effects; lavender and jasmine. In fact, jasmine has been shown not only to relieve anxiety, but to increase energy and focus in a calm manner. Its intoxicating scent is also alluring and a perfect note for perfumes. 
Jump for joy
Create happiness and a sense of comfort by lighting a vanilla scented candle. To uplift your mind, try products that have eucalyptus, especially in the shower or bath. Finally, to feel warm and sensually invigorated, try products infused with ginger; such as body oil that will make your skin feel smooth and soft.
Invoke your feminine side
Nothing is more feminine than beautiful flowers; so it is no surprise that most perfumes in the world have floral scents. In combination with each other, floral scents are combined to create unforgettable fragrances. Try experimenting with various perfumes to find the one that makes you “feel” the best. You can also look for fragrance oils that you can layer to create your own unforgettable aroma.

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