Wedding Season Makeup Trends

Of-the-moment Looks for Summer Brides

It’s that time of year again when sunny, summery weekends between Memorial Day and mid-September are filled with couples pledging their undying love for each other, and with brides who are set to look their most beautiful for one special day. From the all-too-important dress to the décor to the guest book, no detail is too small to consider as your wedding approaches, and makeup is no exception. Here’s what’s hot for Bridal Makeup in Summer 2016:
Statement eyes
Liquid liner, shimmery textured shadows, and dramatic, high impact eyes are all the rage this year everywhere, including the bridal circuit. After all, if the eyes are the windows to the soul, why not put them front and center for your true love to gaze into?
From a cat eye to a monochromatic look that keeps the eye as pink as the face, how you choose to emphasize your eyes is a matter of taste – and eye shape. The bottom line? Don’t be afraid to be bold. Whether you’re getting married mid-morning on the beach or at midnight atop the Eiffel Tower, this year the eyes have it. Meanwhile…
Perfect pouts
Kissable lips should also be a priority on your wedding day, so try a feminine shiny pink lip gloss, a bold berry stained hue or even go with an ombré approach where the tone is darker around the edges than in the center of your mouth. The point of all these choices? Anything goes if you’ve got the right makeup artist in tow. The key is to make sure your lips are moisturized before makeup is applied, so the color stays better, longer. And finally…
The crown jewels
Hair jewelry made a comeback this year on the bridal circuit; designers weren’t afraid to accessorize brides-to-be with diamond crowns and wreathes; even ribbons and bows had a moment. This season, the look is beautiful braided looks that feature adornments of any style and high, dramatic buns with a bejeweled wreath atop it; this is a year for crowning glory.

Au Naturel: Love the Curls You’re in

Curly Girl Hair Maintenance Advice

Today, more and more women are embracing their naturally curly texture, but how to deal with those temperamental tresses is a different story. If you’re a curly-haired woman, the good news is that you can capitalize on your curls and work with your waves, and all it takes is a few simple tweaks to your hair care routine to ensure that the hair you were born with always looks and feels fabulous.

It all starts with the shampoo (and conditioner)
Curls can be tricky. Dry them out and frizz ensues. Over moisturize them and they fall flat. In order to help make sure your ‘do’ doesn’t fall victim to either of these unfortunate fates, it’s vital that you pay attention to what shampoo you use, how much of it you apply and how often you wash. First, start with sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Not just for those with treated tresses, sulfate-free products are designed not to strip the hair; that means that they protect the cuticle, preventing dried out frizz. Don’t use more than a quarter size dollop when you wash unless you have super long hair, in which case, two quarters max for shampoo and a double-dime size drop for conditioner. And finally, don’t wash your hair more than two or three times weekly, at most; if you can get away with it, once a week is enough.

Comb while you condition.
Instead of waiting to comb your hair after you’re out of the shower and it’s drying, curls and waves benefit from early intervention, so bring a wide-tooth comb or pick into the shower with you. While the conditioner is working its magic, comb it through. Be sure to start at the ends and work your way up towards the scalp, then rinse. Distributing the product this way will not only give you even moisture, it will work through the knots without damaging the follicle, and on that note…

Skip the towel dry
Using a towel to rub, rub, rub, the excess water from your hair post-shower damages it. The friction creates frizz and can cause breakage, particularly for hair that’s anything but straight. Squeeze and blot your hair to get rid of excess moisture instead. If you blow dry, use a diffuser starting at the scalp/base of your head and working your way down to the ends. Otherwise, style and go. And remember, don’t use a brush – it’s just another way to damage the hair and drag down your natural volume. Wide tooth combs and picks are a curly girl’s best friends.

Humidity is the enemy
Combat humidity any time of year and seal in your style with frizz cream or serum (again, just a dime sized amount). This will also help hold your style for longer. Meanwhile, you can revive your curls between shampoos with a spritz of half water, half conditioner on the ends. Lastly, sleep with your hair in a bun or “pineapple” atop your head. It’s one last way to prevent friction from messing with your do by keeping your curls intact overnight!


Make-up Brush Must-Haves

What to use, and with what

Since your face is the canvas and you are the artist, you should know that the makeup brush you use makes a big difference in how makeup glides onto your canvas and how it will dry. Even the size affects the artwork; it would be impossible to create intricate details with a large brush. These same principals apply when it comes to “painting” our faces; here is a guide to some essential makeup brushes every woman needs in her tool box!
Foundation brush
Ideal for liquid or cream foundations is a foundation brush, which has flat, wide bristles that allows you to create your perfect canvas. To use with liquid foundation, dot foundation around your face and use the brush to blend. To apply a cream formula, dab the brush directly into the compact and apply to your face, remembering to blend into your hairline and down to the neck.
Powder brush
A powder brush has large, fluffy bristles and should be used to dust powder onto your face to set your foundation. The large brush head allows for lightweight, yet even application without disturbing the other makeup on your face.
Blush brush
A blush brush is smaller than a powder brush and usually has denser bristles allowing you to blend your cheek color precisely. For a brush that can multi-task, look for one with angled bristles; you can use this with powder or cream blush or bronzer to buff color from the apples of your cheeks up to the top of your cheekbones for a natural, air-brushed look.
Lip brush
The secret to perfect lipstick application is using a dedicated lip brush. These small, slim brushes have tapered points to make sure you “paint” inside the lines. The fine point also gives you control to outline your lips with precision. Using a lip brush also helps your favorite lip product last longer since you are able to dip your brush directly into the tube; allowing you to use all of the color, be it gloss or lipstick.
Eyeliner brush
Similar to a lip brush, an eyeliner brush is small, flat and dense. Look for one with an angled brush head to help you paint liquid, gel or cream liner close to your lash line. Also use the angled brush to apply eyeshadow in the same color over your liner to create a look that lasts all day.
Eyeshadow brush (x2)
To apply eyeshadow like a pro your tool kit needs two small eyeshadow brushes: one flat and fluffy and one that is slightly tapered. Use the small, flat and fluffy brush to sweep shadow across your lid, and then use the tapered eyeshadow brush to blend color into the creases and outer corners of your eyelids.
One more brush essential
Finally, no brush set is complete without knowing how to clean your brushes! Clean brushes ensure that your makeup is applied perfectly and are free of acne-making bacteria. Dirty brushes will have left over color-residue that will affect the look of your makeup or even worse, they can harbor bacteria that can cause skin irritations. An easy way to clean them is to wash in gentle shampoo and let air-dry; a quick cleaning solution is to use makeup cleaning or baby wipes.  
Try JAFRA’s Professional Brush Set and begin applying makeup like a pro!

Fashionable Tricks to Looking Crazy, Good – Fast

Your 4-Step Plan

When circumstances demand that you pull yourself together at a moment’s notice, try this personal style strategy for looking chic and pretty in no time. Pare down the usual steps you take with grooming and wardrobe to a “Plan B” that requires less thinking and effort. 
Create a Beauty Maintenance Plan
It is much easier to be ready to go at a moment’s notice if your skin is already glowing and your brows are groomed to perfection because you regularly tend to them. To create an effective beauty maintenance plan, make a list of your head-to–toe beauty requirements, so you appear pulled together and confident. Your list should include hair color, cuts, manicures, waxing, facials, teeth whitening and should be scheduled on your personal calendar, whether you’re a DIY-er or go to professionals you rely on. If you are like most of us who think there are good reasons to let our looks slip, think again. How did you feel the last time you arrived with chipped polish and serious roots to a last minute date or lunch with your boss?
Strategic Makeup and Hair
Right now the look is slightly undone and unfussy, in both makeup and hair. Fast imperfect pony tails, twisted buns, and air dried hair are all on trend, so being perfectly pulled together all the time isn’t an absolute must.
Create a rush job makeup kit
Figure out how minimal your makeup application can be. This is where that pampering skincare routine you have adopted really pays off. With great skin you will need less coverage so you can devote your time to enhancing and defining your best features. Planning ahead and experimenting is essential here. Perhaps adopting the big sunglasses worn with dramatic lip color trend is a look you should try and one that many women are now embracing as a super-quick exit strategy.
Your Uniform Look
When in doubt, grab pieces from your closet that always look good on you when you need to get dressed in a hurry. If black pants and a white t-shirts are your go-to pieces, have a dressy, business and fun version of your basics clean, pressed and easy to access -- including shoes, bags, jewelry and cover-ups.
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