Work It Out

Look fab at the gym without makeup

Going to the gym is great because a good workout makes you feel fit and happy. However,  exercising without makeup poses a problem for some. We all want to feel confident while we’re getting physical, but wearing makeup to the gym is not necessarily the best idea; it can clog your pores and cause breakouts. Besides, makeup running down our face  is not a great look for the treadmill. Here a few tips to look great at the gym without makeup:

Dress To Impress (Yourself!)
One way to feel good at the gym is to wear  fun, well-fitting workout clothes! Try pairing a bright workout bra or top with sleek black leggings. Capping your black leggings with black sneakers will elongate your legs and make them look slimmer. Fun patterns can keep you upbeat while you burn calories, too. Take the time to plan your workout fit, so you feel confident, fashionable and put together.

Pony Perfection
Pulling your hair back at the gym is a must, so learn which ponytail style works best for your face and body; whether it’s a high pony or a chic low bun. Be sure to secure your style with bobby pins or a decorative hair tie to finish off the look.

Pre-Workout Skin Care
Before your workout, make sure your skin is extra clean. Using a gentle makeup remover followed by a cleansing brush will refresh and revive your skin. Finish with a lightweight moisturizer to give your skin a natural glow.

Mani/Pedi Protocol
Having your nails painted in your favorite color of the moment will give polish to your already blossoming confidence. Before hitting the gym,  apply a luxurious hand cream  to protect your hands and keep them pretty. Having your toes painted will make you feel like a million bucks at your next yoga or Pilates class.

Keep It Light
If you absolutely must wear makeup, opt for one coat of waterproof mascara and a touch of lip stain or balm. If you want coverage on your face, try applying a matte primer all over to control sweat-shine and leave your face with a smooth finish.

Lunch Time Pick-Me-Ups

Ways to Give Your Look a Mid-Day Lift

We’ve all been there; staring at the computer as the afternoon approaches, foundation almost entirely absorbed and hair quickly losing its luster. What’s a girl to do? If you want to finish the day looking as fabulous as you started, try these lunch time beauty pick-me-ups!

Take a Walk
If the afternoon doldrums threaten to bring down your energy, you can bet they’re impacting your look, too. Get your blood pumping with a quick walk around the block, or even around the office. You’ll lift your spirits and your look will follow suit!

Give Yourself a Spritz
Everyone should own an atomizer. Why? A spritz of water on the face a few times a day helps keep your skin moisturized. Moisturized skin looks younger, more supple and holds makeup longer. So go on, spray away! Your face will thank you and so will your attitude!

Brush and Balm
It may not sound like a beauty tip, but brushing your teeth mid-day will freshen your breath and your outlook on the day. Your bright grin will make you feel good and it goes perfectly with a well-moisturized lip. Apply some lip balm for a softer, smoother, sexier smile.

A full-face reapplication may be overkill, but keeping your concealer on hand is never a bad call. After a spritz, you can do a little touch-up for dark spots or blemishes that don’t stay hidden all day otherwise.

Tame or Unleash
Depending on your hair type and style, lunch is a time to reign in the frizz with a smoothing serum and soft brush, or revive your flat and fallen follicles with a dose of dry shampoo and a shake out. Whatever your tress, see to it that your do keeps up with you!

A big glass of water with lunch will help your energy and your complexion overtime. Meaning your beauty rituals will be fewer and farther between. Sounds good, right?

Beauty Trend Predictions: 2017

See what’s going to be hot this year

A new year brings with it all kinds of exciting things, including a new round of trends in hair, makeup and skincare. So, listen up ladies! Here’s what you can expect to see and love in 2017.
Long Hair
It’s hair, it’s there, it’s everywhere! Waist-length locks are making a comeback, which makes it all the more important to properly tend to your tresses. Whether you want to go stick straight or make a few waves, the key is maintaining moisture without letting things get greasy. Whatever your preference, one thing’s for sure; nothing says, “sexy” like a luscious, healthy mane. So go ahead, unleash your inner lioness!
Embellished Do’s
With all of the long haired looks popping up, it’s no wonder braids are big this season. Add a few little plaits to your otherwise simple style, or go all out with a braid crown including sparkly hair jewelry; either way, you’ll be equally chic and on trend up top.
Ombre Lips
Glitter, goth and matte lip looks are all sticking around in the New Year, which means a variety of pouts can be on point. Hottest of them all however, is the ombre lip trend. Requiring a bit more work than the familiar  dark lip liner/light lipstick combo of the 90’s, ombre lips are all about depth and sensuality. Apply a darker shade around the edges of your lips with a gradual change or lightening of color as you move inward, and you’ll be amazed at your own mouth!
Nail Bling
Bright and glittery hues were everywhere last year, as gel manicures took the trend stage. This year, the collective nail game turns up another notch. Far beyond a well-placed crystal, 2017 brings big bling to your digits. Who needs jewelry when your nails are accessories?!
Got Milk?
Dairy skincare is all the rage this season, so obviously milk is included as one of these skin-nourishing products. Lactic acid softens skin and even exfoliates without hijacking hydration. It’s as good for your body as it is for your face, so drink up  (through your pores)and savor the super soft results.

5 New Things to Try in 2017

New looks that would look great on you!

Trends come and go, but as every woman knows, not all trends are meant for everyone. In fact, there are plenty of times when classic trumps the look du jour. That being said, these five low-risk easy trends will help you remain on point without going out on a limb. Have a look and see what you think!

Baby Face
Contouring our faces to high heaven has been all the rage for a while now, but 2017 promises a glance back at a simpler time, specifically cherubic youth. Inspired by the Korean trend, so-called, “baby face” makeup requires a heavy dose of moisturizer, since a dewy, fresh face is the goal. Follow with concealer (as needed), foundation, matte powder and blush. And of course, you’ll want to tend to your eyebrows, too. Speaking of which…

Natural Brows
Years of taming your facial tresses may have left your brows thin or unwieldy. This year, go for a naturally fuller brow instead of opting for a heavily penciled-in look. If your brows are a little over plucked, try growing them back and filling in what’s missing with powder in the meantime. It may take a while, but the results will be worth it, because full, natural brows (with shape, of course) never go out of style!

Graphic Eyes
Feeling adventurous? Consider taking a break from the smoky eye trend of the last few seasons in favor of a more geometric line, or even graphic pattern. Glitter under eyes is another hot trend on this year’s runway and can make a fun, surprising addition to an evening look!

Volume Lashes
While the thought of spider web lashes may scare you; you don’t have to go all-in to make the most of this trend. Instead of focusing on length and making sure each lash is individually defined and separated, focus on fullness. Thick, full lashes of a medium length go a long way toward emphasizing your eyes for a sexy, sultry look.
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