Because I’ll be the first to admit that when this all first started…the memes I would see on Instagram showing a girl with rooty hair, thin eyebrows, bad skin and messed up gel nails made me actually laugh out loud…
Is it still funny now? Over a month later? Not so much.

I do my own eyebrows (tbh I don’t need much grooming there), and I don’t get manicures regularly, but there are two things that give me just a smidge of extra anxiety during quarantine…my now insanely dark roots (with a gray patch to boot!) and also seeing the effects of my low-dose Botox fade around my eyes. Now, I can’t do anything about the former (post coming soon with tips from my hair colorist, Dawn Tracey), but when my marketing client launched their new JAFRA ROYAL Defy skincare ritual, I knew that two of the products from the new launch could quite possibly be my Botox-saving grace.

Now you guys know I consider myself a skincare expert of sorts (and I see and test a LOT of products), so when you see something on this blog that means that it’s really, really good (like this skincare ritual), and has impressed me (which, admittedly, does take a lot of doing, ha).
JAFRA’s ROYAL Defy line targets the 10 signs of aging in skin, and within just four weeks (they have amazing consumer study results) these products restore elasticity, and volume, and even help with the skin’s texture and deepest wrinkles.

  • Royal Jelly: An ingredient that worker bees feed the queen bee that keeps her healthy and increases her lifespan (cruelty-free, of course). This ingredient recharges the skin with a cocktail of vitamins, minerals, soothing fatty acids and peptides.
  • Royal JELLY RJx: This exclusive JAFRA technology delivers royal jelly’s benefits with more potency, helping skin look and act younger…for longer.
  • NEW! Royal Jelly Oil: Rich in fatty acid 10-hydroxy decenoic acid, this emollient supercharges moisture, strengthens the skin’s surface, restores elasticity and clarity, and boosts radiance.
  • White Truffle: White truffle is nature’s gold. Rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, this precious super food visibly hydrates and firms the skin, evens tone, and protects against the appearance of future damage.
Here are the two products from the line that I’ve been using every day and loving…
Let’s start with the JAFRA ROYAL Defy Active Firming Serum…the “hero” of the line, if you will. This hyper-potent serum features a soft-focus technology that diffuses fine lines and wrinkles and, after four weeks, helps to diminish deep lines and makes the skin firmer, smoothed, sculpted, even-textured, luminous and full of youthful bounce. #Blessed

It has all the Royal Jelly goodness, in addition to white truffle, niacinamide (my new favorite!), hyaluronic acid, and a peptide complex. In the brand’s consumer study, 96% of testers saw firmer, lifted, more supple, smooth, plump, radiant-looking skin after only four weeks!
Next up is JAFRA ROYAL Defy Lift Express Eye Treatment. What caught my attention about this product is its water to powder formula – it feels SO NICE WHEN YOU APPLY THIS. The cooling gel eye treatment has a massaging applicator and also boasts the same soft-focus technology that the serum has. It’s honestly just so good that I’ve been applying it at least twice a day and I’m almost out of it, lol.
This eye treatment instantly hydrates and cools once it touches your skin, as a flexible matrix visibly lifts and reduces lines.

Hot tip: I love it as a primer for under-eye concealer but, after four weeks, even when used as a regular eye treatment, contours appear fuller and less hollow. Crepey skin and sagginess looks smoothed and firmed, under-eye bags are reduced, and dark circles brightened. And, of course, the patented peptides in this baby work to erase the look of crow’s feet and wrinkles around the eye (my main reason for using this!).
What do you guys think? Are you as sold as I am?


Defy them with our Most Powerful Skin Care Ever!

Drumroll, please… JAFRA ROYAL Defy is here! Powered by exclusive Royal Jelly RJX and our highest levels of targeted actives, Defy is a breakthrough for advanced signs of aging. I love all of our JAFRA ROYAL skin care lines. But, as a woman with skin that’s showing signs of sagging and loss of firmness, I am particularly excited about new JAFRA ROYAL Defy. It’s our most powerful skin care ever, with luxurious formulas and extraordinary results for mature skin concerns.
If you’re like me (and a large percentage of the population), you’re concerned about dullness, dryness, deep lines and wrinkles. You may also be seeing signs of sagging and loss of elasticity. Don’t despair… JAFRA ROYAL Defy has you covered. It’s a game-changing, holistic approach to skin care. Defy addresses 10 key signs of youth, delivers 24-hour moisture care and helps protect against future signs of aging.
Used together, the Defy collection is proven to reveal more youthful-looking skin from the first application. Within 4 weeks, skin is visibly transformed. See the return of youthful bounce, volume and contours. And, yes -- even deep wrinkles are visibly diminished! You’ll find JAFRA’s exclusive Royal Jelly RJX, breakthrough royal jelly oil and precious white truffle in every product.
Wipe away the day with Defy Rich Crème Cleanser. This luxurious no-rinse cleanser melts away makeup, dirt and debris to leave skin clean and soft to the touch.
Step 2: TREAT
Firm up facial contours with Defy Active Firming Serum. This hyper-potent serum delivers instant firming and lifting as well as a soft-focus effect.* Seeing is believing with the Defy Lift Express Eye Treatment. This cooling-gel eye treatment leaves eyes looking up to 10 years younger.**
Discover a new 4D effect with Defy 4D Defining Hydrator. Enriched with peptides, the luxurious cream gel floods skin with hydration while visibly volumizing, lifting, firming and smoothing.
80% of skin aging is preventable, and we have the answer! Defy Multi-Performance Age Protector Broad Spectrum SPF 50 offers powerful daily defense against pollution, UVA, UVB, infrared-A and visible light.
*81% of women agreeing in an independent consumer test in US and Mexico.
**67% of women agreeing in an independent consumer test in US and Mexico.

Top Editor Picks

Products that Make Staying at Home Easier

There are a few products we all need on our dresser: an eye créme to refresh the under eyes, a lipstick in the perfect shade, and the essentials for #selfcare spa days from the couch. Here are the JAFRA products that will keep you well cared for and happy while you’re at home:


JAFRA ROYAL Revitalize Longevity Créme on

 Jeannine Morris Lombardi suggests the JAFRA ROYAL Revitalize Longevity Eye Créme “because it addresses anti-aging concerns and also contains optical diffusers that help to immediately blur imperfections and temporarily brighten the area.”

JAFRA Spa Night Care for Hands with Shea Butter on Honestly Jamie

“This night lotion is made with shea, cocoa and red mango seed butters to help hydrate and condition your hands and cuticles, nurturing your skin and then leaving behind a calming scent of saffron and lavender that is just the best-smelling night time scent.”

Irresistible Story Fragrance on Dawn’s Corner

Dawn McCarthy describes the fragrance as “the first social media driven fragrance for women …. It’s kind of inspired by the sharing and freedom of self-expression with stories…”  


JAFRA Full Coverage Matte Lipstick in Attraction on

Taylor Augustin describes the Cancer sign as someone who wants to make the world a beautiful place. What better wine-colored lipstick to wear while changing the world than attraction? 
 “You focus on creativity and your imagination, which comes out to play in the way you dress and do your makeup! It's charming, just like you, and is sure to look stunning in all your IG pics.”

Jafra Moisture Replenish Hair Mask on Well + Good

“This mask delivers on all the buzzwords of a great hair mask: it leaves hair soft, shiny, detangled, and smelling amazing.”

JAFRA Mud Mask on Lonely Planet

“As for face masks, consider JAFRA Mud Mask, a Dead Sea mineral mud mask loaded with vitamin E and antioxidants. This detoxifying power player unclogs pores and removes excess oils, impurities, and dead skin cells.”

 Share with us how much you love these products, JAFRA Beauties! Tag @jafracosmetics on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Here’s why you should be multi-masking

End up With Perfectly Treated Skin

Let's talk about one beauty treatment that I do that you can also do today to really treat yourself…multi-masking.  What is it, you ask?  Well, it’s quite simply when you mix several face masks and treat specific areas of your face based on what the mask does.  Aside from the visual being super Insta-friendly, you end up with perfectly treated skin…and what’s better than glowing, hydrated skin, am I right?
Step one: Identify the areas of your face you want to treat and how.
For me, I have sensitive cheeks that are prone to redness and irritation (thanks to mild rosacea) so I like to use a really hydrating mask (with typically no active ingredients) in that area.  My nose is where I tend to get a little clogging and blackheads, so in that area I’ll use a more intense exfoliator.  And, lastly, for my chin and forehead I want to brighten and smooth so I’ll use a brightening mask in those areas.  Like I said, it really depends on your own skin so map it out and then pull your face masks based on those needs :)

Step two: Apply your masks.
The order here doesn’t really matter as long as you don’t have a mask that’s super runny.  I start with the JAFRA Mud Maska new masking favorite of mine.  The Mud Mask feels instantly cooling and hydrating on the skin literally the second you apply it and it’s comprised of dead sea mineral mud, clays, vitamin E and antioxidants that all help to unclog pores, impurities and dead skin cells, but in the gentlest way possible so, like I said, it’s perfect for anyone with sensitive skin.
Second I apply JAFRA ROYAL Revitalize Volcanic Micro Polish Mask to my nose to get rid of those annoying little blackheads! This micro-exfoliating mask gently polishes away dull skin, but with out stripping the skin of its natural moisture. The brand’s Royal Jelly RJˣ  increases the power of the natural royal jelly in this mask and helps with skin cell rejuvenation. And the part that visibly gets rid of my blackheads?  The volcanic granules and papaya extract. Both ingredients buff the skin and remove toxins so that you’re left with a glowing, smooth face. You can absolutely use this mask on other parts of your face as well but I personally love it on my nose/t-zone since that’s where I need the most exfoliation.
Lastly, I apply the JAFRA ROYAL Luna Bright Brightening White Clay Mask.  This mineral-packed mask is specifically formulated to address dullness and discoloration, which is why I love using it on my forehead and chin!  It draws out dirt and grime, while also absorbing excess oil and removing surface build up leaving soft, even and refreshed skin.
Step three: Remember to moisturize.
After leaving your masks on for about 20-30 minutes, wash off with warm water and remember to moisturize!  Even when you use a super hydrating mask like the Mud Mask, it’s still super important to replenish any moisture lost with your favorite every day moisturizer.
Step four: Remember to not overdo it.
Multi-masking is super fun, duh, but remember not to overdo it.  You should only multi-mask one time a week max or your skin might start acting up and you could start getting breakouts and sensitivity.
Do you multi-mask? Tell me in the comments below!
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