The perfect-red holiday lipstick!

What’s your true JAFRA red?

The holidays are here, JAFRA Beauty! What’s better than chestnuts roasting on an open fire, pumpkin patches, and a warm cup of cocoa? Well, if you’re a lipstick lover like most of us, you’re probably looking for that red lipstick that’s going to complement every holiday outfit (even the ugly sweaters). We know how bold it is to wear red! Red lipstick is known to be alluring, captivating and there’s a long history about how it has evolved into symbolizing strength. Talk about total #bossbabe vibes.

Now that the holidays may be virtual for the most part, we still want to make sure you’ve got the perfect-red lipstick that will complement your smile even if it’s through a video call.
For all the red-tone beauties out there, it’s such a struggle to find the perfect red shade, am I right?

Here are our JAFRA red shades sorted from bright, medium, and deep tones:


Bright Reds

Ooooh the crimson classics. Taylor Swift has the “red lip, classic thing” that everyone likes! Featured in the above image is “Feeling Fuego” from our JAFRA ROYAL Color Luxury Matte Lipstick collection, and it holds up to its name. All of our JAFRA ROYAL Color lipsticks have rich color and the added benefit of royal jelly to keep your lips feeling hydrated and beautiful. It is the brightest from the ones listed below and its matte formula makes sipping coffee less messy than usual.

Other bright JAFRA reds—


Medium Reds

A red that tries to blend with it all. Featured in the above image is “Disco Queen” from our JAFRA ROYAL Color Luxury Matte Metallic Lipstick collection, and it delivers a rich pigment in every swipe. It's not too bright red or berry deep and its glimmer gives your lips a nice pop! It’s a brushed metal luster of reds, berries and disco shine.

Other Medium JAFRA reds—


Deep Reds

Full disclosure, my preferred deep reds are more on the subtle-burgundy side. Featured in the above image is “Royal Ruby” from our JAFRA ROYAL Color Luxury Lipstick collection, and it’s rich in Royal Jelly RJ×. Its ruby hues add a deep color to your lips and it’s hydrating! If you’re looking for a more subtle-ruby red, give this one a ride.

Other Deep JAFRA reds—


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Tips for Perfecting your Work From Home Style

JAFRA Essentials for Beautiful Virtual Meetings!


Hey, JAFRA Beauties! Whether working from home, or zooming into virtual parent-teacher conferences, our world has changed, and so has our style. Video conference calls are the new norm and we’ve got a few tips and JAFRA tricks that will make working from home easier to manage.  
Instantly sanitize your hands with this fragrance-free formula! What I love about this formula the most is that it moisturizes your skin with glycerin and aloe. So, no need to worry about dry, flaky skin from constant washing. To use, apply to hands and massage thoroughly. 
Small bottle with huge results! Give a boost of moisture to your under eyes for that morning video call. It has Cassava and flower extracts that firm skin and reduce the appearance of dark circles. It also contains Royal Jelly RJ× which helps restore and your skin in the long run! 
As a fellow work from homie, my all-time favorite lipstick to have on my desk is Hola Cariño. It’s the only matte neutral shade and yet it keeps my lips hydrated. Since it’s a neutral shade it works with anything I wear! Hola Cariño also pairs well with our Diana lip liner. Whatever lipstick color you choose, remember to choose a color that will match with most of your clothing. 
No need for a blush brush, a few dabs with your fingertips will work wonders! Its ultra-silky sheer shine is long lasting in case those video calls take longer than expected. Choose from our 5 shades and enjoy this creamy flush!  
It’s all in the eyes daaaaarling! This duo is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL. Ask anyone, most gals always carry this pair in their purse. You never know when you’re going to need a retouch while on-the-go virtuallyBe the boss bae you were in the office while still at home with our JAFRA Beauty mascara line and eyeliners. My personal favorite is our duo eyeliner, I looove white eyeliner! It makes the eyes look bigger when you color the water line. As for brighter eyes, color the corner of your eyes. As for the black eyeliner, I like to use it on the top of my eyelids very lightly. Viola! A little mascara on your lashes and done. 
With the kiddos having distance learning, the dogs barking up a convo with you, and the hubby on the other side trying to manage his own schedule as well, your household can become a handful. So, here are some JAFRA essentials that you need near your desk in case unexpected video calls pop up during the day: 
What are your JAFRA essentials? We’d love to know! Tag @jafracosmetics on social media for a chance to be featured! 


3 Fast Ideas from JAFRA Spa

With all the stress this year has thrown our way, self-care is more important than ever. We’re also busier than ever, so how can we create the time and space for wellness?
As Senior Director of JAFRA Worldwide Marketing for Skin Care and Toiletries, I’m an expert at squeezing mini spa experiences into my daily routine. JAFRA Spa makes it easy, with botanical-infused formulas that you can use in the shower or while unwinding before bed.
The benefits of luxuriating with a clay mask, exfoliating body polish or hydration treatment are more than skin deep. They force you to slow down for a moment (or longer,) and make a world of difference in how you feel.
At the end of a long day, a warm shower can feel like pure bliss. Take it to the next level with just 2-3 extra minutes and JAFRA Spa Ginger and Sea Salt Body Rub. The invigorating formula gently buffs away dry skin while moisturizing with a blend of skin-conditioning oils and botanical extracts.
How to: In the shower, step away from the stream of water and gently massage a generous amount into damp skin. Start with your shoulders and chest, working down your body all the way to your ankles as you breathe in the soothing, aromatherapy-inspired scent. Rinse well, then wrap yourself in your softest, fluffiest bathrobe.
Key ingredients:
  • Ginger Root Extract: gently exfoliates skin
  • Sunflower Oil: improves moisture retention
  • Vitamin E: antioxidant with skin-conditioning benefits
Want a luxurious European-style spa experience in less than half an hour? Try a skin-purifying clay mud mask for face and body. JAFRA Spa Mud Mask is inspired by the traditional mud baths and mineral-rich thermal springs of Tuscany.
How to: Get ready by securing your hair with a headwrap or ponytail holder and removing your makeup. Apply a thick, even layer to skin, avoiding your eyes and mouth. Focus on any areas that need extra attention, such as your décolletage, elbows, and legs. Then, relax and enjoy 15 minutes of downtime while it dries. Scroll through Instagram, watch your favorite sitcom or listen to a podcast. When you rinse off the mask, you’ll be amazed at how smooth your skin feels.
Key ingredients:
  • Kaolin & Bentonite Clay: mineral clays absorb oil
  • Sodium PCA: natural humectant; improves skin feel and keeps it looking fresh
  • Licorice Extract: plant extract prized for its moisturizing and brightening properties
Treat your feet to a 60-second, sole-smoothing rubdown with JAFRA Spa Intensive Heel and Foot Repair. Infused with tea tree oil and cucumber extract, it smells as refreshing as it feels.
How to: Keep the hydrating formula by your bedside and make it part of your nightly routine. If feet are extra dry, use a generous amount then slip on a pair of clean socks to seal in the moisture. Drift off to sleep feeling comforted and well-cared-for. In the morning, you’ll wake up to softer, more supple skin from heel to toe.
Key ingredients:
-      Shea Butter: natural emollient softens dry, sensitive skin
  • Cocoa Butter: leaves skin feeling smooth and moisturized
  • Panthenol: prized for its skin-conditioning benefits

Happy American Business Women’s Day!

4 Businesswomen on their Secrets to Success

Happy American Business Women’s Day!  The holiday is actually news to me, which is crazy considering that President Reagan started it in 1983 by Congressional resolution. Today, it commemorates the important contributions and amazing legacy of more than 68 million working women and 7.7 million female business owners in the United States. Truly impressive and something we all need to celebrate, whether you work for a company, created your own company, or you’re an entrepreneur. We’re all American businesswomen and, personally, I’m super proud to be one.
Today I partnered with JAFRA on this blog post because, for me, JAFRA represents the epitome of the American businesswoman.  The company’s co-founder, Jan Day, was told as a young woman that she wasn’t “glamorous enough” to sell makeup and, instead of giving up, she instead envisioned a new kind of beauty company. She and her husband Frank founded JAFRA with a mission to create exceptional products and an inclusive, empowering community open to all.  Since 1956, JAFRA has inspired generations of beauty consultants to reach for their dreams, and their beauty products have empowered millions to look and feel their best, at all ages.
I decided to ask four of my favorite female businesswomen (no affiliation with JAFRA) two questions that I constantly get asked myself and, to no surprise, I got some AMAZING tips and advice.
Enjoy it. Share it. Take it all in. And remember to celebrate yourself today because we all deserve it. <3
Lara Eurdolian, Founder of Pretty Connected Shop
What is one thing you learned about your business that you wish you knew from day one?
Supply chain management. Making sure your products, packaging and supply chain are on point to keep everything in stock and properly forecasted. And also, to give yourself flexibility to try out and extensively test your product and packaging before committing to a large quantity order.
What's your best advice for aspiring female entrepreneurs and businesswomen just starting out?
"The goal is to make money while you sleep" - that's the advice Ashli Stockton, Founder of Sunday Forever gave to me, which helped me focus on the big picture. The advice I find myself giving a lot is "no one will ever work as hard on your brand as you will, and to divide your needs by 'need to have' and 'nice to have.'  Conquer the first list so you can launch, and the bigger ideas as you have more bandwidth you don't get too overwhelmed.”  All of these statements remind me of the importance of working hard to grow, but also not to lose sight of the goal of growing and scaling your business for success (and quality of life).
Joslyn Davis, co-founder of Shared Media
What is one thing you learned about your business that you wish you knew from day one?
Because digital media is still relatively new, and I started my career in digital video when it was in its early stages, there's so much that no one knew on day one – we were quite literally living in a new media wild west. In hindsight, my advice to myself would've been to say no more often, and I wish I had learned the art of working "smarter" and not "harder" much earlier (I'm still working on this one). 
What's your best advice for aspiring female entrepreneurs and businesswomen just starting out?
My top piece of advice is this: stop talking about the ideas you have, the things you want to do, and just start doing them. Stop talking, take a calculated risk and just start doing, because here's the thing, regardless of when you absolutely will experience some level of failure regardless of when you start. 
Jaclyn London, Author of Dressing on the Side and Head of Nutrition and Wellness at WW
What is one thing you learned about your field of business that you wish you knew from day one?
That you have to both show and tell people who you are many times to make headway with just about anything! I continue to learn this one every day, but in the field of nutrition/dietetics, specifically: Yes, people need to know who you are on paper (your resume— what you’ve done, how much experience you have, where you’ve studied, etc.), but you always have to listen, first, to provide helpful, science-based yet hyper-individualized guidance! I think that applies to any area of business and no matter what you’re doing: Listening and asking questions to help clarify your understanding (so that you can ultimately be more effective in whatever you do or whatever service you provide) is critical, because everyone really just wants to feel seen and understood —personally and professionally! 
What's your best advice for aspiring female entrepreneurs and businesswomen just starting out?
I made the mistake of listening to the trope/old advice, “say yes to everything,” and I am still trying to unlearn what’s now become a bad habit! The earlier you can discern what you like to do from what you really love to do, the simpler it is to set boundaries that uphold your own professional priorities. It’s easy for all of us to get caught up in things that seem important, only to realize at the end of a big project, a day, or a week that we’re totally depleted and don’t have time left to do the thing we really wanted to spend time doing, right?! We all only get 24-hours in the day, and when you love doing something, it affects how you show up and the quality and uniqueness of the work you produce. So, I’d encourage anyone/everyone just starting out to understand when/where/how to politely turn down “opportunities” that are really just boundary-bullies in disguise! 
Alexis Gordon Kelly, founder of Eklexic jewelry
What is one thing you learned about your business that you wish you knew from day one?
Stay scrappy, outsource every aspect of the business you possibly can without sacrificing quality, and spend the most budget on sales generating expenditures.  Take constructive criticism, listen to the market, your buyers and customers. 
What's your best advice for aspiring female entrepreneurs and businesswomen just starting out?
Stay focused on your dream. There will be haters, there will be doubters, people that tell you that you can’t do it. Don’t listen to them. Remain positive even with the small failures that come along the way, because there will be failures; they are necessary to learn and grow. Success takes time and effort, so put everything you have into it and you will succeed. 
Thank you to JAFRA for sponsoring this post!
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