Stress relief through Music and JAFRA

Hit the pause button and relax with a spa-cation!

While they hold a certain magic in the air, the holidays can also be the most stressful time of the year. This year has had some additional stress piled on, so it is especially important to take the time to slow down and unwind. There are many ways to take part in self-care, or to help your friends and family let go of the stress weighing them down.
Music has been found to have a deep and profound impact on our mood and behavior. Music can be used to keep our interest piqued, create suspense, or lull us to sleep. Studies have found that music with the right tempo will help our mind and body to relax. Neuroscientists in the UK found that these 10 songs were some of the most relaxing and lowered the anxiety of those involved in the study by 65%! Which of these songs do you find most relaxing?
  • Weightless by Marconi Union
  • Electra by Airstream
  • Mellomaniac (Chill out Mix) by DJ Shah
  • Watermark by Enya
  • Strawberry Swing by Coldplay
  • Please Don't Go by Barcelona
  • Pure Shores by All Saints
  • Someone Like You by Adele
  • Canzonetta Sull'aria by Mozart
  • We Can Fly by Rue Du Soleil (Cafe Del Mar)
When trying to create a calming environment, it’s important to also consider your sense of smell! olfactory sense is directly connected to the areas of the brain that process emotion - which is often why a specific scent triggers memories. This is similar to various tempos in music that cause a specific reaction in our mood and behavior, scents can have a multitude of effects. Consider some of these scents next time you choose a beauty product or select a candle to set the mood.
  • Lavender has been used to treat insomnia and can help you get more restful sleep
  • Pine helps to lower depression and stress levels, and promotes a feeling of relaxation
  • Vanilla can make you feel more relaxed and joyful, and can help to control your blood pressure
  • Jasmine boosts your mood and aids in the relief of depression. It can also provide better quality sleep
  • Any scent with special meaning for you
Due to the close connection between scent and emotional memory, any scent you love can become a comforting and calming scent.
Self-care looks different for everyone, but often the underlying themes are soothing scents, luxurious feel, and soul nourishment. JAFRA Spa products offer a self-care solution from head-to-toe; and they work hard so you don't have to.
              Hand Care: Treat your hands to Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter infused with the calming fragrances to envelope your skin in a protective barrier and provide nourishment.               Foot Care: Invigorate your senses and put your best foot forward with these mint-fragranced spa treatments. Gently scrub away dead skin, provide intense moisture to soothe, and allow the peppermint oil to refresh and relieve tender, tired feet, ankles and calves.               Head and Body: Formulated for face and body, the Mud Mask is made from Dead Sea mineral mud fortified with Vitamin E and the antioxidants help to deep clean, remove excess oils, impurities and dead skin. Treat your scalp and hair to a tingling, aroma-therapeutic spa session packed with vitamins and proteins to replenish and condition. Ginger Root extract blended with sea salts rounds out this full-body trio to complete the Spa sensation.  
JAFRA's Botanical Expertise line is created with science and nature in mind and formulated to treat specific concerns: dry hair, split-ends, frizz, tangles, dull and damaged hair. Strengthen your locks with moisture-rich blends of vitamins and oils while improving luster and ease of care.  
If you find yourself skeptical of innovations in beauty products but in need of some incredible skin care, JAFRA's iconic Royal Jelly Classic Body Complex might be right for you. This time-release moisture maven is the hydration hero your skin has been waiting for - and has been a well-loved JAFRA favorite for decades.
Keep calm and JAFRA Spa on, JAFRA Beauties!

The One Beauty Subscription Box That Everyone Will Love

Because I love a gift idea good for everyone…

Today I partnered with JAFRA because they have a holiday gift option that I saw and was like “OK, that is perfect for legit EVERYONE.”  They recently launched their JAFRA StayROYAL Subscription Box and I’ve been telling everyone I know that they not only need to gift a subscription, but they also need to subscribe for themselves.
Here’s why I love it…
They have six different skin care ritual options.
First of all, they have a subscription for ALL of their ROYAL skin care lines, each of which is packed with skin nourishing ingredients including their exclusive Royal Jelly RJx; we’re talking my absolute favorite, JAFRA ROYAL Defy, but also BOOST (for younger women who want to fight aging), Clear Smart (for anyone with acne-prone skin), ROYAL Men, and two additional anti-aging/pigmentation lines, Revitalize and Luna Bright.
You can choose the frequency.
There’s nothing more annoying than when you get a subscription to something (not even just beauty products) and you get a restock before you’ve finished the product you already have.  When I found out that you can choose between 30, 60 and 90-day deliveries for the StayROYAL Subscription Box, I was like “ok, wow that is SMART.” Why do more companies not do this?  So maybe you only get acne once in a while and you don’t need new ROYAL Clear Smart product every month? Great. Sign up for the 90-day subscription option.  I love this.
You get a major discount AND free shipping.
JAFRA products are already very reasonably priced (especially for the quality!), but if you sign up for (or gift!) a StayROYAL subscription, you end up saving a ton.  The ROYAL Defy ritual, for example, would typically be $206 plus shipping.  With the StayROYAL subscription, the ROYAL Defy ritual is only $126 and FREE SHIPPING (on subscriptions over $80), which is always a delight, right?
What do you guys think? Have I sold you on why this is an awesome holiday gift/awesome for you, too?!
 This blog post was sponsored by JAFRA but all opinions are my own, as per usual.


Discover our signature JAFRA ROYAL skin care ingredient

In nature, royal jelly has exceptional power — the power to transform an ordinary bee into a queen. It nourishes and energizes the queen, so that she grows 2X larger and lives 40X longer than the other bees in the hive. At JAFRA, we discovered that this wonder of nature has extraordinary benefits for skin, helping it to look smooth, supple and more radiant.
JAFRA’s royal jelly love story began in 1957, with our original Royal Jelly Milk Balm. Our skin care experts have been passionately exploring its power ever since. Today, with exclusive Royal Jelly RJX technology and precious royal jelly oil, we’ve discovered new ways to incorporate its benefits into our luxurious JAFRA ROYAL Skin Care Rituals.
  1. NATURE’S ROYAL JELLY — potent elixir for beautiful skin
The Origin: Created by bees in the hive
The Action: Antioxidant and skin barrier support
The Benefit: Contains everything skin needs for optimal performance
Royal jelly contains a wealth of riches that nurture skin’s smoothness and vitality: antioxidant vitamins and minerals, lipids for skin barrier support, proteins for environmental defense, naturally humectant sugar and water for optimum hydration. This natural super-nutrient is the inspiration for — and a key ingredient in — every JAFRA ROYAL product.
  1. EXCLUSIVE ROYAL JELLY RJXour breakthrough for younger-looking skin
The Origin: Created by bees and unlocked by science
The Action: Delivers royal jelly’s benefits with more power, potency and precision
The Benefit: Revs up skin activity so it stays younger-looking, longer
In science, “X” means multiply the power. Our exclusive, scientifically advanced Royal Jelly RJX multiplies the power of nature’s royal jelly. It’s proven to help skin look younger and stay that way longer. Where can you find this next-generation innovation?  Only in our JAFRA ROYAL products.
  1. PRECIOUS ROYAL JELLY OIL — superhero for advanced signs of aging
The Origin: Extracted from nature’s royal jelly
The Action: Rich in fatty acid 10-HDA, supercharges moisture, restores elasticity
The Benefit: Helps skin look deeply rejuvenated
A bio-active emollient, Royal Jelly Oil deeply nourishes and moisturizes while increasing skin’s elasticity and clarity. The result? Skin looks plumped, luminous, ageless and visibly transformed. Find it in our most powerful, most age-defying skin care ever – JAFRA ROYAL Defy.

5 of our Favorite Instagrammable Halloween Looks

Squash your competition with JAFRA!

Who said Halloween was cancelled this year? Schedule your virtual costume-contest meetings because this year we’re kicking it up a notch! Halloween is upon us and we want to make sure you’ve got a winner-worthy costume. JAFRA Beauties, get your makeup brushes ready!
Here are five Halloween-inspired makeup looks from some of our favorite beauty influencers on Instagram:


La Catrina by @makeup_solcisneros

“I made my Catrina look with only JAFRA products and I love them. You can feel the quality of the products! I love the foundation, highlighter and brow pencil.”


Witch by @taffymariex

“I had so much fun creating this Witch makeup look. It took long to put it on and long to take it off lol but it came out the way I wanted. I used the JAFRA Lipstick in Coral Chic and it fits so perfect with the look. I love this lipstick!”


Halloween makeup by @vaneqbelle

“I wanted to create a 2-in-1 makeup look that way people would have more makeup options for Halloween, but without having to compromise one look versus the other. My favorite product is the liquid matte lipstick in Purple Dahlia from the Limited-Edition JAFRA Full Bloom Collection.”


Game console by @angeljafraeverything

“I had so much fun doing this look because I love everything Nintendo! I finally saved enough money to buy a Switch for myself, so I just HAD to show how much I loved it along with my favorite JAFRA line: Galaxia!”


Royal Queen by @makeupbyvicki

“Really enjoyed creating this Queen inspired look! Love pairing a shimmer eye with a matte lip. I used the JAFRA Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick in “True Kiss” and I absolutely love this formula. Not drying and best of all, long lasting! 🙌🙌”
We want to see your Halloween costume, JAFRA Beauty! Make sure to tag @jafracosmetics on social media for a chance to be featured!
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