Discover our signature JAFRA ROYAL skin care ingredient

In nature, royal jelly has exceptional power — the power to transform an ordinary bee into a queen. It nourishes and energizes the queen, so that she grows 2X larger and lives 40X longer than the other bees in the hive. At JAFRA, we discovered that this wonder of nature has extraordinary benefits for skin, helping it to look smooth, supple and more radiant.
JAFRA’s royal jelly love story began in 1957, with our original Royal Jelly Milk Balm. Our skin care experts have been passionately exploring its power ever since. Today, with exclusive Royal Jelly RJX technology and precious royal jelly oil, we’ve discovered new ways to incorporate its benefits into our luxurious JAFRA ROYAL Skin Care Rituals.
  1. NATURE’S ROYAL JELLY — potent elixir for beautiful skin
The Origin: Created by bees in the hive
The Action: Antioxidant and skin barrier support
The Benefit: Contains everything skin needs for optimal performance
Royal jelly contains a wealth of riches that nurture skin’s smoothness and vitality: antioxidant vitamins and minerals, lipids for skin barrier support, proteins for environmental defense, naturally humectant sugar and water for optimum hydration. This natural super-nutrient is the inspiration for — and a key ingredient in — every JAFRA ROYAL product.
  1. EXCLUSIVE ROYAL JELLY RJXour breakthrough for younger-looking skin
The Origin: Created by bees and unlocked by science
The Action: Delivers royal jelly’s benefits with more power, potency and precision
The Benefit: Revs up skin activity so it stays younger-looking, longer
In science, “X” means multiply the power. Our exclusive, scientifically advanced Royal Jelly RJX multiplies the power of nature’s royal jelly. It’s proven to help skin look younger and stay that way longer. Where can you find this next-generation innovation?  Only in our JAFRA ROYAL products.
  1. PRECIOUS ROYAL JELLY OIL — superhero for advanced signs of aging
The Origin: Extracted from nature’s royal jelly
The Action: Rich in fatty acid 10-HDA, supercharges moisture, restores elasticity
The Benefit: Helps skin look deeply rejuvenated
A bio-active emollient, Royal Jelly Oil deeply nourishes and moisturizes while increasing skin’s elasticity and clarity. The result? Skin looks plumped, luminous, ageless and visibly transformed. Find it in our most powerful, most age-defying skin care ever – JAFRA ROYAL Defy.

5 of our Favorite Instagrammable Halloween Looks

Squash your competition with JAFRA!

Who said Halloween was cancelled this year? Schedule your virtual costume-contest meetings because this year we’re kicking it up a notch! Halloween is upon us and we want to make sure you’ve got a winner-worthy costume. JAFRA Beauties, get your makeup brushes ready!
Here are five Halloween-inspired makeup looks from some of our favorite beauty influencers on Instagram:


La Catrina by @makeup_solcisneros

“I made my Catrina look with only JAFRA products and I love them. You can feel the quality of the products! I love the foundation, highlighter and brow pencil.”


Witch by @taffymariex

“I had so much fun creating this Witch makeup look. It took long to put it on and long to take it off lol but it came out the way I wanted. I used the JAFRA Lipstick in Coral Chic and it fits so perfect with the look. I love this lipstick!”


Halloween makeup by @vaneqbelle

“I wanted to create a 2-in-1 makeup look that way people would have more makeup options for Halloween, but without having to compromise one look versus the other. My favorite product is the liquid matte lipstick in Purple Dahlia from the Limited-Edition JAFRA Full Bloom Collection.”


Game console by @angeljafraeverything

“I had so much fun doing this look because I love everything Nintendo! I finally saved enough money to buy a Switch for myself, so I just HAD to show how much I loved it along with my favorite JAFRA line: Galaxia!”


Royal Queen by @makeupbyvicki

“Really enjoyed creating this Queen inspired look! Love pairing a shimmer eye with a matte lip. I used the JAFRA Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick in “True Kiss” and I absolutely love this formula. Not drying and best of all, long lasting! 🙌🙌”
We want to see your Halloween costume, JAFRA Beauty! Make sure to tag @jafracosmetics on social media for a chance to be featured!

The perfect-red holiday lipstick!

What’s your true JAFRA red?

The holidays are here, JAFRA Beauty! What’s better than chestnuts roasting on an open fire, pumpkin patches, and a warm cup of cocoa? Well, if you’re a lipstick lover like most of us, you’re probably looking for that red lipstick that’s going to complement every holiday outfit (even the ugly sweaters). We know how bold it is to wear red! Red lipstick is known to be alluring, captivating and there’s a long history about how it has evolved into symbolizing strength. Talk about total #bossbabe vibes.

Now that the holidays may be virtual for the most part, we still want to make sure you’ve got the perfect-red lipstick that will complement your smile even if it’s through a video call.
For all the red-tone beauties out there, it’s such a struggle to find the perfect red shade, am I right?

Here are our JAFRA red shades sorted from bright, medium, and deep tones:


Bright Reds

Ooooh the crimson classics. Taylor Swift has the “red lip, classic thing” that everyone likes! Featured in the above image is “Feeling Fuego” from our JAFRA ROYAL Color Luxury Matte Lipstick collection, and it holds up to its name. All of our JAFRA ROYAL Color lipsticks have rich color and the added benefit of royal jelly to keep your lips feeling hydrated and beautiful. It is the brightest from the ones listed below and its matte formula makes sipping coffee less messy than usual.

Other bright JAFRA reds—


Medium Reds

A red that tries to blend with it all. Featured in the above image is “Disco Queen” from our JAFRA ROYAL Color Luxury Matte Metallic Lipstick collection, and it delivers a rich pigment in every swipe. It's not too bright red or berry deep and its glimmer gives your lips a nice pop! It’s a brushed metal luster of reds, berries and disco shine.

Other Medium JAFRA reds—


Deep Reds

Full disclosure, my preferred deep reds are more on the subtle-burgundy side. Featured in the above image is “Royal Ruby” from our JAFRA ROYAL Color Luxury Lipstick collection, and it’s rich in Royal Jelly RJ×. Its ruby hues add a deep color to your lips and it’s hydrating! If you’re looking for a more subtle-ruby red, give this one a ride.

Other Deep JAFRA reds—


Share with us your favorite JAFRA reds on social. Tag us @jafracosmetics on Facebook or Instagram for a chance to be featured!

Tips for Perfecting your Work From Home Style

JAFRA Essentials for Beautiful Virtual Meetings!


Hey, JAFRA Beauties! Whether working from home, or zooming into virtual parent-teacher conferences, our world has changed, and so has our style. Video conference calls are the new norm and we’ve got a few tips and JAFRA tricks that will make working from home easier to manage.  
Instantly sanitize your hands with this fragrance-free formula! What I love about this formula the most is that it moisturizes your skin with glycerin and aloe. So, no need to worry about dry, flaky skin from constant washing. To use, apply to hands and massage thoroughly. 
Small bottle with huge results! Give a boost of moisture to your under eyes for that morning video call. It has Cassava and flower extracts that firm skin and reduce the appearance of dark circles. It also contains Royal Jelly RJ× which helps restore and your skin in the long run! 
As a fellow work from homie, my all-time favorite lipstick to have on my desk is Hola Cariño. It’s the only matte neutral shade and yet it keeps my lips hydrated. Since it’s a neutral shade it works with anything I wear! Hola Cariño also pairs well with our Diana lip liner. Whatever lipstick color you choose, remember to choose a color that will match with most of your clothing. 
No need for a blush brush, a few dabs with your fingertips will work wonders! Its ultra-silky sheer shine is long lasting in case those video calls take longer than expected. Choose from our 5 shades and enjoy this creamy flush!  
It’s all in the eyes daaaaarling! This duo is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL. Ask anyone, most gals always carry this pair in their purse. You never know when you’re going to need a retouch while on-the-go virtuallyBe the boss bae you were in the office while still at home with our JAFRA Beauty mascara line and eyeliners. My personal favorite is our duo eyeliner, I looove white eyeliner! It makes the eyes look bigger when you color the water line. As for brighter eyes, color the corner of your eyes. As for the black eyeliner, I like to use it on the top of my eyelids very lightly. Viola! A little mascara on your lashes and done. 
With the kiddos having distance learning, the dogs barking up a convo with you, and the hubby on the other side trying to manage his own schedule as well, your household can become a handful. So, here are some JAFRA essentials that you need near your desk in case unexpected video calls pop up during the day: 
What are your JAFRA essentials? We’d love to know! Tag @jafracosmetics on social media for a chance to be featured! 
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