To Chop Or Not To Chop

Ask yourself these four questions before lobbing off your locks!

You feel restless. Ready for a change. And if you’re among the throngs of lovely longhairs scrolling through your favorite style blog, wondering if you should scratch your itch for something new in the hair department, you’re not alone. But should you really take the pixie plunge?
To Chop or Not To Chop?! That, ladies is the question.
Cutting your hair can be quite a commitment. Or it could be just the fresh start you need this season. But before you hop a ride on the bob/lob trend train or go full blown Tank Girl to harness that nineties nostalgia, there are a few more detailed questions to consider.
First, what’s your motivation?
We’ve all heard the stories about (or, okay… been) the girl who cuts that ex right out of her hair. Her resulting ‘do’ feels great in the short term (especially with the benefit of a blow out!), but the second it’s time for a home shampoo, she’s reminded of why she chopped it all off – and mirrors become the enemy.
The moral? If your only goal is to cure whatever ails you, you might want to start with something simpler than a complete overhaul. Which brings us to question two:
How do you react to change?
Anything new takes getting used to. It’s not just the heartbroken or healing who may find themselves craving for a dramatically different look. It’s alarming when you don’t recognize yourself in the mirror. And even if you love your new do, there’s bound to be a learning curve involved in making it work. The point? Adjusting takes time. How much do you have? Or how much are you willing to put in? Which definitely relates to question three:
How high maintenance are you, really?
Sure, you like to look your best. But are you a wash and go kind of gal or do you really have the patience for hair that requires daily doing? Contrary to popular belief, short hair is not always easier hair. In fact, it can be quite the opposite.
While it’s true that super short styles – a true pixie or Amber Rose crew cut – require little to nothing in terms of upkeep (aside from a trip to the hairdresser every six weeks or so), anything even a teensy bit longer (from JLaw’s crop-top layers all the way to Jessica Alba’s lightened lob) can be more complicated. A distinction which will come down to a number of factors, most notably the type of hair you have. Which brings us to our final, most practical question:
What are you working with?
Sure, we all want to stay current, but optimum hair isn’t about following a trend. It’s a matter of finding what works for you as an individual. If you have fine, straight hair and go in looking for an updated afro, you’re bound to be disappointed. If your face is round or your chin slight and you insist on a pixie cut – you might not like the result.
Bottom line: when flipping through magazines for inspiration, look for models and celebs with cheekbones, chins and hair textures that resemble your own. After all, true beauty – from head to toe – is about maximizing what you’ve got naturally, rather than trying to be something you’re not!  And no matter what the style you’re going for is, make sure you focus on the health of your hair as a daily priority!

Winter Skin Rehab

Simple Tips to Beat Dry Winter Skin

As the air gets cooler and dryer, so does our skin. This is the time of year to boost moisturizing routines and nourish skin. Here are some simple tips to hydrate your skin from head-to-toe all winter long.
H2O All Day Long
Drinking water is a well-known but sometimes forgotten beauty tip; it helps to hydrate our bodies from within. Depending on how much you usually drink, try increasing the amount during the winter months. An easy way to track how much water you are drinking is to use a large reusable bottle and focus on finishing it during the day. Cold water also tastes great and refreshing; or if you want hot water, try adding lemon to make it a soothing treat.
Think Omega
Omega 3 fatty acids have been credited with making our skin look healthier. Like water, they help to moisturize our skin from the inside out. Try eating foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids, such as salmon, walnuts and flax seed. You can also try omega-3 fatty acid supplements (but always talk to your doctor first before taking any supplements).
Try a Humidifier
When the air is cold and dry, we need to pump moisture back into our personal atmosphere. A humidifier in your home or bedroom can do the trick. If you don’t want to purchase a humidifier, you can make your own by punching 20 holes into a plastic freezer bag and then place a damp sponge in the bag.
Moisturize Day and Night
Winter is the time to add moisture to every skin care step. Start by switching to a gentle, moisturizing cleanser and focus on cleansing just at night. During the day, it’s a good time to incorporate a moisture serum into your skincare and apply it under your sunscreen (yes, sunscreen even in the winter!). In the evening, for an extra boost of moisture, apply a few drops of your favorite oil (try argan or olive oil) first, followed by your moisturizer; your thirsty skin will love it!

Hot Head

Tips to help you beat the heat and keep hair healthy

Summer may be coming to a close, but temperatures are still running high and that can make your hair suffer. The good news is you don’t need to succumb to the sun’s effects or suffer in silence. You can keep your tresses on point through the fall. Here’s how:
Wash Less, Hydrate More
It’s not just your skin that suffers under scorching conditions. With prolonged exposure to summer conditions hair can get dry and damaged, too. In order to avoid the worst of it, wash your hair less frequently, but add moisture in between washes. Try creating a spray out of water and a bit of your favorite conditioner, or do a weekly hair masque. The decrease in wash frequency will allow the oil in your scalp do its job and hair treatments will quench thirsty hair and help keep fly aways of all varieties in check.
Beat the Heat…Or Just Skip It
It may sound scary, especially if you’re a blow-out addict, but summer is the perfect time to forgo the hairdryer in favor of a more natural drying approach. Let your locks air dry after you shower. If you need smoothing afterward, use cold rollers or spritz with your conditioning spray and use a cool air dryer to style. Avoiding heat will help keep your hair soft and make crunchy, dried out ends and breakage less likely.
Protect Yourself
You wouldn’t sit out in the sun without sunscreen, would you? Then don’t do it to your hair, either! While there are sunscreens for hair available, (be sure to avoid any toxic ingredients) hats and headscarves do the trick just as well and can add a little something to your style. Whether you choose a practical baseball cap for a hike, a playful cowboy hat for poolside cocktails, or a chic wide brimmed hat for your trip to the beach, being smart has never looked so stylish while saving your hair from strain. 
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