Get Hot Hands...

With or Without Long Nails

If hand care is not part of your beauty regimen, it should be! Hands are one of the first body parts to show signs of aging and they are on display 24 hours a day – which is all the more reason to take exceptionally great care of them! The good news is that soft, sexy hands are not as hard to come by as you may think – even if you don’t have long fingernails. A little TLC goes a long way. Don’t believe? Try these tips:

You slough off the dead skin on your face, décolletage and even your feet – why not your hands? Take whatever extra scrub you’ve got left after a deep facial cleansing and rub it on your hands to lighten/lessen dark spots and keep skin soft and smooth.
Show your cuticles some love!
One of the keys to strong nails lies in a healthy nail bed. By pushing your cuticles back and oiling them (being sure to get under the cuticle itself… just not too far), you’ll give even the most delicate nails a fighting chance. You’ll also improve the overall appearance of your hands! Trim those hangnails, ladies… as long as you’re careful while doing it!
Don’t be afraid of polish!
Short or long, a clear coat of polish (or non-toxic color) will not only help strengthen your nails, it’ll give you a put together look. If regular manicures are out of the question and you’re not super-skilled with DIY painting, try decals. Short nailed girls, take note: some of the trendiest ones are actually designed for you!
And finally, amp up the moisture!
The importance of replenishing moisture cannot be overstated – especially on thin skin! To help you remember to replenish your hands any time you wash them (or the dishes!), keep a bottle of your favorite moisturizer by your sink. While you’re at it, throw a bottle in your purse. A little dab a few times a day, especially during the colder months, will help your hands stay soft and youthful. Just be sure to keep it on the backs of your hands – this way, your fingertips and palms aren’t greasy when you touch your steering wheel, smartphone, computer keyboard, etc.
For an extra boost, try slathering your hands in salve at night before bed and wearing cotton gloves to sleep. It’ll have the same effect of a paraffin dip and done regularly, will last longer!

Gorgeous Winter Makeup

This Season’s Best Makeup Trends

The weather has cooled off and it’s an exciting time to try winter’s new makeup trends.  This season, the look is a combination of fresh, sexy and sophisticated.

Berry red lips
A chic deep berry lip is key for this season. Prep your lips for this intense color by exfoliating with a toothbrush or petroleum jelly mixed with sugar; this will create a smooth base for the color. Next, prime lips with foundation or a creamy concealer (this will create a blank canvas for the rich color) and apply the lipstick with a lip brush. Look for lipstick tones from raspberry to ox blood to black plum to stay on trend.
Simply smokey eyes
This season, eyes are emphasized with kohl or kajal-inspired pencils to create a smoldering look. Using the tip of the pencil, line the upper and lower lash lines. Next, using a cotton swab or smudge brush, gently smudge the color into the lash line to create the easiest, smoldering, smokey eye ever! If you feel the black is too much for day, try a brown or navy kajal pencil for a softer, tamer look.
Flushed cheeks
This season, the idea is to look like you just went for a brisk walk in the crisp winter air or stepped off the ski slopes. Try a rose or peach toned blush to create the look depending on your skin tone. Light skin can try peach or pink tones, medium skin can try rose tones and dark skin can try raisin tones to get the look. To apply, start by smiling in the mirror and applying a small amount of blush to the apples of your cheeks. Next, blend the blush into the skin by using circular motions to create a natural look. If you need more color, you can build up, but it’s always better to start with less and work your way up.

Turn Heads this Holiday Season

Easy and Glam Holiday Party Makeup

The holidays will soon be here which means it’s time to glam-up for party season. Here are some quick and easy makeup ideas to make you look and feel festively fabulous!
Eye sparkle
A silver or gold eyeshadow swept across your lid and on the inner corners of your eyes creates a glitzy, party ready look in minutes. The color on the inner corners of your eyes will brighten your eyes and will make them seem to sparkle! Line in black eyeliner, top off with a coat of mascara and you are off to the ball!
Fun, bright lips
Tis the season to be merry and bright… especially your lips! Holiday parties are the perfect occasions to have fun with lip color. Try bright or intense tones that you wouldn’t usually wear like hot pink, orange-red, cherry-red or deep berry. This look works best by keeping the rest of your makeup to a minimum; so it’s a great choice when you are pressed for time.
Va-voom lashes
Playing up your lashes is one of the simplest ways to feel glamourous.  To create the look of false lashes, use an eyelash curler to open up your eyes. Next, line the inner upper waterline and the upper lash line with a black pencil eyeliner; this will create the illusion of thicker lashes. Follow by lining the upper lash line with a liquid black eyeliner; the precision line and intense color will help open up your eyes. Now apply two coats of a black lash maximizing mascara from roots to tips. Finally, to create the faux lash look, use a clean lash brush to apply a thin coat of translucent powder and finish with one more coat of mascara; you will feel youthful and flirty! When you emphasize your lashes remember to keep the rest of your makeup simple; flawless skin and a sweep of nude or pink gloss will keep this party look sexy, not vampy.

To Chop Or Not To Chop

Ask yourself these four questions before lobbing off your locks!

You feel restless. Ready for a change. And if you’re among the throngs of lovely longhairs scrolling through your favorite style blog, wondering if you should scratch your itch for something new in the hair department, you’re not alone. But should you really take the pixie plunge?
To Chop or Not To Chop?! That, ladies is the question.
Cutting your hair can be quite a commitment. Or it could be just the fresh start you need this season. But before you hop a ride on the bob/lob trend train or go full blown Tank Girl to harness that nineties nostalgia, there are a few more detailed questions to consider.
First, what’s your motivation?
We’ve all heard the stories about (or, okay… been) the girl who cuts that ex right out of her hair. Her resulting ‘do’ feels great in the short term (especially with the benefit of a blow out!), but the second it’s time for a home shampoo, she’s reminded of why she chopped it all off – and mirrors become the enemy.
The moral? If your only goal is to cure whatever ails you, you might want to start with something simpler than a complete overhaul. Which brings us to question two:
How do you react to change?
Anything new takes getting used to. It’s not just the heartbroken or healing who may find themselves craving for a dramatically different look. It’s alarming when you don’t recognize yourself in the mirror. And even if you love your new do, there’s bound to be a learning curve involved in making it work. The point? Adjusting takes time. How much do you have? Or how much are you willing to put in? Which definitely relates to question three:
How high maintenance are you, really?
Sure, you like to look your best. But are you a wash and go kind of gal or do you really have the patience for hair that requires daily doing? Contrary to popular belief, short hair is not always easier hair. In fact, it can be quite the opposite.
While it’s true that super short styles – a true pixie or Amber Rose crew cut – require little to nothing in terms of upkeep (aside from a trip to the hairdresser every six weeks or so), anything even a teensy bit longer (from JLaw’s crop-top layers all the way to Jessica Alba’s lightened lob) can be more complicated. A distinction which will come down to a number of factors, most notably the type of hair you have. Which brings us to our final, most practical question:
What are you working with?
Sure, we all want to stay current, but optimum hair isn’t about following a trend. It’s a matter of finding what works for you as an individual. If you have fine, straight hair and go in looking for an updated afro, you’re bound to be disappointed. If your face is round or your chin slight and you insist on a pixie cut – you might not like the result.
Bottom line: when flipping through magazines for inspiration, look for models and celebs with cheekbones, chins and hair textures that resemble your own. After all, true beauty – from head to toe – is about maximizing what you’ve got naturally, rather than trying to be something you’re not!  And no matter what the style you’re going for is, make sure you focus on the health of your hair as a daily priority!
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