6 Sexy Valentine’s Day Gifts You’ll Love (That Aren’t Chocolate!)

Can a heart-shaped box of chocolates make you more beautiful? Fat chance. Here are some much better Valentine’s Day gift ideas to share with your man (or buy for yourself) that offer a sexy beauty bonus.
Fragrance. Flowers are men’s number one choice for a Valentine’s Day gift for their ladies, yet gifts of fragrance are much less common. Maybe he’s afraid you won’t like his pick or he’s overwhelmed by the complexity of perfume shopping. The easy solution? Go unisex. One fragrance for both of you is a hot trend and he can’t go wrong choosing a light, fresh eau de toilette like JAFRA’s citrusy Yitsu or sweet-spicy Urban Energy.
Sparkly earrings. You may never have thought about it, but men associate large or showy earrings with sexy “bad girls,” which is definitely the vibe you want going on Valentine’s Day. A big, sparkly diamond hoop or dangly cascade may not be your choice for every day wear, but if your man picks out a pair for you, wear them and enjoy knowing he finds you pretty and sexy.
A bottle of red wine. If your guy presented you with an anti-aging potion for Valentine’s Day, you probably wouldn’t be very pleased. But that’s exactly what red wine is. Red wine contains large amounts of antioxidants known as polyphenols that fight cellular aging. It’s also a well-known de-stressor. And it’s something you can enjoy together, so pop the cork and enjoy a glass knowing you’re doing something that will keep you and your man youthful.
A massage gift basket. He can improvise this one by putting together a collection of related gifts—with the promise of a massage—that include items like body oils and bath gels, a fluffy robe and pretty new towels. If he’s not confident in his massage skills, he can always stick to just a head massage and gift you some JAFRA Spa Scalp Massage and Hair Treatment. Afterward, shower off together!
The perfect scarf. Sure, lingerie may seem sexier, but it’s a lot tougher for your man to get right and it isn’t nearly as visible (hopefully) as a beautiful silk or gossamer scarf. If he wants to be really romantic, he should choose an infinity style loop scarf to demonstrate his endless love. A hue that complements your skin color makes you more beautiful and shows how considerate he is. What’s sexier than that?
Satin sheets. The smooth, silky texture of satin sheets and pillowcases is just plain sexy, but they also deliver a beauty bonus. Because satin is less textured than cotton, it’s gentler and nonabrasive to your skin, eyelashes and hair. If you’re a side sleeper, satin sheets may help prevent facial wrinkles. And, let’s be honest, for beautiful skin, there’s nothing like the post-sexy-time glow!

Facets of Fragrance

Use the olfactory pyramid to uncover your signature scent

Do you ever wonder why a perfume smells perfect after a quick spritz in Sephora or Saks, but once you get home, you’re never inclined to wear it again? It’s not because your sense of smell changes – it’s because the scent does. This is what’s known as the olfactive pyramid and it dictates which aromas emerge from a fragrance and in what order.
The big three
Much like humans have heart, head and gut to go on in life, there are three levels to every fragrance – top, body and base – which combine to inform how it unfolds. Top notes (also known as head notes in some circles) are first to present; they’re the initial scents that interest us in a fragrance. Often light and fresh (and usually from the citrus or herbaceous families), top notes dissipate about 30 minutes after spraying. They’re also what you’ll smell if you pick up yesterday’s clothing. That’s because they don’t change unless exposed to body heat. However, once that happens, top notes give way to the next level of scent…
The body/heart notes. This middle section of the olfactory pyramid is less vibrant, but deeper and lasts another four to six hours after the top notes fade. Floral, fruity, spice-based (or some combination) compared to their predecessor’s zestiness, these are the aromas you’ll notice in the middle of the day. They’re also the notes you want to wait to experience before deciding on a fragrance – since they’re the ones that dictate what a fragrance smells like most of the time you’re wearing it.
And finally, after the heart/body notes fade, the remaining scent that’s left on your skin (often until the next day – or your next shower), are the base notes. Less intense or concentrated, but with more staying power, these aromas are muskier, sometimes leather, wood or balsam-based and are said to form the basis for long-term attachment to a scent. In other words, if you wake up smelling like you did the night before (or like your lover smelled) and like it, those are the base notes talking… and whispering for you to come back and smell/experience them again.


Brow Beaten

Tips to re-generate after over-plucking

You know how it is. One minute you grab the tweezers to yank that stray hair you noticed in the rush hour rearview, the next you’ve been in front of the magnifying mirror for an hour trying to get that arch just right. By this point, odds are good you’ve done the exact opposite, rendering your brows too thin, misshapen or even worse, just splotchy. In other words: beauty emergency! Or at least something that feels like one.  
Luckily, these days nothing is permanent, including over-plucking. From serums and gels to full on follicle transplants, there are a plethora of products on the market to restore the hair you’ve erroneously removed and return your brows to face framing fabulosity. However, unless you choose to opt for that pricey and potentially painful hair restoration surgery (probably not necessary – in most circumstances), regrowth will not happen overnight. Like most things in life, it takes time. So, what’s a girl to do in the interim?
By sloughing off the dead skin in any area, you encourage cellular regrowth. This also applies to eyebrows. Nixing clogged pores and rejuvenating follicles certainly can’t hurt and will likely speed the process!
Up your biotin intake
Anything that strengthens your hair and nails – which also means Vitamins A, B6, C and E – will promote growth. Believe it or not, increasing your protein intake can even make a difference! In the meantime…
Toss the tweezers
No matter how strong the urge, do NOT pull stray hairs that emerge in your immediate brow region, no matter how glaring they seem to you! Got a straggler well below the brow line or between the bridge of your nose and your mid-forehead? Sure, go ahead. But then check yourself… before you re-wreck yourself! And finally…
Consult a professional
Any number of salons, makeup counters or even online tutorials are available to either help you reshape your brows in person or show you how to fill them in yourself. Try JAFRA’s Brow Define and Lift Duo to enhance sparse brows. It won’t hasten your regrowth, but it will create the illusion of a balanced brow in no time. And sometimes, a quick fix is all you need to regain your confidence!


Weather the Winter Beautifully

5 Look Good, Feel Good Pick-Me-Ups

Style is more than the makeup and the clothes we wear.  It’s also about self-confidence, the way we carry ourselves, and the smile on our face.  And at times it has an awful lot to do with how well we’re dealing with the weather. For those long days when the winter’s been frightful, lift your style and spirits with this fresh batch of hot new ideas.
1. Add a shot of Rose Quartz and Serenity, Pantone Color Institute’s 2016 picks for Color of the Year to your cosmetic choices. Both the gentile rose and airy blue shades have already been previewed as eye liners and shadows on runways ‘round the world. Try a rosy toned lip color for a fresh modern attitude. And did we hear you ask… French manicure in Serenity and Rosy Quartz? Yes. Of course! It’s the perfect new combo.
2. Cold weather doesn’t have a monopoly on black or blue jeans. Wear your white denims this winter. The warmth and weight of the tops and accessories you pair with them is what makes them work this season. Shop your closet for sweaters in dark tones to wear with black booties or shoes for bold contrast.
3. When anything gets you down or stressed, take just two personal minutes to get into the power pose or the Wonder Woman stance that social psychologist Ann Cuddy has made an internet sensation. Stand tall, feet apart, wrists at your sides and chin up. Don’t you feel bigger, mightier, more assertive? Research studies agree that it creates a body/mind connection that’s powerful.
4. Try winding down with the latest craze in zen-like experiences by coloring in the intricate patterns and scenes that make up the pages of coloring books for grown-ups. Some call it art “therapy” because the simple fill-in-the-blanks exercise, using colored pencils or pens, is creative, relaxing and ultimately allows you to forget your worries on the pages.
5. Smile more. Science has proof that we feel better after we smile. Watch yourself smile in a mirror to experience the good change in mood even more deeply. We look better when we smile, so send out more smiling selfies. The fish face may be the selfie look of the moment, but research says a big beautiful smile will up your attractiveness rating any day!
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