5 Beauty Secrets Your Mom Should Have Taught You

Anti-Aging Lessons from a Mother to a Daughter

Once we’re no longer know-it-all teens, we realize that our moms really do know a lot of stuff-- important lessons we can learn  from our favorite female role model. Here are five skin care secrets mom taught us without even knowing:
Don’t make faces. Since you were tiny you heard this phrase,  “Don’t make that face! It could freeze that way.” Mom may have been exaggerating a little, but the basic idea is accurate: Habitual face-making—frowning, grimacing, squinting leads to permanent lines that form in your skin. Don’t do it!
Create your own daily beauty ritual. Hopefully mom taught you early the importance of taking good care of your face, neck and décolletage. That means daily gentle cleansing, moisturizing morning and night, and protecting all of your exposed skin (hands, too!) with at least SPF 15, no matter what. If you plan spending more time in the sun, then choose a higher sun protection factor.
Don’t squeeze that pimple! If mom ever caught you leaning over the sink getting ready to pop a zit, you probably got the lecture about not picking at your skin,  and she was 100 percent right. Even if you’re too old for zits now, it’s still smart to keep your hands away from your face, since touching your nose and rubbing your eyes spreads bacteria and viruses ( the main way we catch colds. Also, frequently pulling on your skin  can cause premature wrinkles.
Eat a good diet. While mom may not have been right about chocolate and fried foods giving you acne (they don’t), she was correct that your face shows whether or not you’re getting the right nutrients. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables so that you benefit from natural anti-oxidants like vitamins A, C and E. Anti-oxidants help protect your skin from premature aging as well as helps to prevent some cancers.
You are beautiful. You know how mom looks at you with love and compassion?  Carry that feeling around inside and share it—that’s what makes you beautiful. Whether you’re dressed to kill or just climbed out of bed, feeling happy and confident reveals the beauty mom sees in you. Don’t keep that a secret!


Tips for Keeping Cool This Music Festival Season

Look refreshed even when it’s blazing hot!

We all know that music festivals are places to see and be seen, but the issue is that no girl wants to be seen after every ounce of makeup has melted off of her face. After all, it’s hard for anyone to stay looking cool as the temperatures rise and bodies get hot. So, the question is, how do you keep your look in tact for the duration of a day of music? Whether you’re headed to Coachella, Glastonbury, Stage Coach or any other outdoor concert series, here’s your guide to festival hair and makeup that goes the distance.
Start with sunscreen
You’ve heard it before, but we’ll say it again. Sunscreen is vital whether you want to bask in the sun all day or kick back on a blanket in the shade. You’re bound to catch some rays at some point and want to be protected. Make sure to reapply sunscreen throughout the day for added protection from the sun’s aging and burning rays.  
Next up, tinted moisturizer
Apply and keep the bottle on hand for reapplication as needed later. This will cover any minor flaws and give you a polished – albeit not made up – appearance. It works on its own, but also makes a great primer should you decide to add foundation for a more elaborate look. But before we go there, remember:
The eyes (and eyebrows) have it!
First, fill in and shape your eyebrows, then set them with eyebrow gel. Next, apply your favorite mascara and then curl your eyelashes to frame your eyes and keep them bright. To further emphasize your eyes, consider tightlining, which is  a high impact, yet durable way to give them a boost of brightness. Also, when it comes to your lids, a little sparkle goes a long way, so…
Embrace the glow
For a more made up look than a tinted moisturizer provides, steer clear of a matte finish and aim for a dewy glow. To achieve this look, first use a highlighter along your cheekbones and jawline and down the bridge of your nose with a light dusting of bronzer in the hollows of your cheeks to accentuate your bone structure and keep you camera ready. Bonus: this will also transition well if you start sweating. On that same note, a reminder:
Luscious lips last on trips
Always have a moisturizing balm on hand, and then add your favorite shade of lipstick, stain or gloss. This way you’ll have lips that stay soft and have major color-staying power. And finally –
Set it and forget it
Finish your music festival beauty prep with a spritz of finishing spray and voilà, you’re ready to enjoy hours in the heat with an easy-to-maintain updated look!


Runway to Real Way

Spring 2016 Makeup Looks to Try

Spring is officially here and it’s a fun time to try some of the makeup trends from the Spring 2016 runway shows. Of course, not all of the trends can truly translate from the cat walk to the side walk, but you can join in and be on trend this spring by trying these  makeup looks:
Candy red lips
Bright red lips were seen on the runways of designer’s Jason Wu, DKNY, Celine, Oscar de la Renta and more. The look was reminiscent of a candy apple and was seen in all finishes- matte, satin and even glossy. To achieve this look, first moisturize your lips with a balm and then line them with a neutral lip pencil, remembering to stay in the lines. Complete this look by using a lip brush to apply your red lip color with precision. To enjoy the effects of long-lasting lipstick, place a separated piece of thin tissue over your lips lightly and gently dust with translucent powder to set the look!
Sing the blues... eyeshadow
Once a throwback look to the disco era, blue eyeshadow has come full circle in a very modern way, and it’s a trend that can be worn by women with all eye colors just by using complimentary blue shades. One look to try that was seen on the DVF runway show: a smoky eye using light blue shades; the look is sexy, yet subtle. For a dramatic evening look, models at the Sonia Rykiel show wore a dark blue smoky eye for a smoldering look. Other designers featured bright blue eyeliner in tones of cyan (Monique Lhulilier), turquoise (Nanette Lepore) and cobalt (Jonathan Saunders). One way to get the look is to wet an eyeliner brush and dip into your eyeshadow for a bold, yet ethereal look that lasts all day.
Bronze city girl
Another wearable trend from the spring 2016 runway shows is a subtle brown/bronze sheen. To get this look, mix a brown-toned cream blush with a tiny amount of highlighter and blend from the apples of your cheeks towards the upper cheek bones. At every show, a bronzed cheek was paired with a natural pink lip, be it a gloss or lipstick that created the ultimate natural beach princess look.

No-Hassle Travel

The Smartest Beauty Packing Techniques Ever- Really!

You’re going on vacation and of course you want to take excellent care of your skin every single day, but you also want to keep your cosmetics product count to a minimum. Maybe you’re even planning to zip through the airport with only carry-on luggage. What’s a girl to do?
Check out these strategies to help simplify your next trip (while still staying gorgeous, of course):
Send a beauty care package ahead. With the ever-increasing cost of checking bags on flights and the strict rules at security, it makes sense to send at least some of your belongings ahead of you.
There are a number of companies like Baggage Quest and Luggage Forward that specialize in transporting bags to meet you at your destination, but if you’re just shipping your favorite skincare and cosmetic products, you may want to go direct with one of the major shippers like FedEx or UPS. (Be aware that perfume, nail polish and nail polish remover are on some shippers’ no-go list, so get that vacation manicure done at home!)
Arrange for a courier company to pick up your beauty care package from your home a few days ahead of your trip, and don’t forget to measure out and save the amount of product you’ll need for the days before you leave.
Make your own mini ritual kit. There are lots of well-made transparent cosmetic cases, complete with tiny bottles that satisfy the TSA carry-on rules of airport security. Choose one like the L.L. Bean Sea to Summit Travelling Light Pouch that has six small bottles: three 3 oz. and three 1.3 oz. Fill one of the bigger bottles with JAFRA Royal Jelly Cleansing Milk and another one with JAFRA Royal Jelly Solar Protection Fluid. Use one small bottle for whichever of the Royal Jelly Vitamin Infusions Serums you prefer and a second one for the Royal Jelly Global Longevity Balm. Now your JAFRA Royal Jelly beauty ritual is ready to hit the road with you.
If needed, use the remaining bottles for shampoo and conditioner. You should still have room for a sample-size toothpaste tube, sample-size deodorant and a toothbrush. You may even be able to squeeze in a mascara and lipstick.
Choose a cosmetics bag and products that do double-duty. If you opt to travel with a fancy designer cosmetics case, you can probably enlist it as an evening clutch purse, saving yourself luggage space.
Then try some beauty hacks like using brown eyeshadow as shadow, brow powder and eyeliner. (Wet a liner brush and sweep it through the eyeshadow to pick up enough color to create a defined line.) Take along a matte lipstick that you can also use as cream blush by picking up a little color on your fingers and gently rubbing it on the apples of your cheeks.
Bon voyage!

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