Reef-friendly sunscreen!

Protect your skin and Coral Reefs

Before being introduced to JAFRA, I genuinely thought that going to the beach was the only time I needed to wear sunscreen. Here’s the thing though, the beach - and summer - are not the only time that the sun can be harmful to our skin.  It’s also a common misconception that you are protected from the sun on cloudy days - but 40% of rays still make it through cloud cover! Year-round, everyday protection that stays through sea and sweat, is crucial for your skin. Knowing this now, I am always on the lookout for daily-use sunscreen that is gentle on my family's skin as well as the environment we play in. Enter JAFRA’s new Reef-friendly Sun line – It’s all about sun and smart family fun!  
JAFRA's commitment to clean beauty is continued in each new product, fewer ingredients, and purposeful inclusions. The JAFRA Sun line is reef-friendly, which means it is free from oxybenzone and octinoxate - two ingredients commonly found in sunscreen that can cause coral reefs distress and make them more susceptible to disease.
With tailored options, you can't go wrong choosing your sunscreen from this versatile line. Each product offers SPF 50+ benefits and protects against UVA and UVB rays.  
If your family needs a reliable sunscreen that loves your skin as much you love playing in the sun then JAFRA Sun is a perfect match.
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What does empowerment smell like?

JAFRA We is our new fragrance that celebrates unstoppable women. On an emotional level, it’s a statement of inclusivity and empowerment. On an olfactive (that’s a fancy word for scent) level, JAFRA WE is a stunning display of contrasts — luminous and fresh, feminine and fearless. As Director of JAFRA Worldwide Marketing for Fragrance, I’m thrilled to take you on a journey to discover the olfactive personality of this inspiring scent.
JAFRA We falls into the fragrance family of Fruity Floral Musk. It is composed primarily of fruit in the top notes, florals at the heart and musk notes at the bottom. But, the final — and most important ingredient — is you! When you spray it on your skin, it takes on a unique, personal character.
Feel empowered by a luminous burst of Velvety Peach, Italian Mandarin and Juicy Bergamot spiced with Pepper Berry.
The top note is what you perceive first. JAFRA We opens with a mix of fresh-picked fruits and zesty citrus, balanced with bright pepper. Sparkling above it all is Velvety Peach. You may notice its sweet juiciness, sun-ripened warmth or velvety texture – like the fuzzy feel of peach skin. It brings all of these subtle nuances to JAFRA We.
Celebrate authentic femininity with modern Rose Damask mixed with Muguet, Iris and Creamy Jasmine.
The heart defines the fragrance’s character. In JAFRA We, the heart unfolds with an ultra-feminine explosion of flowers. Rose Damask is the star of this bouquet, a modern take on a classic symbol of femininity. It has an intoxicating scent that is sometimes described as spicy or sensual, sweet or musky. In perfumery, Rose Damask is considered the Queen of Flowers.
Inspire fearless confidence with warm White Woods grounded in Golden Amber, Satin Musk and Vanilla.
Base notes are revealed as the fragrance dries on your skin. They linger longest and create a lasting impression. As JAFRA We dries down, it wraps your senses with a warm embrace that radiates confidence. White Woods stand out as a striking declaration of inner strength. Think of a crisp, clean, cedar-lined closet. Or imagine striding through a towering forest, feeling like you can take on the world!
With fragrance, words can only convey so much. The best way to experience JAFRA We is by wearing it on your skin. On behalf of everyone at JAFRA, we welcome you into our community of fearless women and hope you love JAFRA We!

Celebrating Women’s History Month!

Strong Female Figures and their Favorite Lipstick

Women have been quietly achieving greatness for centuries, but only recently have had a spotlight shone on the history of our contributions. The month of March was first declared Women's History Month in 1987 and has since been dedicated every year in celebration of the contribution women have made to American History. Today, we celebrate three iconic women whose signature looks have made an impact on our beauty history!
Marilyn Monroe
Often considered "ahead of her time," Marilyn Monroe overcame a traumatic childhood to become one of the most enduring icons within the beauty and entertainment industries. She was a humanitarian who loved animals and contributed to the success of other entertainers trying to break into the industry (notably, Ella Fitzgerald). Her signature blonde hair was often accompanied by a bold red lip; full of confidence, passion, and spirit. Blend matte, red and some shimmer and you’re ready for Hollywood!
The Queen
Queen Elizabeth II has ruled for longer than any other Monarch in British history and is among only 21 current female heads of government! Although the Queen reportedly tasked a cosmetic company with creating a custom red color to match her robes for her coronation, she most often seems to be spotted in a bright pink lippy. This bright pink color is sweet, feminine, and full of character. The "Elizabeth" lip-liner is one of the most versatile shades in the JAFRA ROYAL Color collection, and, like the queen herself, is a timeless classic. This warm rose, as the queen prefers, inspires a classic beauty feel!
Jan Day
Our very own cosmetic royalty, Jan Day has been an inspiration to women since the 1950s. Once told she was not "glamorous enough to be in the beauty industry," Jan turned condescension into confidence. Together with her husband Frank, she founded JAFRA with the goal of providing women the opportunity to be independent and empowered. Jan was a true makeup maven. For a true embodiment of her spirit, I recommend wearing the shade of lipstick that makes YOU feel most empowered!
From nothing-to-hide-nudes to enthusiastically-playful-coral, JAFRA has a pigment to design your own signature look. Show us how you’re making your mark in a lipstick selfie on social! Tag @jafracosmetics for a chance to be featured.

My latest skincare (almost) empties

As a beauty blogger of almost 15 years (also, OMG to 15 years!), I don’t have to explain to you how many beauty products I try.  The hardest category to test, yet also my favorite?  Skincare.  Skincare is the hardest really only because most skincare products need to be used for at least a few weeks for you to actually see results, you know?  Typically, I only test skincare products that have super intriguing ingredients or claims so that I know that I’m not wasting my time/going to ruin my skin.
Yet lately…I’ve been finding myself using certain products down to the VERY LAST DROP and, gotta admit, my skin has looked pretty, pretttty, pretty good lately (Larry David reference – if you now, you know).
Today I teamed up with JAFRA to share a few of the products from their brand that I use and am absolutely OBSESSED with.
JAFRA ROYAL Boost Micellar Water ($20)
This no-rinse micellar cleansing water is my absolute favorite in the AM.  Every morning I swipe this over my face right before I brush my teeth, followed by a light moisturizer.  What’s cool about this micellar water, in particular, is the fact that it also has anti-aging benefits with the brand’s exclusive Royal Jelly RJx.
JAFRA Spa Mud Mask ($34)
This mask is one I recommend to EVERYONE, by the way.  It’s super hydrating and cooling and just makes my skin legit GLOW when I use it.  Dead Sea mineral mud, clays, vitamin E and antioxidants help deep clean, unclog pores, remove excess oils, impurities and dead skin cells.
JAFRA ROYAL Defy 4D Defining Hydrator ($81)
The Defy line is new-ish to the brand and this moisturizer is just so bouncy and hydrating – it was love at first sight.  Formulated with their breakthrough Royal Jelly RJx, JAFRA ROYAL Defy amplifies the power of nature's royal jelly to help skin look younger for longer.
JAFRA ROYAL Boost Cover Me Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30 ($26)
Lastly, with the INSANE amount of screen time we all have now (seriously, it’s nuts), I will only use a face SPF that also protects my face from blue light damage.  I actually keep this little baby by my computer so that I remember to apply it every. day.  It glides on smoothly and dries instantly to an invisible, matte finish – voila.
Thank you to JAFRA for sponsoring this post!
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