Holiday Makeup

From smoky to sparkling, this guide’s for you!

‘Tis the season… That special time of year when everything around you shines – and you should, too! After all, between the office parties, family tree-trimmings and cocktail soirees with friends, your regular makeup routine just won’t do. Now’s the time to turn up the volume and turn to the red carpet for some over the top inspiration! Try these five looks for a season that sparkles!
Go for the gold
A little extra highlighter never hurt anyone – especially during the holiday season. Up your makeup game with a bold, gold shimmer that radiates all over and you’ll light up every room you walk into. Luminous!
Smoldering smoky eyes…
Add a dramatic flair to any ensemble. Choose a palette that works for your skin tone and suits your outfit and have at it. This is a guaranteed way to make a simple statement. And that is, ‘I’m sexy!’
Red Velvet
Luscious red lips have a home at the holidays. From cherry red to merlot-inspired magenta, let your pout sing for the season. It won’t go unnoticed.
Be the toast of the town!
If a glittering dress or dazzling jewelry is the star of your ensemble, keep your makeup palette simple, but sparkling. Champagne-inspired neutral hues are a cohesive compliment to looks with over the top sizzle.
Make it midnight, all night!
Dark blues are on trend this year, and while it’s perfectly acceptable to keep it on the eyes and nails, try it on your lips for a high impact, high-fashion pop!
Lined eyes and loud lashes
Nothing brightens your eye quite like thick, luscious lashes on a tight lined lid. Keep the rest of your look simple – light blush with a barely there gloss -- and let your eyes take center stage for a fresh-faced glow.

Is Your Cleansing Routine Harming Your Skin?

Harmful Habits and How to Change Them

Is it possible to get your face too clean? In a word, yes. While a squeaky clean kitchen or bathroom is great, a squeaky clean face that feels tight and dry—or even raw—after cleansing isn’t.
Liquid and bar soaps made for hand washing, especially those that are antibacterial or deodorizing, aren’t suited for delicate facial skin. They contain detergents that strip away critical natural oils that protect your complexion and keep it looking youthful.
The second common facial-cleansing mistake is using overly abrasive exfoliating scrubs or tools, like loofahs, brushes, or bath puffs. None of these items are meant for facial skin and can cause superficial micro-tears, leading to redness, irritation, and poor texture. Ironically, over cleansing can actually increase oil production as the oil glands in your skin become more active to repair the desiccated surface.
Of course, you do want to remove excess oil, makeup, and whatever grime has collected on your skin in the morning and evening, but you want to do it gently. To wash your face the right way in order to preserve your complexion and slow the signs of aging, begin by splashing your face with slightly warm water. (Washing with hot water also dries out and irritates the skin.)
Then apply a non-soap cleanser, such as JAFRA Royal Jelly Gentle Cleansing Milk. The Cleansing Milk is formulated with reparative vitamin C and antioxidant botanicals, like coconut and moringa tree, to protect and renew the skin while optimizing it for whatever serums or moisturizers you apply after.
Rinse thoroughly with just barely warm (not cold!) water, pat your face dry, and you’re ready for the next step in your beauty ritual. If you’re spending more than 2 minutes at a time on the cleansing part of your beauty ritual, you’re probably overdoing it. There’s no extra credit for scrubbing and rinsing longer; the less you rub or pull on your skin, the more you discouraging premature wrinkling.
If you feel like you’re not getting a clean-enough clean out of the splash-and-dash routine, add JAFRA’s Revitalizing Sonic Cleanser to your ritual to very gently dislodge micro particles of dirt and pollutants that settled into your skin during the day. The mild high-speed vibration of the device loosens impurities without abrasion or rubbing. The Sonic Cleanser has ultra-soft silicone bristles that don’t have the sharp, scratchy edges of nylon bristles. Plus, the interchangeable bristle heads clean up easily to discourage bacteria growth.

The 3 Most Critical Minerals for Glowing Skin

Daily Doses and Foods that Contain Them

You hear a lot about the vitamins your skin needs to stay healthy and radiant (especially antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E), but what about minerals? They are important, too, not least of all because they work hand in hand to optimize vitamins’ beneficial effects.

Unlike many vitamins, the minerals you consume are stored in your body, so it’s a bad idea to take more than the recommended amounts of these inorganic compounds. As always, it’s safest to get your nutrients from food, not supplements. If you do want to take a supplement to ensure you get the minerals you need, choose a multivitamin rather than trying to supplement with individual minerals. Remember, though, that many foods, such as cereals and breads, are fortified with selenium and zinc, so be mindful of your total daily intake.

Here the three most important minerals for your skin’s health and beauty.

A little of this potent antioxidant mineral goes a long way, but in small doses, it seems to help the body fend off damage caused by heavy metals such as lead and mercury that are contained in pollution. It may also have a protective effect against melanoma, the most lethal form of skin cancer. Selenium also helps vitamin E maximize its anti-aging antioxidant role in the body.
Recommended daily amount: 55 micrograms
Best food sources: Brazil nuts, eggs, sardines

A form of silicon, this mineral is often recommended for building stronger nails, but since it’s a component of collagen, which keeps facial skin firm, smooth and supple, it benefits the skin as well. It also strengthens bones and cartilage.
Recommended daily amount: There is no daily recommendation, but “healthy skin” supplements usually contain 300 to 400 milligrams.
Best food sources: Bananas, beer, millet, oats

You’ve probably seen zinc oxide in the form of a white ointment used to prevent sunburned noses, but it may also help protect you from the inside against the effects of too much sun. Zinc is a critical mineral for the skin because it has anti-inflammatory powers, as well as being important for healing injuries.
Recommended daily amount: 15 milligrams
Best food sources: Kidney and lima beans, pumpkin seeds, red meat, shellfish, spinach, wheat germ.

Impact Lips

The hottest lip trends for winter and how to wear them

Good news lipstick lovers – we’ve entered a season where almost anything goes. Whether you prefer shades that are fluorescent, extra-dark, barely-there or glossy, there’s a trend to suit you. With that in mind, here’s a guide to Impact Lips for Fall and Winter 2016.
Deep and dark
Cabernet purple, blood red-crimson and even borderline black lips are having a moment. It takes a certain amount of daring, but if you want to make a statement with your smile, there’s nothing like this bold approach.  
Creamy coffees and taupe-y toffees
On the opposite end of the spectrum, neutrals are also in right now. The upside: they go with any look. The downside? There’s not one! Depending on your skin tone, try anything from a tawny nude to a cappuccino or terracotta inspired hue for a low maintenance, high polish lip!
Lighter lip liner
The nineties may be all the rage these days (note the above trends on this list, for instance), but there’s one not so subtle difference when it comes to lip hue. Rather than a dated, darker liner with lighter lip, try the reverse. You’ll find that a liner just a shade lighter than your color will keep lipstick in, without overpowering it!
Matte mouths
That’s right – your lip color need not shine this season. If you’ve been longing for the days of matte, your time has come. There’s one update: no matter your palette, choose a moisturizing lipstick. This way, you’ll skip the shine but your lips will still feel silky smooth.
Gorgeously glossy
And finally, in the aforementioned spirit of anything goes, if gloss is your game – keep playing! Sexy, shiny pouts of all colors are on point this season, whether you’re going for a slick and sophisticated high-gloss red or keeping it simple with a lightly sparkled nearly nude. The only update? Keep the gloss focused on the center of your lips. It will make your pout perkier by seeming to add volume.
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