Impact Lips

The hottest lip trends for winter and how to wear them

Good news lipstick lovers – we’ve entered a season where almost anything goes. Whether you prefer shades that are fluorescent, extra-dark, barely-there or glossy, there’s a trend to suit you. With that in mind, here’s a guide to Impact Lips for Fall and Winter 2016.
Deep and dark
Cabernet purple, blood red-crimson and even borderline black lips are having a moment. It takes a certain amount of daring, but if you want to make a statement with your smile, there’s nothing like this bold approach.  
Creamy coffees and taupe-y toffees
On the opposite end of the spectrum, neutrals are also in right now. The upside: they go with any look. The downside? There’s not one! Depending on your skin tone, try anything from a tawny nude to a cappuccino or terracotta inspired hue for a low maintenance, high polish lip!
Lighter lip liner
The nineties may be all the rage these days (note the above trends on this list, for instance), but there’s one not so subtle difference when it comes to lip hue. Rather than a dated, darker liner with lighter lip, try the reverse. You’ll find that a liner just a shade lighter than your color will keep lipstick in, without overpowering it!
Matte mouths
That’s right – your lip color need not shine this season. If you’ve been longing for the days of matte, your time has come. There’s one update: no matter your palette, choose a moisturizing lipstick. This way, you’ll skip the shine but your lips will still feel silky smooth.
Gorgeously glossy
And finally, in the aforementioned spirit of anything goes, if gloss is your game – keep playing! Sexy, shiny pouts of all colors are on point this season, whether you’re going for a slick and sophisticated high-gloss red or keeping it simple with a lightly sparkled nearly nude. The only update? Keep the gloss focused on the center of your lips. It will make your pout perkier by seeming to add volume.

Morning-After Beauty S.O.S.

Hide the Evidence of Last Night’s Bad Decisions

We have all done it at one time or another… indulged a little too much on festive libations, stayed out dancing too late (knowing you had to get up at 6 a.m. for the kids or work) or even falling asleep with makeup still on our faces… The alarm seems to ring too quickly, and we find ourselves wanting to undo our bad beauty decisions! Here are some “morning-after” beauty tips to help you make it through the party season and beyond:

I drank too much….
You can fill in the beverage of choice; perhaps champagne, wine or spiked punch… whatever it was, alcohol can not only give us a hangover but it can wreak havoc on our skin. Since alcohol is dehydrating, your first step is to de-puff your eyes with cold tea bags (the caffeine can help reduce the swelling) followed by an eye-cream that contains ingredients to reduce puffiness and the appearance of dark circles. Try placing your eye cream in the fridge; the cool temperature will also help to soothe the eye area and perk you up! Next, using an intense moisturizer, massage your face to get your blood flow going and revive a healthy color to your complexion.

I got no sleep last night…
If your late-night fun leaves you with no time for zzzz’s, your skin will show it the next day. Tired skin can look dry, dull and sallow and literally age you over-night. To fake a full 8 hours of sleep, start by revving up your skin with a gentle exfoliating scrub; followed by a hydrating serum and moisturizer. Contrary to popular belief, when you have less sleep you need less makeup; too much can look like you are trying to cover something up, or settle in to fine lines and wrinkles. Instead, mix a few drops of illuminator into a BB or CC cream and blend it in for a faux glow. A light dust of pink blush on the apples of your cheeks will make you look healthy and vibrant. Finally, use a blue eyeliner on the upper lash water line to create the illusion of bright eyes.

I was too tired to take off my makeup…
Sleeping with your makeup on can truly affect your skin. Night time is when our skin repairs and detoxes, so if it’s clogged up with makeup, dirt and bacteria, your skin cannot do its job. Even mascara can dry out your lashes, making them more brittle. To fix the damage the next morning, start by using a soothing eye-makeup remover followed by a revitalizing cleanser to sweep away dirt and unclog the pores on your face. Next, apply a detoxifying face mask to further draw the impurities from your skin. Finish your treatment with an antioxidant serum to help repair and nourish your skin.

5 Common Makeup Mistakes

How to fix makeup mishaps

Sometimes the difference between a flawless face and a full on disaster is as simple as not knowing any better. After all, everyone makes makeup mistakes – whether it’s because we learned the wrong way or never learned in the first place. The good news is knowledge is power. With that in mind, here are our five most common makeup mistakes and how to solve them!
Eyebrow errors
All brows need shaping, and most need filling in. That said, choosing the wrong color or going too heavy on the brow pencil is a recipe for facial failure. First, choose a color that’s slightly lighter than your own natural eyebrows. Then, fill in sparingly – highlight bare or uneven spots. Finally, brush upward to blend, for a fuller, more natural result.
Foundation Faux Pas
It’s not always easy to find the perfect base color. Go too dark and you get the dreaded line at your jaw, too light and you’ll look like a vampire. The problem is, many women make the mistake of testing on the wrong places. Don’t test a foundation on your hand or your wrist. Instead, try three spots – cheek, neck and décolletage – then compare which shade disappears easiest when blended.
Loser lashes
When it comes to mascara, there are multiple mistakes to cover. First, the biggest error – skipping it all together! Properly applied, mascara has the wondrous effect of opening your eyes and making them brighter. Which brings us to the second problem – application errors. Putting more than a touch on the lower edge of your lower lashes creates a bygone era babydoll look, while curling after you’ve applied leads to clumping (and can cause breakage). Comb your lashes and curl them before applying mascara – focusing on your upper lashes.
Bad blush
When it comes to blush, there are three things to remember: the right shade for your skin tone matters, a high impact lip shouldn’t be worn with a statement blush (choose one or the other) and where you apply it is everything. Many women go too low on the cheek rather than highlighting the cheekbone. Don’t.
Passing on primer and mincing on moisture
And finally, one of the biggest blunders of all isn’t with the make up at all! It’s what you do before you apply. Keeping skin regularly exfoliated and well moisturized and choosing a primer that works for you are vital components of keeping makeup from seeping into fine lines and/or failing to last. Be sure to apply make up only after moisturizer and primer to ensure your face is an appropriate canvas!

TLC For Your Hands

Hold on to these Pampering Tips

‘Tis the season of gorgeous nail color, rings on many fingers and stacks of bracelets. But are your hands up to the task of showing them off? The question is: how have you been treating your hands lately? Hopefully with cuticle oil and rich nourishing hand cream, at the very least. Hands can easily appear to be starved for attention, yet pampering them is often an afterthought or done only on an emergency basis.
Keep the thin, vulnerable skin on the back of your hands safe from the chapping, drying elements that go hand in hand with the season.

Protect and Soften
Maintain your hands by including them in your daily skincare ritual. Wash with warm (not hot) water. And yes, keep them out of your hot bath, too! Use soap for sensitive skin if needed. Follow with a rich, protective balm specifically designed to treat hands, like JAFRA Precious Protein Rich Hand Cream. Massage it into your fingers and cuticles too, while hands are still damp. Have cuticle oil on hand for added protection. Reapply hand cream several times a day for the best results, especially if you use a hand sanitizer, since many formulas are drying.

Hand cream is more effective when they’re exfoliated. Once a week is often enough to do the trick. Apply the same product you use on your face, or exfoliate in the bath or shower with JAFRA Ginger and Sea Salt Body Scrub. If your hands are seriously chapped, avoid this step and consider a restorative hand mask instead. DIY with an overnight hand mask by slathering on cuticle oil and hand cream before bedtime. Seal in the moisture with white cotton drugstore gloves.

Block the Sun
If your hand cream has an SPF, then you are good to go! If not, remember that these days sun protection is a year round necessity. This extra step will keep your hands younger-looking and healthier in the long run.
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