Survive your holiday beauty hangover

Recover from damage done to your hair and skin

The holidays are over… and it was so much fun! Parties every night, social gatherings, great food and friends! The holidays are also a fantastic time to wear fab makeup and hairstyles through the seasons festivities, but now that they are over, do you find yourself in a beauty hangover? Is your hair fried from too much heat styling? Are you breaking out from not washing your face enough during the holidays? If you find yourself with these issues and more, here are some tips to survive your holiday beauty hangover.
Beauty Hangover #1: Fried hair
Styling your hair with a curling iron, straight iron or any heat tool can make you feel party pretty, but too much of a good thing can leave your hair dry and damaged. Your first step is to apply a moisture replenishing hair mask to restore the health, hydration and shine back to your hair. If your ends are even more split and damaged, use a treatment specially targeted to repair split ends, such as JAFRA’s Split-End Hair Repair Capsules. Next, aim to air-dry your hair at least a few times per week to let it return to its natural state.
Beauty Hangover #2: Constant makeup = Dull skin and clogged pores
Channeling your inner Holly Golightly during the holidays also means risking sleeping with your makeup on (I just have to get to bed!) Or even if you do wash your face and remove your makeup, it might not be done completely. The result is dull skin and clogged pores, possibly even breakouts. Recover from this beauty hangover by thoroughly cleansing your face with a sonic cleansing brush; the vibrating bristles will gently lift dirt, oil and makeup to leave your skin fresh and radiant. Follow with a soothing toner to remove any more impurities. Finally, use a clay-based mask (look for one that contains Salicylic acid to help reduce any breakouts as well) to deep clean your skin from its party-time.
Beauty Hangover #3: Over-indulging = flabby skin
The holidays are a time when tempting sweets, unhealthy hors doevres and delicious cocktails are consumed on a regular basis. Couple that with less time to exercise and no time to sleep and get post-holiday flab. Recover from this hangover by going to bed early, drinking lots of water and exercising (even just a 20 minute walk!) daily. Take your efforts to the next level by treating your body with a body firming regimen, such as JAFRA’s Define Your Body Body Shaping Gel, Intensive Cellulite Concentrate and Body Toning Cream. The formulas contain caffeine and active botanicals to reduce the appearance of spongy skin and help make your skin look more firm and tone.

Best Stocking Stuffers…

…for grown ups!

Any Christmas aficionado will tell you – there’s nothing more satisfying than a well-stuffed stocking. The gifts inside don’t have to be big or expensive, but rather, offer just a little hint that you understand the person opening them. With that in mind, here are some stocking stuffers that are sure to please even the pickiest un-wrapper!
Chill out, cool down, sip smooth
Whether you’re buying for a scotch drinker or a chardonnay sipper, they’re bound to appreciate whiskey stones or wine Rocks. Non-liquid beverage coolers make awesome gifts – since drinks don’t get watered down, drinkers can sip longer and savor.
At home indulgence…
Who doesn’t enjoy a long, hot soak or the feeling of being pampered? If you know, tell us. In the meantime, choose anything from soothing mineral bath salts to a killer body scrub to a deep cleaning mud mask and you’ll be sure to see someone smile.   
Light someone’s fire
The days of smoking may be long behind us (and good riddance), but high quality, are a girl’s best friend… And what better to display beside your favorite than a decorative box of matches, itself worthy of being noticed?! You’ll make lighting candles fun… and fashionable!
Refresh the toolbox
The makeup tools that is! Rather than trying to decipher your bff’s color palette (or your mom’s/aunt’s/sister’s, etc.), treat her to a new set of application tools. JAFRA’s professional brush set is a perfect place to start! If power tools are more apropos, JAFRA’s Royal Jelly Revitalizing Sonic Cleanser removes dead skin cells, helping resurface. Talk about renovations!
Help hydrate
Dry skin is winter’s worst offering! Help protect your friends from the inside and out with a stylish (and dare we say glamorous) glam girl water bottle that will keep her sipping. Add any one of these babies to keep in the moisture, and it’s a double whammy of much needed water for seasonal skin.

Holiday Gift Guide for the One You Love

Get something special for your Significant Other

Holiday season is in full force and that means buying gifts for all the people we love; especially our significant others. With so many choices it can be hard to choose the perfect gift that he or she will truly use and enjoy. Here are some ideas to inspire a gift for your loved one this festive season.
Curated Care Package
This season, take some time to pull together a collection of products that is customized just for your significant other. If he or she is feeling stressed by this time of year, spoil them with an assortment of spa products, such as JAFRA Spa’s Ginger and Sea Salt Body Rub and Soothing Mineral Bath Salts, or to revive their spirits JAFRA Spa’s Brazilian Orange and Ginger Shower Gel and Body Oil. Add in a loofah, a plush robe, some herbal tea and a beautiful note with an offer to give them a massage to complete their revival package.
Instant Camera
Taking pictures is always fun to do with friends and family; but nowadays everything is done on a cell phone or digital camera. Remember the days of Polaroid pictures that could be instantly printed, shared and enjoyed? These handy cameras are making a comeback in a big way this year. Available at major retailers, cameras such as Polaroid’s Snap Instant Digital Camera and Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S Instant Camera allow you to snap and print immediately; making them an ideal gift to share memories with your significant other.
Fragrance escape
Perfume or cologne might seem like an obvious gift choice, but why not create a theme around the fragrance you choose? For example, if your wife or girlfriend has always wanted to visit Paris, consider the new fragrance Paris Et Moi from JAFRA, which invokes a sensorial trip to the City of Lights. Wrap this together with a box of French desserts and French wine for a très romantic gift. If your husband loves the ocean, pair the ocean-inspired scent Navîgo Homme together with swim shorts and extra large beach towels. If your man is a sports fanatic, JAFRA’s J-Sport and tickets to a college football game can make a fun, thoughtful gift.
Experience for both of you
Spending time together is always a great gift; so why not treat your loved one to an experience that you both will enjoy? You can sign up for a couples cooking class, get tickets to a sporting event or even see a play or musical. Your gift does not have to be expensive either; even planning a romantic picnic at the park or beach can show that you care about them and cherish their love.

Holiday Makeup

From smoky to sparkling, this guide’s for you!

‘Tis the season… That special time of year when everything around you shines – and you should, too! After all, between the office parties, family tree-trimmings and cocktail soirees with friends, your regular makeup routine just won’t do. Now’s the time to turn up the volume and turn to the red carpet for some over the top inspiration! Try these five looks for a season that sparkles!
Go for the gold
A little extra highlighter never hurt anyone – especially during the holiday season. Up your makeup game with a bold, gold shimmer that radiates all over and you’ll light up every room you walk into. Luminous!
Smoldering smoky eyes…
Add a dramatic flair to any ensemble. Choose a palette that works for your skin tone and suits your outfit and have at it. This is a guaranteed way to make a simple statement. And that is, ‘I’m sexy!’
Red Velvet
Luscious red lips have a home at the holidays. From cherry red to merlot-inspired magenta, let your pout sing for the season. It won’t go unnoticed.
Be the toast of the town!
If a glittering dress or dazzling jewelry is the star of your ensemble, keep your makeup palette simple, but sparkling. Champagne-inspired neutral hues are a cohesive compliment to looks with over the top sizzle.
Make it midnight, all night!
Dark blues are on trend this year, and while it’s perfectly acceptable to keep it on the eyes and nails, try it on your lips for a high impact, high-fashion pop!
Lined eyes and loud lashes
Nothing brightens your eye quite like thick, luscious lashes on a tight lined lid. Keep the rest of your look simple – light blush with a barely there gloss -- and let your eyes take center stage for a fresh-faced glow.
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