New Year’s 2017 Beauty Resolutions

6 Musts for a Fresh Start

The coming of the New Year is always exciting because it signifies a chance for a fresh start. This is the time that we create goals and of course resolutions in all areas of our lives, from fitness to financial and everything in between. This is also a great time to let go of bad or boring beauty habits and create a list of New Year’s Beauty Resolutions. Besides the ever-present wear sunscreen every day, here are a few ideas to get you started:
Resolution #1: It’s Prime time
Primers have become an essential part of a makeup routine, and using one under our base makeup can truly transform the look of our skin, how well our makeup applies and even how long it lasts during the day. This year, make primer one of the key steps in your makeup routine (after sunscreen). You can even add in an eyeshadow primer for eye makeup that that pops and lasts from morning until night.
Resolution #2: Feet first
Many of us take great care of our skin from our head down to our…. ankles, especially in the cold winter months when our feet are hidden in boots. This year think about skin care from head to toe and make foot care a part of your weekly and daily routine. For soft feet add in a foot scrub weekly followed by an intensive repair cream to restore and protect. You can give your feet a special treat by rubbing a hydrating balm on them before bed and wearing socks to seal in the moisture.
Resolution #3: Clean your makeup brushes
This is such an important part of a beauty routine that is often overlooked. When makeup brushes are dirty your makeup doesn’t apply well and even worse, bacteria can grow and be transferred to your face. Make it a goal to wash your makeup brushes in warm, soapy water at least once a week, if not more- you will notice a huge difference!
Resolution #4: Blast your beauty rut
We all get into a life mode where our makeup and hair is the same all the time. This year resolve to try new colors and styles! On your lips, try a new lip color or formula; if you usually wear glossy colors try matte or vice versa. On your eyes, experiment with a new palette or switch up your liner color for some variety. Do you wear the same sheer pink on your manicure week after week? Why not opt for a bold yellow or even a metallic gold for fun?
Resolution #5: Learn new techniques
Do you love the look of a contoured face, but are afraid to try it? Do you want to learn how to create beach waves with your hair? This is the year to spend a few hours watching how-to-videos or reading articles on mastering new beauty techniques. Not only will you learn a new skill, but your beauty repertoire will grow as well!
Resolution #6: Revitalize and Protect vs. Repair and Conceal
We all get busy in our lives, and it can be hard to take the time to pamper our skin and hair. The result can be dry, dull skin and hair over time. Now we must focus on repairing or concealing the damage. This year, resolve to give yourself weekly deep conditioning and facial treatments. A simple way to do this is to shower, apply deep conditioner to your hair and cover it with a shower cap. Next, hop out of the shower and use a gentle facial scrub to exfoliate your skin, followed by a revitalizing face mask. Relax for 10 minutes, hop back in the shower and rinse hair and face and voila- in 15 minutes you have pampered yourself!

Beauty Blunders

Mistakes to avoid in 2017

We’ve all made them… the beauty blunders that erase your intentions, ruining your style and sometimes your day! But as the New Year dawns and we look ahead, why not take some preventative measures. Here are our top mistakes to avoid and how to avoid them!
Dry Skin
Winter takes its toll on our skin. In fact, all the seasons do their damage. The most common problem at this time of year? Dry skin. More than a beauty blunder, but an actual health concern, well-moisturized skin is key to looking and feeling your best. To make sure your largest organ is well tended to, choose the skin-care regimen that’s right for you and the season. Regular gentle cleansing, complimented by weekly exfoliation, moisture masks and daily moisturizer for day (with a nourishing crème for night) may sound like a lot – but it’s a small price to pay for looking relaxed, refreshed and beautiful in the cold.  
Chapped lips
Not only are chapped lips uncomfortable, they actually look as painful as they feel. Plus, they make it difficult to smile or wear lipstick! Make your mouth happy with a little nourishing lip scrub to exfoliate dead cells. Then, apply balm regularly for softness. Do it year round and your smile will thank you!
Unkempt nails
Our hands are on display all the time – they’re also one of the first body parts to show age. Both of which make them high priority for self care. The good news is, you don’t need to get regular manicures to keep your nails – and hands – looking their best. Daily moisturizing will help keep skin supple. Then, file your nails and trim your cuticles weekly and work on your handshake since you’ll be more likely to use it! 
Frizzy hair
Ah, the bane of many a woman’s existence. Frizzy, fly away hair. And it’s never worse than in a harsh winter climate. (Summer frizz is a different animal). How to tame your tresses and combat the cold? Sulfate free, keratin shampoo and a weekly conditioning mask will help soften your hair. Then, use a ceramic dryer and proper dressing crème (frizz combatting oil works on all but the finest strands) and smooth locks will follow.

Survive your holiday beauty hangover

Recover from damage done to your hair and skin

The holidays are over… and it was so much fun! Parties every night, social gatherings, great food and friends! The holidays are also a fantastic time to wear fab makeup and hairstyles through the seasons festivities, but now that they are over, do you find yourself in a beauty hangover? Is your hair fried from too much heat styling? Are you breaking out from not washing your face enough during the holidays? If you find yourself with these issues and more, here are some tips to survive your holiday beauty hangover.
Beauty Hangover #1: Fried hair
Styling your hair with a curling iron, straight iron or any heat tool can make you feel party pretty, but too much of a good thing can leave your hair dry and damaged. Your first step is to apply a moisture replenishing hair mask to restore the health, hydration and shine back to your hair. If your ends are even more split and damaged, use a treatment specially targeted to repair split ends, such as JAFRA’s Split-End Hair Repair Capsules. Next, aim to air-dry your hair at least a few times per week to let it return to its natural state.
Beauty Hangover #2: Constant makeup = Dull skin and clogged pores
Channeling your inner Holly Golightly during the holidays also means risking sleeping with your makeup on (I just have to get to bed!) Or even if you do wash your face and remove your makeup, it might not be done completely. The result is dull skin and clogged pores, possibly even breakouts. Recover from this beauty hangover by thoroughly cleansing your face with a sonic cleansing brush; the vibrating bristles will gently lift dirt, oil and makeup to leave your skin fresh and radiant. Follow with a soothing toner to remove any more impurities. Finally, use a clay-based mask (look for one that contains Salicylic acid to help reduce any breakouts as well) to deep clean your skin from its party-time.
Beauty Hangover #3: Over-indulging = flabby skin
The holidays are a time when tempting sweets, unhealthy hors doevres and delicious cocktails are consumed on a regular basis. Couple that with less time to exercise and no time to sleep and get post-holiday flab. Recover from this hangover by going to bed early, drinking lots of water and exercising (even just a 20 minute walk!) daily. Take your efforts to the next level by treating your body with a body firming regimen, such as JAFRA’s Define Your Body Body Shaping Gel, Intensive Cellulite Concentrate and Body Toning Cream. The formulas contain caffeine and active botanicals to reduce the appearance of spongy skin and help make your skin look more firm and tone.

Best Stocking Stuffers…

…for grown ups!

Any Christmas aficionado will tell you – there’s nothing more satisfying than a well-stuffed stocking. The gifts inside don’t have to be big or expensive, but rather, offer just a little hint that you understand the person opening them. With that in mind, here are some stocking stuffers that are sure to please even the pickiest un-wrapper!
Chill out, cool down, sip smooth
Whether you’re buying for a scotch drinker or a chardonnay sipper, they’re bound to appreciate whiskey stones or wine Rocks. Non-liquid beverage coolers make awesome gifts – since drinks don’t get watered down, drinkers can sip longer and savor.
At home indulgence…
Who doesn’t enjoy a long, hot soak or the feeling of being pampered? If you know, tell us. In the meantime, choose anything from soothing mineral bath salts to a killer body scrub to a deep cleaning mud mask and you’ll be sure to see someone smile.   
Light someone’s fire
The days of smoking may be long behind us (and good riddance), but high quality, are a girl’s best friend… And what better to display beside your favorite than a decorative box of matches, itself worthy of being noticed?! You’ll make lighting candles fun… and fashionable!
Refresh the toolbox
The makeup tools that is! Rather than trying to decipher your bff’s color palette (or your mom’s/aunt’s/sister’s, etc.), treat her to a new set of application tools. JAFRA’s professional brush set is a perfect place to start! If power tools are more apropos, JAFRA’s Royal Jelly Revitalizing Sonic Cleanser removes dead skin cells, helping resurface. Talk about renovations!
Help hydrate
Dry skin is winter’s worst offering! Help protect your friends from the inside and out with a stylish (and dare we say glamorous) glam girl water bottle that will keep her sipping. Add any one of these babies to keep in the moisture, and it’s a double whammy of much needed water for seasonal skin.
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