My 2020 New Year’s Promise

It's Time to Try Something New!

My obsession with the “Brigitte Bardot Look” began New Year’s Eve, 2017, when I first got my hands on JAFRA’s Inkwell Eyeliner, a product I had never tried before. It was sitting in my drawer for some time because I wasn’t sure how to use it, until… I decided to throw a NYE Costume Ball at my house in Malibu. Up until the last minute, I didn't know what to wear. Frantically trying to find a costume in my closet an hour before my party, I caught sight of a dress that I had never worn before with a polka dot bowtie attached. On a whim, I tore off the bow, wrapped it around my neck and thought "BARDOT! Of Course!". So, my transformation began. I grabbed JAFRA’s Inkwell Eyeliner and began painting around my eyes. My eyes looked 10 times bigger when I was done giving myself Bardot's Cat Eyes. I then took JAFRA's Nude Lipliner in "Kate" and drew a line way outside of my lip-line so that my lips would look full and pouty. After throwing on some nude lipstick, I used JAFRA's White Soufflé highlighter to lighten the lipstick towards the inside of my lips to make them look fuller. I teased my hair (which was still yellow from my neon yellow hair dye) and VOILA! I was Bardot!

That New Year's Eve inspired me to try new JAFRA products and those products not only gave me my “signature look #2,” but also became must-haves that I carry in my purse at all times! I probably would have never thought to continue this look after New Year's Eve except that everyone at my party was telling me how stunned they were, that I had never looked more beautiful, and that this was the look for me! And then I thought about it, everyone throughout my life that I met who was rocking that Brigitte Bardot style did, in fact, look gorgeous! So, it began... my year-long journey of Bardot Beauty would carry on into 2018 and 2019. Now I alternate between the “Bardot Look” and my “Old Hollywood Glamour Look.”

From that point forward I vowed that every New Year I would try a JAFRA Product I have never tried before. Now I find myself at the beginning of 2020 and it is time to try something new! The brow pomade is calling my name…

The Makeup of a Fragrance

No Need to Take Notes, We’ve Got Them!

Have you ever fallen in love with a certain fragrance and you couldn’t figure out why?
The scent of roses or wildflowers gets me every time! There’s a reason why there are certain scents that hit close to home or stimulate us.
Psychology has proven that there is a strong connection between smell and memory. We prefer aromas that are reminiscent to strong memories and this affects the fragrances we are drawn to (or can’t stand)! Yup, straight facts. There are 3 aromatic notes to consider when trying to find a perfume that’s closest to your most beloved memories.
  1. Top Notes

 Top notes are like a first impression on a blind date: they’re instant and commonly don’t change after the first encounter. So, the next time you spray perfume on yourself, breathe in and let your olfactory organ do the work. The first thing that came to mind once you smelled it is your perfume’s top note! 
This component of a fragrance is said to be “vibrant and volatile.” Pear, aldehydes, peach or bergamot are some of the few scents that are used in top notes.
  1. Heart Notes

 This note is really important because it’s the core of a fragrance. It’s the overall essence, feel, purpose, and identity! Heart notes are like seeking your soulmate. If you’re not feeling it after the first date, then it’s not the one for you. Remember how I mentioned that we connect to aromas that remind us of strong memories? That’s why it’s important to connect to this note the most.
Jasmine, gardenia, rose or orange blossom are aromas that are usually found in heart notes.
  1. Base Notes

 This last note finishes the beautiful scent story of a perfume. Base notes are like the everlasting feelings for the soulmate you’ve finally found. It comes later and lingers the longest. So when friends or coworkers tell you, “o-m-g you smell good, what perfume are you wearing?” they’re smelling the base notes of the fragrance you’re wearing. This is the note that solidifies your final olfactory memory of the perfume. 
Regular base notes consist of amber, sandalwood, vanilla or gourmand. Paris et Moi by P. Courtière is an all-time favorite in lingering scent and overall smell.
Here are 2019’s top-selling fragrances that might become your top fave too!


What are some of your favorite JAFRA fragrances that tug at your heartstrings? We want to know! If you haven’t found your fragrance soulmate JAFRA Beauty, I hope these tips lead you to the one that’s meant for you.



Makeup Inspiration for the Holidays

It’s that time of the year again! Don’t forget to RSVP to holiday parties, book your plane tickets to visit family members and enjoy the holidays. Here’s to tree decorating, wrapping presents, ugly sweater contests, and a lot of cooking!
You probably already have your Holiday outfits covered, but what about your makeup looks? We’ve got a #glamlook for every party and family photo that will wind up on social media.
Here are four insta-looks that have us singing, ‘fa-la-la-la-fabulous!’


Wearing the Limited Edition Galaxia Eyeshadow Palette
Ultra-bright pink lids paired with soft glam. Check out this gorgeous JAFRA Beauty, Denise, who uses our Galaxia Eyeshadow Palette to create this attention-grabbing eye look and complements it with a nude lip and shimmery highlights.
Soft pinks, champagne golds or even emerald hues are top eyelid colors to try this holiday season. Decorate your bright-colored eyelids with lashes and sparkle a little shimmer on your lower eyelid. Combine subtlety and boldness into one look for the best of both worlds!


Wearing red JAFRA lipstick
A bold red lip never goes out of style, and there’s no better time than the holiday season to wear this look. Here’s a red ensemble by our JAFRA Beauty, Kira, rocking one of our red lipstick shades. We’re loving her #christmas vibes, aren’t you?
For a more avant-garde look, try other bright colors to add a pop to the lips, like fuchsia, coral orange or hot pink. Tada, your pretty pout is mistletoe-ready!


Wearing an assortment of JAFRA products
Who’s ready to look like a celestial ice queen? It’s snow joke! Loving this selfie of JAFRA Beauty, Melissa, in front of her festive Christmas tree. She’s framing her beautiful eyes with the Limited Edition Galaxia ‘Dark Star’ eyeliner, the shade ‘Hyperion’ from our Limited Edition Galaxia Eyeshadow Palette, ‘Palace Pearls’ from the JAFRA ROYAL Color Eyeshadow Quad in ‘Purple Reign.
For more ‘let it snow’ vibes, try mixing glacier blues and frosty silvers to achieve a blue eyeshadow look. Add a glow to the lips with a dab of highlighter above the cupid’s bow. All you’ll be missing is your crown, my snow queen!


Wearing the Limited Edition Galaxia Metallic Inkwell Eyeliner in ‘Dark Star’

We’ve got a thing for wings! ‘Tis the season to experiment with different eye shapes. There’s cat-shaped, winged, retro, smudged, squared… the list goes on. First, consider the shape of your eyes to find the right wing for you.
Here’s a selfie of JAFRA Beauty, Forouzan, winging it with our Galaxia Metallic Inkwell Eyeliner in ‘Dark Star.’ Don’t be afraid to add serious drama with your wings – that’s what eyeliner is for!

Whichever look you choose, JAFRA Beauties, we want to see them! Don’t forget to tag @jafracosmetics on Instagram and Facebook for an opportunity to be featured! Have a safe and happy holiday season!


We’re thankful for Y-O-U

‘Tis the Season to Spread JAFRA Love

Since 1956 until now, JAFRA’s motto has always been, “sharing and caring for others,” and this month we want to share with you how much we care and appreciate our JAFRA Beauties (a.k.a you of course!). Here are 5 Insta-looks shining in the social spotlight wearing our product!


Wearing JAFRA ROYAL Luxury Lipstick in ‘Coral Chic’

It’s not always easy to wear a bold lip but Helen does it so effortlessly. Being the 2019 Pantone color of the year, Coral Chic is the color that will give your look—or makeup bar—a  pop of brightness.
If red isn’t your thing, consider warming it up with this shade.. It will still accentuate the unique shape of your lips (just like red does), and give you a unique sunny glow. Holiday dinners with the family are almost here, are you ready to add the ‘chic’ in Coral Chic? I think so!
Helen, thank you for sprinkling JAFRA into your life and being a creative inspo to all of us!



Wearing JAFRA Beauty Limited Edition Galaxia Eyeshadow Palette

Our social butterfly and JAFRA Consultant, Jackie, is shining bright as the stars in velvety, ultra-pigmented shadows from our Galaxia line. This palette has soft shades to prep your eyelids and dazzling metallics to finish them with a p-o-p! You can easily create cosmic looks to wear during the day, at parties and after parties too!
Jackie, thank you for sharing the JAFRA opportunity with those around you and helping others reach for their dreams. You’re a shining star in our JAFRA Galaxy!



Wearing JAFRA Beauty Contour Palette

This creative soul reflects a cool yet sophisticated California vibe in this imaginative mirror image! Ashley is using our JAFRA Beauty Contour Palette to add a sun-kissed glow to a day of surf and sand. These shades can provide a subtle look or create a solid base for a more enhanced look. If you’re more of a no-makeup ‘makeup’ gal, this pallet is the perfect addition to your glam bag..
Ashley, thank you for being a gem in the social media realm and gifting us fun content all the time!



wearing JAFRA Lipstick

Find a lipstick that complements your street-style mood, like this one! Gabi is using one of our JAFRA lipsticks. Even adding the most subtle lip color can make a big difference to your overall look.
Do you like nudes but aren’t sure if they like you?
Factor in your skin tone, natural lip color and the makeup look you’re going for. If possible, blend different nude colors to perfect the shade that goes with your day’s wardrobe.
Gabi, thank you for rocking a JAFRA lip and sharing your beautiful selfies with us!



Wearing an assortment of JAFRA ROYAL Color products

One of our social-savvy Consultants, Hannah, is #JAFRAroyalty in her social media AND makeup looks! In this snap, she’s using JAFRA ROYAL Color products and we’re loving it.

With skin care benefits charged with Royal Jelly RJ˟, your makeup will benefit your look of the night but also your skin overall. The JAFRA ROYAL Color collection has the foundation, eyeshadows, and lipstick colors that will leave your makeup looking and skin feeling like a new version of yourself. Do you think you’re ready for this Royal Jelly RJ˟? Come on, it’s calling your name!
Hannah, thank you for loving JAFRA and always promoting inner and outer beauty. Keep rocking your crown daaaaarling!

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