Hands of Time

A few handy beauty secrets to keep you looking young

If you’re like most women, you focus a good deal of time on anti-aging facial care. We all want to look younger,but did you know that taking care of the skin on your hands is almost more important than your face? Your hands are the first part of your body to show age. After all, they are constantly exposed to the sun, and between housework, work and life in general, they never stop. Here are some anti-aging skin care tips to help your hands stay youthful.

We all focus on applying sunscreen to our faces, but our hands should be first in line. This is the first step in anti-aging hand care; everything else is icing on the cake. Apply sunscreen daily,whether it is cloudy or sunny. Apply from your hands up to your elbows to protect against UV rays and other elements. Carry a bottle with you and reapplying after washing your hands to stay protected.

Exfoliate your hands
You might be accustomed to exfoliating your face at least once a week; now it’s time to use the same product on your hands. Exfoliating your hands once a week will slough off any dead skin cells and allow other products to be better absorbed. For hands that need extra help, rubbing a retinol product such as JAFRA’s Gold Dynamics Intensive Retinol Capsules onto the back of your hands can help. It ncreases skin cell turnover, encourages collagen production and smooths your skin. Be sure to only apply at night and be vigilant about SPF during the day, since your hands will be more sensitive to the effects of the sun and elements when you use this product.

Treat the spots
Another sign of aging hands are dark spots due to sun exposure. Treat these spots with a Vitamin C serum, like JAFRA’s Royal Jelly Infusions Spot Serum with Vitamin C, to help fade existing dark spots and prevent new ones. 

Moisture, moisture, moisture
If you don’t have hand cream in your purse, your car, your desk - basically everywhere you are,now is the time to keep these at your beck and call. You can never have enough hand cream to lock precious moisture into your skin. At night you can also rub a balm onto your hands to seal in any treatments and smooth your skin. A great one to try is JAFRA’s Precious Protein Extra Care Balm. It has an emollient formula that combines oils and proteins for extra smooth skin.

Become obsessed with gloves
Gloves are to your hands what a hat is to your head; extra protection. Not just from the sun, but from everything you do in your life. When you are washing the dishes, or cleaning the house, be sure to have gloves available. You can multitask and pamper your hands while cleaning by applying a luxurious hand cream before you put on your dish gloves. Once you are done, you will have super soft hands!

Ski Bunny Skincare

Preparation and Protection for the Slopes

The winter season brings not only the fun of the holidays, but the opportunity for exciting cold weather sports, such as skiing. However, hitting the slopes can mean switching gears from the glammed up holiday season to effortlessly glowing skin- all while combating the harsh elements. Here are some tips for radiant skin; before, during and of course, après ski.
Prep your skin pre-ski
One week before your ski trip, stop using retinol or AHA products; these can make your skin more sensitive to the sun and be more drying. Instead, opt for intense moisturizers each evening before going to bed to infuse hydration into your skin.
High-level SPF
The high mountain altitude can make your skin more susceptible to sunburn, so before you get on your skis, be sure to slather on a high level SPF onto your face and reapply often during the day. Amp up your sunscreen by applying a Vitamin C serum first; the Vitamin C will give your skin the extra armor to defend again environmental aggressors, such as wind, freezing air and extra strong UV rays. Follow your sunscreen with a BB cream or CC cream that contains SPF to even out your skin tone, while protecting at the same time.
Don’t forget your lips and neck
Your lips need constant care while on the slopes, so take extra care of them. Apply a lip balm with SPF often during the day; followed of course with a hydrating lip gloss. If your lips seem flaky, exfoliate them by applying petroleum jelly to a soft toothbrush and gently scrubbing your lips to remove any dry, flaky skin. While your neck might be covered while skiing, sometimes it can still be exposed to the elements, so apply a neck firming cream before wrapping your scarf.
After you have taken off your skis and enjoyed your après ski cocoa, it is time to pamper your skin from the day. Remove your makeup with a gentle cleanser and apply a serum specifically designed to treat dry skin, such as JAFRA’s Royal Jelly Vitamin Infusions Extra Hydration Serum with Vitamin E. Follow with a nutrient rich night moisturizer designed to boost your skin’s natural moisture barrier, such as JAFRA’s Advance Dynamics Hydrating Night Moisture.

A Real Eye-Opener

Solutions to perk up your eyes

When all eyes are on you, they start at the top. Your eyes are the first place the tell-tale signs of sleepless, stressful nights show up. The skin around your eyes is the most delicate on your body. Redness, puffiness along the upper lids, under-eye bags and dark circles can be the result of one night out, of partying or a buildup of fatigue over time. The good news is that you can cover up for a lack of Z’s with problem solving eye care products and makeup know-how.

The Morning After
Are you wearing last night’s party under your eyes? As you assess the damage from the night before, use your favorite redness relief eye drops to clear things up. Splash your face with cool water, then follow with a gentle hydrating cleanser and warm, not hot, water. The idea is not to cause any excess irritation to the eye area. Follow with a lifting eye cream that instantly tightens the upper eyelid, and a hydrating, firming eye cream under your eyes to soften fine lines and dark circles. JAFRA’s Pro Eye Transformer offers both treatments in a linked double-tube.

The “Quick “Refreshed Look
Minimal makeup is the best distraction from tired eye issues. Distraction is the key makeup strategy when you don’t have time or energy to bother with primers, concealers and color correcting products. A lightweight moisturizing foundation that evens out your skin tone overall is the best place to start. A soft-hued- blush will add color to your face and draw attention away from your eyes.  Well-groomed brows are also an eye opener. If you have time, define the arch of your brow with a highlighter pencil. To open those eyes even wider, curl lashes and apply mascara. You can also use your everyday liner to make lashes look fuller and give your eyes more of a pop. You can also add brightness to your eyes by lining your lower eyelids with a nude liner.

The Cover-Up
Use a color correcting eye primer on upper lids to create a smooth canvas for eye shadow in neutral matte shades. No bright or shiny shadows until you’re caught up on sleep. JAFRA Color Correcting Eyeshadow Primer comes in both anti-redness and anti-yellow formulas.
To cover dark circles, you can begin with a sheer concealer in a color-correcting shade. Purple undertones are camouflaged with yellow, while redness calls for green toned concealer. Follow with a skin-toning concealer. Blend from the inner corner of your eye, working your way out in light layers until you’ve achieved your desired look. Blend between applications.

Can One Day of Bad Eating Ruin Your Skin?

3 Things to Consume with Caution

Even a single day of bad nutrition takes its toll on your looks. Too little hydration, too much salt, too much alcohol, and the kind of massive fatty-food binge that keeps you up at night with indigestion can show up the next day as puffy eyelids, dark undereye circles and a shallow or overly flushed complexion.
Of course, you haven’t wrecked your looks permanently. Plenty of water and a good night’s sleep will help you rehab the next day. But if you make a habit of eating poorly and drinking heavily, you will do permanent damage. Which are the beauty-busting culprits on your table? Start by being smart about these:
Drinking a lot of alcohol of any kind interferes with your body’s ability to regulate blood flow, leading over time to enlarged blood vessels in the face and permanent redness.
And while drinking heavily can make you sleepy and cause you to doze off, it also prompts disrupted sleep, such as repeated waking, that can leave you feeling—and looking—tired.
It’s absolutely essential to your survival, but too much salt takes a toll on your looks. Excess salt in your diet can cause you to retain fluid, leading to puffy eyelids and, ironically, dry skin.
So take it easy on the salty snacks (e.g., potato chips, pretzels) and check condiments such as soy sauce, pickles, and ketchup for their sodium (aka salt) content. Read nutrition labels to look for hidden salt in prepared foods: You may be surprised to find that even items that don’t taste salty, such as bread, contain as much as 250 milligrams (mg) in a serving.
Aim for no more than 2,300 mg of sodium a day, and if you’re over 50, cut that back to 1,500 mg.
Consuming too much sugar has a widespread impact in the body. It triggers the release of large quantities of the hormone insulin to sweep the extra glucose out of your blood, which increases systemic inflammation and can set off skin irritation, among other bad things.
Worse, scientists theorize that excess sugar consumption speeds up a natural aging process called glycation. During glycation, glucose damages proteins throughout the body, but most particularly the proteins in collagen, which is one of the tissues that keep your face from early sagging and wrinkling.
Cutting back on sugar means not just avoiding the obvious temptations, like candy, desserts and sodas; it also means keeping an eye on the amount of sugar hidden in seemingly healthier choices such as cereals, energy bars, fruit juices, and smoothies.
So look at the nutrition labels on foods and check the amount of sugar grams listed. Try limiting yourself to 24 grams total per day or 10 percent of your total calories, whichever is smaller.
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