The Skinny on Skin Fasting

An insider’s take on the most-talked-about skin care trend

Keto, Paleo, Green Juice, Whole30…every new diet promises miracles. But, the latest trend is different in one way. Dubbed Skin Fasting, it’s a detox diet for your face, not your body. Instead of giving up gluten or carbs, you forgo your regular skin care ritual for a week or more. The fast is said to help with pores and uneven texture, revealing a glowing complexion. As a loyal user of JAFRA royal jelly and anti-aging products, I wanted to find out more.
Based on a Japanese concept, the Skin Fasting trend is creating a buzz around the world. It claims that regular use of products disrupts natural processes that regulate moisture balance and remove impurities. Skin Fasting tutorials suggest taking a break from masking, exfoliating and even basics such as cleansers and sunscreen. What’s left is just a quick rinse with warm water.
Beauty experts, including both estheticians and my mom, have long agreed about the importance of daily skin care. And, with years of experience in the industry, I have serious doubts about going product-free. For a chemist’s point of view, I asked Dr. Hongjie Cao, JAFRA’s Chief Scientific Officer, to weigh in.
 “Skin requires cleansing to remove impurities, dirt and oil; and moisturizing to maintain hydration and help skin barrier function,” explained Dr. Cao. She also warned that damage from the environment is inevitable without precautions. “Damage from the sun has been proven to contribute to skin aging. Going without SPF products for a whole week greatly increases your risk of UV damage.”
In light of Dr. Cao’s input, it’s clear that good skin care habits are essential. But, a modified version of fasting can help solve two common issues. Here’s how to make Skin Fasting work for you:
If your skin shows signs of sensitivity, redness or breakouts, it may be having a reaction with a product. Try one day of total Skin Fasting. Then, re-introduce one product per day. You’ll be able to identify the culprit and your JAFRA Independent Consultant can help you find the right replacement.
Is your bathroom vanity crowded with a dizzying array of bottles and jars? It could be time to simplify your skin care routine. Try eliminating a step (or two) or using specialized treatments on alternate days.

Halloween Costume Ideas

JAFRA products for boo-tiful makeup looks

Gals and ghouls, are you ready to win some Halloween costume contests? No basic witches ever win. So if you’ve got your eye on the prize, we’ve got a few makeup looks that will squash any competition. JAFRA Beauties, get your eyeshadow palettes ready!
Here are five winner-worthy ideas to consider:



Guard the galaxy, explore outer space or go on a cosmic beauty adventure! This JAFRA Beauty is a sky full of stars. @thetayavalkyrie created this galactic look using our Limited Edition JAFRA Beauty Galaxia line. Find a metallic shirt or dress to wear. Put it on along with some white sneakers and voila! You’ve transformed into the galactic queen of your cosmic dreams. Adding antennas and metallic arm bands would add an extra touch (and possibly more points) to beating your competition.
If you’re looking for a high shimmer pearl finish then our Galaxia Metallic Liquid Eyeshadows are a good choice. Apply it with your finger tips or an eyeshadow brush. The liquid eyeshadow ‘Retrogade’ is perfect for a Milky Way, Moon or Neptune inspired costume.



If you’re feeling heroic then this is the look for you! @beautyby_evelynmonroe added the finishing touches to her Wonder Woman look with a bold JAFRA lip. Use the JAFRA Beauty Longwear lip gloss in ‘Boundless Berry’ to any superhero costume to intensify your inner strengths! For Spider Woman, Elasticgirl or Iron Woman, the JAFRA ROYAL Luxury Matte Lipstick in ‘Besame Mucho’ is also absolute perfection. It’s a red-daring color that will keep your lips feeling hydrated while you’re fighting crime!
Improvise your costume’s outfit by using anything red from your closet and crafting a superhero logo to stick on your chest. Boom! That wasn’t an explosion, it was just your competition bombing the costume contest.



Hurry, find shelter! This thunderstorm is beautifully electric. @hairmakesupbee used ‘Hyperion’ and ‘Titania’ from the Limited Edition Galaxia Eyeshadow Palette as the base for her metallic midnight mask. Achieve a smoky eye look with these two eyeshadows! If your costume is missing ultra-pigmented shimmer then this palette is a must. Anything in your closet that’s grey, dark blue, black or even white can work!
Use the Galaxia Metallic Liquid Eyeshadow in ‘Retrograde’ for a cosmic shimmer on your cupid’s bow. You can never have enough glitter, especially during Halloween!




This look is guaranteed to make you (or force  you to) smile! Our creative JAFRA Beauty, @maquillajemuak, completed this femme clown masterpiece using our JAFRA brow pencil. Dye the tips of your hair to match your clown theme and be creative with your look! The beautiful thing about being a clown is that you can wear anything as long as it complements your clown makeup. Of course, don’t forget your props! A fake flower bouquet, red nose, hat or pins to juggle are fun to play with.
If this doesn’t tickle your creativity, @maquillajemuak has other costume makeup ideas to recreate.


Day of the Dead

This one is to die (figuratively speaking) for! Sugar skulls originated from Mexico and have been a Halloween costume trend nationwide. @stayroyalqueen composed this Day of the Dead look with all JAFRA ROYAL Color makeup.
Wear a headpiece of fake or real flowers to add to this costume aesthetic. Even a red rose on your hair will work! Most sugar skulls are bright and colorful so it’s recommended to wear an outfit with subtle colors. Grey or black clothing will work for this costume and no need for props! You’re representing a departed soul, what’s more spookier than that?
So, what’s it going to be JAFRA Beauty? Are you committing to fighting crime or protecting a galaxy far far away? Whatever you choose to be this Halloween, don’t forget to tag @jafracosmetics for any Halloween looks!

Have fun and stay safe JAFRA Beauties!



Fire, Air, Water or Earth?

Beauty Elements of Your Astrological Sign

Have you ever met that one person who’s like, “sorry, I’m a fire sign so watch out”? I’ve met a few of them myself. If you’re one of those people (or even if you’re not), we’ve got the perfect JAFRA products that align with your inner element.
Bold, chill, upbeat or down to earth? Check and see where your zodiac sign falls within these four elements:


Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Fire signs are known for their intense passion, creativity and spontaneity. You tend to light a flame that can sometimes be too hot (ouch!) for the rest of us, though.
Our very own Leo legacy, @esteldayofficial, sparks fashion ideas with this red lip and neon yellow hair ensemble.
If you’re looking to intensify your style fellow fire signs, complement your fall look with our JAFRA Beauty Highlighter Sticks in ‘Soleil’, ‘24K Magic’ or ‘Bubbly’. Highlight your cheekbones and cupid’s bow for a vibrant glow.
For nails, a Rapid Dry Nail Lacquer in ‘Coral Flash’ or ‘Racey Red’ will add an extra pop to your wardrobe.

The piece de resistance (as the French say) are lips with a JAFRA ROYAL Matte Metallic Lipstick in ‘Ruby Rush’ or a JAFRA Full Coverage Lipstick in ‘Amor.’ A bold red lip will always align with your vibe!


 Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Intellectual and curious, air signs tend to think twice before acting and enjoy expressing how they feel. Be careful though—depending on their mood, they can be a summer breeze or a fierce Santa Ana wind.
One of our favorite Libras, @luiselbarber, is in love with our JAFRA ROYAL Men skin care line. We recommend our air men and women to supercharge their skin care routine with any JAFRA ROYAL Ritual.
Another ritual that is a must for this element is JAFRA ROYAL Luna Bright. Start off with the Luna Bright Serum Concentrate or the Luna Bright Brightening White Clay Mask. If either of those products do you wonders, then Luna Bright is the ritual for you.


 Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

The water element is everything it seems to be. You tend to see things more clearly, making you a great problem solver. In some instances, you’re also imaginative, emotionally sensitive, and nurturing.
Our aquatic cancer, @taffymariex, brings more beauty inspo to the JAFRA table with this look that’s out of this world. Enrich your eyes with the JAFRA ROYAL Eyeshadow Quad in ‘Purple Reign’. This ultra-fine formula is infused with exclusive Royal Jelly RJ˟!
Finish your look with a lip that shines in any sky. Our JAFRA ROYAL Matte Metallic lipstick in ‘Rock Star’ delivers rich pigment every time.
Use your own element to your favor water signs, the JAFRA ROYAL Boost Micellar Water helps purify the skin by filtering out any impurities. The JAFRA ROYA Boost Skin Drench Gel Mask is also an option if your skin is feeling dry and needs a hydration bomb.


 Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn


Logical, practical and with your feet on the ground is just a brief description of what earth signs are known to be. Sometimes you are so goal oriented that you neglect other people’s feelings. Yet, you are still very reliable and responsible to those in your realm.
Our gorgeous JAFRA Taurus (and JAFRA Consultant), @jaillinodalys, paired a red lip with our JAFRA Beauty Limited Edition Galaxia Eyeshadow Palette. This is truly #MUA goals.
Earth signs rock the “no makeup” makeup look the best! Add some JAFRA Beauty Long Wear Crème blush in ‘Cashmere Peach’ or ‘Cashmere Peony’ for rosy warm cheeks.
You’re also all about nature and its beauty, so Orchid Blossom hits the right floral accords for this down to earth sign.
Fall is in full session and so is dry skin (yuck)! We highly recommend you earthlings try out our Royal Almond Rich Body Oil with Vitamin E.

National Lipstick Day

Heat up your color game with JAFRA’s hottest lipstick shades for summer.

Before you run (like myself) to the stores or shop online for National Lipstick Day sales, it’s imperative that you know what summer colors are hot and which ones are not.
The right shade of lipstick will make you feel like you can conquer the world! From everyday looks for the office to a fresh face for your vacay, we’ve got you covered.


JAFRA ROYAL Luxury Lipstick in ‘Coral Chic’

Our take on the 2019 Pantone color of the year is this bad girl who looks subtle but knows how to have a good time. If your lips need some moisture and a pop of color, this is the lipstick for you. It’s infused with Royal Jelly RJ˟ technology, providing enough moisture without having to substitute the rich pigmentation for it. Take a look at how @thedressychick is complementing ‘Coral Chic’ with these beautiful California poppies. 


JAFRA ROYAL Luxury Matte Lipstick in ‘Estrellas’

You’re going to be aiming for the stars with this lipstick! The Spanish translation for this lippie name is ‘stars’ and that’s how bright you’re going to shine in the crowd. The skincare benefits of Royal Jelly RJ˟ on ‘Estrellas’ will soften your lips after every use. In a box of boring pinks, be Estrellas. @hairmakesupbee is doing just that!

JAFRA ROYAL Luxury Matte Lipstick in ‘Hola Cariño’ 

Well, darling, you’ve met your matte! So has @labeautygirl07. This color (aside from being one of my faves) is powered by our exclusive Royal Jelly RJ˟ technology. Some mattes tend to dry out your lips but this creamy nude color will blend beautifully on to your lips. Pair it with our JAFRA ROYAL Luxury Lip Liner in ‘Diana’ to enhance your pretty pout. 


JAFRA ROYAL Luxury Lip Liner in ‘Diana’

Even though this isn’t a lipstick, hear us out. @sella_em is the lip liner queen of ‘Diana’ and you can be part of this royal empire too. Focusing on your cupid’s bow and the middle of your lower lip, line your lips with this nourishing and hydrating luxury liner. Finish it off with our JAFRA ROYAL Luxury Matte Lipstick in ‘Hola Cariño’ or just add some JAFRA gloss lip shine. Viola! Our exclusive Royal Jelly RJ˟ technology has the power to glam your lips without doing the most. This is an office-look favorite, stash this liner in your business suitcase or even in your pocket!

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