The multi-functional toner you need in your skin care regimen

Prep your skin every day with this JAFRA product

Today I partnered with JAFRA because I absolutely had to share my newest skincare favorite with you: the JAFRA ROYAL Revitalize Toning Essence gives you the benefits of a toner and an essence in one.
First off, let’s talk about why toning essences are even worth using in the first place. This one, in particular, works to:
  • Soften the skin
  • Hydrate the skin
  • Smooth the skin
  • Refine the look of pores
  • Improve the skin’s radiance
  • Lightly exfoliate the skin
  • Remove traces of makeup residue
  • Prep skin for the products you use after (aka my favorite reason)
The first time I used this toning essence, my skin legit GLOWED; my skin was clean but still hydrated and smooth, and that’s due to the mild exfoliants that help smooth the skin and also refine the look of your pores.
I also love that this toning essence includes JAFRA’s patented Royal Jelly RJx: JAFRA’s exclusive technology that boosts the power, potency, and precision of nature’s royal jelly, to improve skin’s appearance of the signs of aging. It also boasts witch hazel extract and gentle exfoliants like lactic acid and glycolic acid for that smooth, soft skin I keep raving about!
Trust me- use this stuff after cleansing morning and night for your best skin yet.
Thank you to JAFRA for sponsoring this post

Two new body products that you need now!

These two are my new faves…

I don’t know about you, but it’s been a loooooong few months, let alone an even longer, super hard year for all of us.  And I, for one, am always looking for ways to relax and practice self-love and care. Today I partnered with JAFRA to talk about two of their new body care products that are absolute MUST-HAVES.
First up is the new JAFRA Essence Inner Love Bath Salts because OMG they smell so good and I love how soft and calming it feels on my skin.  The body care collection is inspired by rose quartz, which is a symbol of friendship and self-love. Notes of comforting cardamom, fresh white flowers, and sensual musk soothe the senses and evoke a calming energy.  It’s also formulated with good-for-your-skin ingredients like pink Himalayan salt, Epsom salt (super rich in magnesium!), and antioxidant vitamin E.  I add in one handful to warm running bath water and then soak my feet or my entire body for about 15-20 minutes and bam – instant relaxation.
Once I’m done in the tub, I apply the new JAFRA Essence Inner Love Body Butter. Now you know that I’m choosy about body butters and lotions, so don’t take this recommendation lightly, k?
This version, also inspired by rose quartz, has notes of comforting cardamom, fresh white flowers, and sensual musk…and let’s also mention how silky and luxurious that it feels on the skin!  It’s formulated with vitamin E and shea butter, basically making it a super-rich body butter to blanket your skin in velvety softness and decadent hydration.
What do you guys think? Will you try the new Essence products from JAFRA? They also make a great gift!

Thank you to JAFRA for sponsoring this post.

Try on JAFRA’s Makeup Virtually!

Discover our Try-On Makeup Tools!

For decades, we’ve tested makeup products on the back of the hand or spent an afternoon at a beauty counter being 'made up' by a makeup maven just to be sure that we found the right tints to complement our features. As companies like JAFRA have planted the seeds of a new generation of makeup, new ideas and methods of trying out makeup too have continued to bloom.

JAFRA has launched an AR (augmented reality) makeup try-on technology that offers benefits in so many ways that it has quickly become one of my favorites! The features in virtual experience will impact how beauty is introduced to clients, how new products are tested, and even how green JAFRA can be as a company. The makeup industry has evolved in many ways over the years, but the addition of virtual makeup consultations seems to be an advantageous change for everyone that is sure to stick around.

Your JAFRA Independent Beauty Consultant can use this tool to deliver personalized customer service while keeping you safe and maintaining physical distance. You can continue to work with your neighbor and your friend in another state –all through your computer and this amazing tool. Try on makeup  without the need for shipping samples that may not be the correct or flattering shades (and avoid expensive or delayed shipping!).
As a customer, you can access this tool 24/7! You can try on hundreds of shades of makeup and test varying product lines, as well as try out complete looks from professional makeup artists. Of course, your JAFRA Independent Consultant will always be available to help you find the perfect shades, too, and would love to help you utilize this amazing tool!

This new AR try-on also allows JAFRA to be more sustainable. The ability for clients to virtually test products and shades of new products minimizes the need for samples to be sent out and consumed. This also limits the number of likely returns of used products to the warehouse since clients will have been able to see the colors on their actual skin-tone.

One thing I personally loved about the Virtual Try On tool is that I could use a photo or do a live try on! As soon as I started, the program requested access to my camera for live video, which allowed a much more realistic and clearer image of myself and allowed me to truly get a feel for movement and angles with the various colors available. If you have not yet had the chance to try-on some of JAFRA’s makeup yet, check out the virtual tool here:

The Nuud Attitude

3 Reasons to Love our New Unisex Fragrance!

As Director of JAFRA Worldwide Marketing for Fragrance, I understand that choosing a new perfume or cologne can be confusing. How will it smell on my skin? What will it say about me? New Nuud by JAFRA Eau de Toilette may be the answer, the scent you’ve been searching for and dreaming of. Because Nuud by JAFRA is a unisex fragrance for ALL people, and EVERYONE should try it!
Geared for all genders, Nuud by JAFRA combines elements of both masculine and feminine fragrances. It defies stereotypes and breaks boundaries to celebrate YOUR individuality. When you apply it to your skin, it responds to your unique body chemistry to create a customized signature. It becomes an extension of your innermost self and an expression of who you are at your core.
Scent profile:
Top notes of bright citrus blend with the delicious temptation of dark vanilla bean, while velvety woods envelop your senses like a warm, self-affirming hug.
Fragrance is more than something you wear on your skin, it’s part of your sense of style. And, Nuud by JAFRA is designed to enhance it, whether your style is bold, understated or somewhere in between. Inspired by the game-changing unisex scents of the 90s, the transparent glass bottle makes an iconic statement on your dresser or nightstand. The square shape supports the idea of inclusivity, while the crisp black and white color cues add a timeless vibe.
Expert tip:
Care for your Nuud by JAFRA EDT bottle by keeping it away from direct sunlight, heat and humidity. Always store it upright with the cap on.
There’s only one planet Earth, and we all want to do our part to protect it. That’s why NUUD by JAFRA was crafted with sustainability at heart, both inside and out. The fragrance, a gender-neutral mix of oriental and woody notes, is made with naturally derived ingredients. The bottle comes in a carton made from 95% recycled paper. Even better, the carton is fully recyclable. Thank you in advance for closing the loop and recycling it!
Wear it well:
Apply Nuud by JAFRA to the pulse points on your neck, chest and wrists. The heat of your body helps activate the fragrance and make it last.
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