Holiday Attire That Will Get You Noticed

Three Looks to Make your Season Sparkle!

It’s that time of year again. Parties, parties every week and not a thing to wear… or at least it can feel that way when you’re in search of something special in a closet full of functional. But don’t worry. If you’re among the harried hordes hoping for a fashion miracle, we’ve got just the help you need! Three simple solutions for all your seasonal soirees, guaranteed to make heads turn. And best of all, at least one of them is probably already in your closet!
Suit up!
Ever since Angelina Jolie flipped the sartorial switch a few years back and showed up at the Oscars in a tux, the sexy suit has replaced the little black dress as Hollywood’s go to for low maintenance glamour. A feminized version of this masculine staple is guaranteed to get you noticed at any affair. Opt for a deep cut black jacket with slightly flared pants to make the most of this sophisticated style. Plus, unless the event is black tie, the two don’t even have to match. Suiting up is really all about the jacket; making maximum impact has but one requirement. It needs to fit like a glove.
Lady in Red
It sounds so simple, but the effect cannot be understated. A little red dress makes a big impact. Long sleeves, a belted waist and above the knee hem (how short you dare TBD by your comfort level!), will keep the look current. Opt for a single piece of statement jewelry – say a sparkly, cocktail ring – and you’re good to go. Instant va-va-voom!
Shine on!
Shimmering fabrics and semi-precious stones are never better put to use than at your festive fete. From a simple silver tunic to a sparkling gold pendant and matching clutch, you can up your party power by harnessing this season’s metallic trend. It can be dressed up or down to equal, jaw-dropping effect.  

Strobing 101

A Beginner’s Guide to Makeup’s Hottest Trend

A lower-maintenance cousin to last season’s contouring craze, strobing uses well-applied highlighter to emphasize the areas of your face that get the most natural light. The result? A youthful, dewy and radiant sheen that looks amazing on everyone. Better still, unlike contouring, you don’t need a ton of time to achieve maximum impact. In fact, one of our favorite things about this hot, hot, hot makeup trend is just how easy it is to execute!
Here’s your guide to strobing in five simple steps:
First, moisturize!
Dry, flaky skin is not a good look! So, before you get started, make sure your skin is well-hydrated. Choose the moisturizer that’s right for your skin type (oily, dry, combination or normal). Then, apply your foundation…. or don’t. One more perk of this on-point trend is that it works whether you start fresh-faced or apply on top of your base!
Next up, select your highlighter
Champagne, pink and gold tones work best for most complexions – and JAFRA’s White Soufflé Highlighter is made specifically to be versatile. It will work for most skin tones. However, if you’re super pale (think: Snow White) you may want to opt for an even more pearlescent or slightly silver hue. Likewise, if your natural skin tone is darker than olive, start by trying neutral peach tones until you find the right fit.
Which you’ll know for sure only once you begin to…
Apply the highlighter
Starting at the top of your face, focus on prominent areas – those that would catch the most light. Not sure what that means? The center of your forehead, below your browbones, your nose, your cheekbones, the corners of your eyes and above the cupid’s bow are great places to start. Once you’re satisfied you’ve hit the most reflective surfaces, it’s time to…
Blend it in
But not so much that the highlighter winds up all over your face. Otherwise, you run the risk of looking oily as opposed to glowing. A big, soft brush should do the trick in most cases.
And finally, finish your look
Apply any complimentary products like blush and eye shadow, opting, if you dare, for those with a little added shimmer to go with the flow – or in this case, your glow!


How Pollution is Aging Your Skin

And what you can do about it!

First, the bad news: an overwhelming number of recent studies have proven what dermatologists have long suspected. Environmental toxins not only speed up aging and cause uneven skin tone, dark spots and – gasp – wrinkles, they’ve also been linked to skin cancer. And no one is immune. Whether you live in the center of the city, the Starbucks suburbs or the rural recesses, microscopic pollutants enter the air around you via cars, fires and even home renovations (for a start). From there, these tiny menaces infiltrate your pores, leading to inflammation, dehydration and loss of collagen, which, among other things, means a decrease in elasticity and firmness.
But don’t worry, there’s good news, too. A little mindfulness goes a long way and with a few simple changes to your daily beauty routine, you can reduce the effect of environmental toxins on your skin’s health and appearance.
First, consider how (and when) you cleanse!
We all know we should wash our faces… but doing so thoroughly, twice a day is vital to keeping contaminants in check. A mild cleanser applied with fingers every morning will prepare your skin for the day without stripping it of hydration. Acne-prone skin may require something more potent and dry skin may necessitate extra moisture. No matter your skin type, in the evening, apply a gentle, exfoliating scrub (use it every other night if your skin is extra-dry or easily irritated). And finish up with a swab of toner to remove any stickier impurities still caked in your pores.
Second, fight those free radicals!
You’ve probably heard of the dastardly molecules that poke holes in collagen, leading to hyperpigmentation, fine lines, acne and rosacea. But did you know that free radicals are also responsible for the cell mutations that can cause cancer? Fortunately, anti-oxidants neutralize free radicals and reduce their impact, whether applied to your skin or ingested. So, load up on leafy greens, blueberries and other anti-oxidant rich foods, and slather your skin in antioxidant serum after each cleanse. And don’t forget the sunscreen all year round – it’s the most important defense of all! We recommend JAFRA’s new Royal Jelly Solar Protection Fluid Broad Spectrum SPF 50 as a double duty defense system. It’s only one product, but it blocks pesky rays and helps combat environmental pollutants!

Be Good to the Skin You’re in

Skincare blunders you may not be aware of can be compromising your efforts to achieve glowing skin.  To keep your complexion at its very best, watch out for unexpected skin hazards that cause breakouts, irritation, dryness and aging.
Good Phone Hygiene
Unless you are wiping it clean daily, your cell phone can be a hotbed of smudge from makeup, sweat, grease and dirt. After all, you’re taking the phone everywhere, setting it down and passing it around—so it’s bound to get grimy. “This harbors bacteria that can aggravate your skin,” says Pragna Chakravarti, JAFRA’s Chief Scientific Officer.
Pillowcase Practices
Your pillowcase can undermine your complexion, too.  Wash it weekly and don’t share your pillow with anyone who uses hair gels, face creams or other products that will leave a deposit on the case.  “If not cleaned regularly, says Chakrvarti, “germs can cause bumps and irritation.”
Hot Topics
If your face gets taut and irritated, be aware that long hot showers lasting more than 15 minutes dry out your skin. Try turning down the water temperature and always follow up with a hydrating facial moisturizer. When blow drying wet hair, be careful not to aim the dryer nozzle at your face. You’ll avoid jeopardizing your skin’s glow.
Workouts and Wash-ups
After a hot yoga session, a daylong hike, or any other workout that causes you to sweat, wash your face immediately afterwards. “Sweat is loaded with things that are meant to be excreted from the skin. Staying sweaty for long periods leads to clogged pores,” says Chakrvarti.  If there aren’t any facilities for washing up, at least use a face wipe. It won’t do the same job as your cleanser and water, but it will remove some of the grime.

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