Fab Five: October Sensations

Learn a little something about one of the newest additions to the JAFRA Squad

This month, we decided to highlight a gorgeous addition to the JAFRA family. Girl Squad is a bold and vibrant collection of makeup and fragrance made for you and your squad. Keep reading and check out the new top 5!

The Girl Squad Fragrance is the ringleader of this new line. It takes you to a place of playful excitement. Bright notes of White Nectarine inspire you to wake up the world and Purple Freesia joins the Better Together accord to create the perfect friendship of scents. The aroma of Fair Trade Vanilla & Red Musk stay with you like the unforgettable memories you make with your squad.
The most sharable part of this collection is the Girl Squad Lip Gloss Set, available in three slick shades that will keep your lips selfie-ready. The perfect lip accessory for whatever you and your team have planned next.
The Girl Squad Eye Liners come in two shades, Leather and Feather. They go on smooth and layer easily, so you can really have some fun with your looks.
The beautiful vibrant shades found in the All Eyes on Us Eyeshadow Palette combine perfectly with the liners. We can’t wait for you to see how these incredible colors go on and stay on through all of your adventures.
The fifth favorite of Girl Squad isn’t a product, it’s YOU and your BFFs! This line was made to share with your friends. The palette and the eyeliners mix perfectly to create an endless amount of looks for you and your squad to all look amazing in your own ways.

Squad All-Star

Tips on being an even more fabulous friend

Most people would agree that friendships are vital to our happiness. Friends not only keep us company, but they can provide support and love outside of our families, especially best friends. But what makes a best friend? While we seek out positive friendships, it is also important to be a good friend. Here are some tips on being the best BFF that you can be. You might just find it comes back to you. <3
Keep In Touch
While it might seem obvious, staying in touch with our friends is vital to maintaining the relationship. Significant others, children and work commitments can easily get in the way of reaching out to our besties, causing a rift in the friendship. Schedule regular time to talk and if your friend is nearby, definitely make time to see them in person, even if it’s for a quick coffee or a walk. Carving out time for your friend shows them that you truly value them.
Be a Superhero
When your BFF asks you for help, that is the time to go above and beyond what is asked of you. Try to be as supportive and caring as possible; whether you are listening to their problems or giving them a ride to the doctor. Your actions will prove to how much you care.
Be Happy for Them
If your friend gets a promotion at work, falls in love, or has another life successes, be genuinely for happy them. It’s easy to become envious of a friend’s triumphs and try to diminish them in some way. Being proud, excited and supportive of your pal’s achievements are the hallmark of a true BFF.
Be Thoughtful
Nice gestures can show your friend that you are thinking of them. It doesn’t have to be expensive gifts; even a simple text to wish them good luck on a job interview or bringing them a coffee just the way they like it is enough for them to feel the love.
Be Yourself
One final tip for being a great friend is to be yourself. Holding back your true self can be detrimental to the relationship. Trying to change your viewpoints, opinions or actions to match those of your friend keeps them from learning (and loving) who you truly are. On the other hand, you should also allow your friend to be who they are and refrain from trying to change them as well. Being honest and respectful will allow both of you to become the best friends you can be!

Fab Five: What’s New in November

See what we’ve got to keep you gorgeous and gifting this holiday season.

Fall is here and we’re feeling pretty festive. This month’s Fab Five is filled with giftables so perfect you’ll have to snag a second one for yourself and new arrivals that will keep you looking flawless through every holiday event.
Let’s start with the new Royal Jelly Translucent Matte Powder. This wrinkle reducing powder is the new final step to your Royal Jelly Ritual. It’s lightweight, translucent and filled with nutrient-packed Royal Jelly to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and blur imperfections instantly. Fight shine and create a flawless canvas for the rest of your look with this powerhouse of a powder!
This next pick is real holiday treat. Limited Edition Peppermint Glam Lipsticks have arrived and are available in three sets: Warm, Cool and Neutral. You can also get them as free gifts with a few of our Special Offers for November. You can see the Peppermint Glam shade Haute Pink in action in this month’s Color Look, Smokin' Hot.  
Keep skin soft in the harsh cold of the season ahead with Gold Dynamics Ultra Nourishing Gold Gel. It’s infused with gold ferment and brings your skin back to life by regenerating dormant skin cells, giving you a more youthful appearance. Consider this a special skin refining addition to your fall/winter skin care routine that keeps you hydrated from head to toe (even your lips)!
Gardenia Blossom is the perfect fragrance to fall back into right now. Featuring the rich, velvety scent of Brilliant Gardenias from South India. The result is a feminine, sparkling fragrance that will captivate anyone lucky enough to cross your path.
Get ready, there’s a very special holiday classic is coming your way! Royal Almond Oil and Body Lotion have arrived in a very special SUPER BONUS SIZE and fabulously festive holiday packaging. These JAFRA favorites nourish even with the driest skin and smell amazing.
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