Time Hop Pep Talk

Beauty advice you wish you had back in the day

Most of us would agree that the phrase, “hindsight is twenty-twenty” definitely applies to beauty. When we are young, we don’t have the wisdom or knowledge to foresee the beauty challenges to come. I asked women of various ages and in different stages of life what advice they would give their 15-year-old self and this is what they had to say:
#1: Sunscreen is King
Almost all of the women polled cited sunscreen as the #1 piece of advice they would advise their younger selves. Suzanne, a mother of 2 in her 40s said, “I would tell my 15-year-old self not to lay out in the sun so much and to wear sunscreen every day, especially on my face.”
Shana, an executive in her 40s advised, “Wear sunscreen and don’t go to a tanning bed unless it’s for a spray tan!” In hindsight, I also wish I’d worn sunscreen when I was a teenager. Now, I am paying the price with sunspots that could have been prevented. So remember, women of all ages and skin colors should wear sunscreen every day to protect their skin for the future.
#2 Prevention is Key
Another piece of advice Shana had for herself was, “Learn to sleep on your back and never on your side. Sleeping on your side causes wrinkles!”
Carrie, a mother of 2 teenagers in her 50s said, “Sunglasses are a must and look chic!” Wearing protective eyewear has been proven to not only protect your eyes, but also to prevent wrinkles from forming that are caused by squinting at the sun. Paige, an executive in her 40s told her younger self, “A beauty regimen is preventative, so starting young keeps you looking young.” Say it again, sister!
#3 Less is More
Another tid bit of wisdom was the idea of wearing less (or at least an appropriate amount of) makeup in your more formative years. Dessa, a 50 year-old mom of two advised, “When I was 15, it was the 80s and three things were happening to me; a big, bad perm, too much blue eyeshadow and too much pink blush! I would tell myself not to wear too much makeup, keep my hair in a more natural state and find ways to work with my natural hair.”
#4 Perm is a Dirty Word
Hello, my name is Nina, and I am a victim of the giant perms of the 80s and 90s.  Coincidentally, almost every woman polled advised their 15 year-old self NOT to get a perm. While the perm trend may have slowed down over the years, permanent and semi-permanent hair treatments, like keratin straightening treatments have grown in popularity. Many of these treatments were found to contain formaldehyde, which can be hazardous to your health, so the advice still holds true to embrace our natural hair instead of chemically altering it. Use hair products specially formulated for your hair type to bring out the best in your tresses.
#5 Eyebrows, Eyebrows, Eyebrows!
Another piece of advice echoed by almost every woman polled was not to over pluck your eyebrows. Full, thick, natural brows are the epitome of youth, and once they are over plucked or waxed, it can radically change the look of your face. I had my eyebrows waxed when I was 16, and they were never the same again. Now, my main focus daily after sunscreen is to fill in my eyebrows. If I had only known to leave them alone then, I wouldn’t have to spend so much time on them now.
#6 Don’t Rush
A very important final piece of advice from this poll of women is to enjoy being young. Dessa explains that she would tell herself, “Not to be in such a rush to grow up. Dress and wear makeup that’s more suitable for a 15-year-old.” Anneke, a mom in her 40s said, “You are the boss of your own body.” (Well put, Anneke!) I would tell my 15-year-old self to enjoy being young and to embrace it, because before you know it, 30 years will pass! Now I’m left wondering what advice my 80-year-old self will have for the moments I’m living right now…

Spring Back

4 ways to recharge for spring

Spring is almost here and it’s an exciting time to revive ourselves after a long winter. Warmer weather, nature blooming and birds singing are motivation to refresh our mind, body and home. Here are 5 things to freshen up your life for the transition to spring:
Plan a Closet Clean-Out
We know that cleaning is usually not an exciting activity, but spring cleaning is a great way to toss what’s old to create a clean, peaceful environment. Start by going through your closet to pull out the items you never wear anymore. You can donate things that aren’t too worn or organize a clothing swap with your besties! Ask a group of stylish friends to bring unwanted clothes, shoes and accessories and plan a night where everyone comes over to refresh their look with something new (to them). As the saying goes, one woman’s junk is another woman’s treasure. You can donate whatever is left at the end of the night to charity.
Bring Your Skin Out of Hibernation
Spring is a crucial time for exfoliating your face and body. Removing dry, rough skin creates the perfect foundation for your spring skincare to penetrate and properly moisturize your skin. Start by cleansing your face thoroughly with a spin brush, like JAFRA’s Face and Body Cleansing System, which has two brush heads for your face and body. Next, use a gentle microdermabrasion cream, such as JAFRA’s Microdermabrasion Cream with Jojoba beads and Crushed Bamboo to give yourself a professional-style facial treatment at home. Finish with a moisturizing serum, try JAFRA’s Royal Jelly Vitamin Infusions Extra Hydration Serum with Vitamin E to glow right into the next season.
Update Your Look
For Spring 2018, the “no-makeup” look is still in style, but you can take it to the next level with ultra-dewy cheeks and eyes. First, use a lightweight foundation, like JAFRA’s Long Wear Makeup Broad Spectrum SPF 20. It’s light, airy formula will give you a matte finish. Next, apply highlighter starting at your brow bones and going upward towards your temples. JAFRA White Soufflé Highlighter which will brighten and add moisture to your skin. For your eyes, you have 2 trendy choices for spring; a sweep of metallic bronze or glittering gold eyeshadow. Finish with a slightly winged cat-eye for understated drama. JAFRA’s Felt Tip Eyeliner is a quick-dryin, smudge-proof option.
Love Your Mani/Pedi
While your makeup maybe gorgeously understated, your manicure will not be. This spring, the manicure is all about brights and neons. First, pamper your hands so they’re soft and supple to show off spring’s in-your-face colors. Try JAFRA’s Hand Scrub with Jojoba Beads to gently lift dead skin while hydrating your hands with plant oils. Follow up with JAFRA’s Day Care for Hands Broad Spectrum SPF 15, to moisturize and protect your hands from the sun.

Now, the fun part. When it comes to polish this spring, anything goes! Try a bold metallic on your nails and balance it out with a gorgeous neutral on your toes. Cover all of your bases with JAFRA’s limited edition Sweet & Chic Topping Trio Nail Lacquer in Sweet

Love Your Skin

Best products and rituals to pamper yourself with

For this article, we’re sticking to the surface with self-love! Why not take this opportunity to show your skin some affection? Pour yourself a bath and follow these five steps to lovelier skin:
1. Start at the Top
The best part of any trip to the spa is the scalp massage. Bring the luxury home with a Scalp Massage and Hair Treatment. Your scalp is skin too, so it needs moisture like Shea Butter, vitamins and wheat protein. Soak in the tub and let the aromatherapy take hold as you hydrate and relax from head to toe.
2. Get Dirty
It’s not necessarily fancy, but faces love mud. There’s nothing like a good Dead Sea Mud Musk with minerals, antioxidants and vitamins to get your skin going. It’s a time-honored way to purify, unclog pores and slough off dead skin cells. In fact, don’t stop at your face, get your neck and décolletage in the mix as well!
3. Body of Evidence
No night of pampering would be complete without showing neglected skin the love it needs. Don’t leave the tub without using some Ginger & Sea Salt Body Rub first. The sea salt will gently exfoliate while moisture-rich ginger root extract hydrates thirsty skin.
4. Give Yourself a Hand 
Take your at-home spa experience up a notch – especially during hold weather --with a hand scrub. JAFRA’s Hand Scrub with Jojoba Beads exfoliates, repairs and moisturizes skin with soybean and olive oil. Potent antioxidants keep your hands looking young and Vitamin B gets in deep to help sooth chapped or cracked hands. It’s the perfect prevention of premature aging before you say goodnight.
5. Seal It In
After all that exfoliating and soaking, you need a great moisturizer to lock in the benefits. Towel off and put on some Royal Jelly Extra Soothing Balm. It has Manuka honey, cacao butter, and of course, Royal Jelly, to soothe skin in seconds. For your hands, apply Night Care for Hands, made with Shea, cocoa and red mango seed butters to hydrate and condition your hands and cuticles. It leaves behind the ever-so-relaxing scent of saffron and lavender to take you right to dreamland, happy and hydrated. 

Same Tricks, New Skin

Old beauty tricks to keep in your routine

As a new season approaches, we’re taking stock of our beauty dos and donts; making a list of what works and what doesn’t. Here are some of the tried and true ingredients and treatments that made the cut:
Go for the Gold
Gold has been used for beauty treatments by the Romans, Egyptians and Japanese for centuries. It is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to restore skin’s firmness. It has been said that Cleopatra used a gold mask every night to maintain her complexion and give her glowing, radiant skin. Each evening, apply a serum infused with gold ferment to your skin, such as JAFRA’s Gold Dynamics Ultra Nourishing Gold Gel, to help regenerate dormant skin cells and refine your skin’s texture. Consider treating your skin to one of these luxuriously beneficial treatments this year.
Take a Dip in the Mud
Another ancient beauty treatment that has made it through the ages is the use of Dead Sea Mud. Another favorite of Cleopatra and Queen Sheba, Dead Sea mud has a high concentration of minerals (more than any in the world) as well as anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. It’s great at removing dirt and toxins from the skin. Try a full body mud mask treatment, like JAFRA’s Mud Mask, which contains Dead Sea mineral mud and antioxidants to clean deep and remove impurities.
Find Your Oil
Though beauty oils have become popular again in the last few years, they’ve been used throughout history. The ancient Greeks used olive oil to moisturize their skin and hair; just as we do today. Not only does olive oil provide penetrating moisture, it also contains strong antioxidants that can help the skin renew itself after damage from environmental stressors. Similarly, almond oil has been used since pre-Biblical times to keep skin soft and supple. Pamper your skin this year with body treatments infused with these tried and true oils, such as JAFRA’s Royal Olive Body Oil and Lotion or JAFRA’s Royal Almond Rich Body Oil.
Live Like a Queen (Bee)
Royal Jelly is a substance produced by worker bees to feed to the queen bee in a hive. It is why she is larger and stronger than the rest of the bees. Royal Jelly contains complex B vitamins, minerals and enzymes and has antibiotic and antibacterial properties that make it helpful in scar treatment. It was used for health and beauty by the ancient Greeks, Egyptians (Cleopatra was a beauty boss!) and by rulers in Asia. This year, take your beauty to the next level by incorporating this miracle ingredient into your skin care regimen. Try JAFRA’s Royal Jelly Ritual products, which contain their exclusive RoyalActive Peptide. The Royal Jelly Global Longevity Balm is a great test run for falling in love with this natural wonder. 
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