Beauty Inside & Out: Mango and Avocado Breakfast Smoothie

Fight wrinkles with a smoothie at day break

Beauty Inside & Out is a series of articles featuring foods that will leave your skin looking gorgeous. They were all created with Thermomix, the world’s most intelligent multifunction kitchen appliance; one that we’ve fallen head over heels for! Start your day off right with this smoothie that fights wrinkles and morning drag using the same Manuka Honey found in our JAFRA Royal Jelly Ritual products.
Mango and Avocado Breakfast Smoothie
Cook Time: 10 minutes
Servings: 2
You’ll Need:
  • 1 lime, peeled, white pith and pits removed
  • 4 oz. (¾ cup) mango, cut in pieces
  • 1 small avocado, cut in pieces (approx. 4 oz.)
  • 10 oz. (1¼ cup) coconut milk
  • 1 to 2 tablespoons Manuka Honey
For a standard blender, add ingredients and blend until smooth. Serve immediately.
For Thermomix , place lime, mango, avocado, coconut milk and Manuka honey in the Thermomix mixing bowl and blend for 1 min with the speed set at 10. Serve immediately. Add toasted coconut flakes for a tasty extra touch.
The Beautiful Benefits:
Mangos contain fatty acids moisturize and soften your skin cells. Avocados have a lot of skin protecting antioxidants, like beta-carotene, vitamin C and vitamin E. They work together to prevent wrinkles and slow down signs of aging. Vitamin C is necessary for the creation of elastin and collagen, which are responsible for binding skin cells together to keep them firm. Avocados are a great source of vitamin C in addition to other compounds that keep your skin safe from wrinkle-creating free radicals. Manuka honey reduces redness and soothes inflamed skin while helping it hold in moisture. It also oxygenates your pores and draws out bacteria to give you some extra help in acne-prone areas.

Every Woman: Jackie Trask

One woman’s story of happiness and success

Jackie Trask is a ray of sunshine personified. She starts nearly every day here at JAFRA with an infectious smile and greets everyone she passes with contagious positivity. She says it’s easy to be happy when you love what you do. “This is where I want to be. Don’t stay at a job where you don’t want to get up out of bed. Success is being where you want to be.”
Jackie grew up in rural community in South Carolina. She was raised in a home without running water or electricity by three generations of hardworking women. Jackie’s grandmother was tough on her, but only because she believed in her ability to be someone great. Her mother’s formal education ended in 9th grade, but she was fiercely intelligent and loved books. She passed that passion onto her daughter and as a child, Jackie quickly outgrew the 10-book limit imposed by the local Book Mobile, negotiating her way into receiving 30 books at once by the end of 5th grade. It was the stories in these books that gave Jackie the vision to go beyond the dirt roads of South Carolina and the determination to become anything she wanted.
When Jackie was five years old, her grandmother began to instill in her the desire to go to Harvard University. “My grandmother had a dream and I was her dream. For her, defeat was not an option.” When she was six, her mother moved her to a desegregated school where she would receive a better education but she was the only black student. Jackie was held to very high educational standards at home. A’s were fine, but why not A+’s? She was constantly encouraged to be the best.
Jackie was the first person in her family to graduate from high school and she went on to attend - you guessed it - Harvard University. Once she graduated, she decided she wanted to attend business school. First, because she was curious about it and second, because she feared it. She forced herself outside of her comfort zone and attended The Wharton School of Business.
She stayed up all night the night before classes started at Wharton, nervous about being thrust into a new environment with people more experienced than herself. She didn’t “fit in,” but that didn’t stop her. “When I take risk, I have fear. It’s important to walk through the fear. I tell myself, ‘this will be good for me’ because I believe it.”
Jackie graduated from the Wharton School of Business and was offered a job with every single company she interviewed with after graduation.
After years as a business professional, Jackie decided she wanted more. By this time, she had fallen in love and become a mother to a wonderful 9-year-old. She told a friend, “It’s about time I go international and report to a CEO”.
And now she does. In her more than 10 years at JAFRA, Jackie has gone from mother to grandmother. In her words, “They took a chance on the black chick with the crazy hair” and we’re forever grateful that they did. We love you, Jackie! You continue to inspire us.

“My best moment is my ‘now’ moment. Always enjoy the now.”
- Jackie Trask

April Showers...

Floral scents we love for spring

Spring is right around the corner and that means we’re switching things up with some fresh new fragrances and chic spring classics. Here are some of the best scents to lighten your vibe for the season to come…
Gardenia Blossom
Gardenia Blossom is the perfect fragrance to shift toward lighter notes without giving up the romance. The luxurious scent of brilliant Gardenia gathered from South India in the peak of summer is married with feminine green apple with rich notes of Amber to create a feminine fragrance with a charm all its own.
Rose Blossom (New Arrival!)
Bring your senses to life in the newest addition to the Blossom Collection straight from the South of France. Rare Rose Centifolia, hand-picked in the fragrance capital of the world and selected at peak fragrance perfection, joins the modern sensuality of creamy Silk Woods and earthy Pink Pepper in this must have scent. It’s always nice to try something new for spring, but you’ll love this one year-round.
Paris et Moi
A fragrance in a class all its own, Paris et Moi was the first fragrance in our prestigious Perfumer’s Edition series created by the world renown perfumer, Philippine Courtière. This romantic, one-of-a-kind scent takes you to the beautiful city of Paris with an enticing blend of sweet Mara strawberries, romantic rose petal macarons and elegant, creamy Silk Woods. Take a spring trip of intoxicating glamour inspired by the City of Lights with this fabulous, feminine fragrance.
Cool & Crazy from Double Nature
This spring, let every side of your personality shine with the all-encompassing Double Nature line. Crazy & Cool make a perfect spring duo to accompany every facet of your inner self. Double Nature Cool has a carefree vibe, with fresh fruits, delicate flowers, and spicy amber that is laidback, yet lively. Double Nature Crazy picks up the pace with floral bouquets intensified by fruity notes that make it fun and refreshing. Just like you!
Navigo Femme
The women’s counterpart to our nautical men’s line, Navigo Femme is a tropical experience you should try this spring. It features a lush, feminine collection of exotic florals, including Mexican Orchid, Bergamot and Winter Mandarin. The fruity notes of pear, orange flower and Magnolia with take you to perfume paradise.

Staff Picks: Teresa’s April Favorites

Teresa talks top spring picks and new arrivals

1. Let’s talk new arrivals. Have you tried the new Berry Powerful Lip Care yet? Thoughts? 
Berry Powerful Lip Care has become one of my favorite lip balms. It helps keep my lips SO hydrated.
2. From fun new bobs to fresh blushes, spring means having fun with something new! How do you plan to switch up your look for Spring 2018? 
I’m going to make things pop this spring! I plan on introducing more color into my wardrobe. ;)
3. What’s your favorite beauty trend of 2018 so far? 
My favorite beauty trend for 2018 is definitely liquid and cream highlighters.  
4. Now that winter is coming to a close, what part of your body needs the MOST TLC and how do you plan to handle it? 
I would say that the body part that needs the most TLC would be my skin. I plan on using our Royal Almond line to moisturize my skin this summer. 
5. What’s your favorite thing about the new Wanderlove Collection? ​
My favorite thing about the Wanderlove Collection would be the Jet Setter Liquid Eyeshadows. Have you seen those colors?! They’re definitely a new must for me.
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