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Brave New You

From New Year’s resolutions to going after that long-awaited promotion, we all set goals for ourselves. It’s easy to want more for yourself, but it can be far more difficult to make your dream a reality. Here’s some of our best advice for reaching your goals, no matter what they are.

Prep for Success
Goals and dreams don’t just happen, we create them, so write out exactly what it is that you want to achieve. Then, make a list of exactly what you’re asking yourself to do to make it a reality. Breakdown your goal into realistic, doable steps and create a reasonable timeline in which to get them done.
If you’re having trouble getting started, research how others have achieved the same goal. Be honest with yourself about any fears you might have about failure and success and take into consideration that there will be missteps and setbacks along the way. They are a part of the process of getting what you want. You can even sign a contract with yourself to make your commitment to your goal official. Put it somewhere you will see it as a reminder.
Ask for Help
When you let people in on your goal, it generally gives your project legs. Others may, “know someone, who knows someone” who may be able to offer advice or opportunities. Plus, trusted friends and relatives can be cheerleaders and good listeners to help keep you on track when you need a boost. And it should go without saying, but there will always be naysayers. By all means avoid them and keep things moving in a positive direction. Leave the haters behind.  

Stay Focused
Stay focused to your goal by patting yourself on the back as you complete the smaller steps you created for yourself. Celebrate your follow through of the mini-goals that are a part of your overall success. If you hit an unexpected snag, don’t panic. Solving small problems along the way can become points of encouragement and a reminder to never give up on your goal.

Last, but certainly not least, stay positive! Journaling can be a powerful tool for focus and commitment. It’s easy to forget how far we’ve come and looking back on your progress in your own words can serve as a great motivator. When it comes to getting what you want in life, only you can make it happen!
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Fab Five: New Spring (Wander)Loves

If you’re looking for a little excitement in your look to shake off that winter slump, we’ve got just the new arrival for you. The new Wanderlove Collection features a spectrum of beautiful, worldly shades in our best-selling formulas to take you to a new destination of bold metallic for festival season.
Wanderlove Haute Escape Slim-Line Lipstick was created with the customer favorite, vitamin-infused formula from our Always Color Stay-On Lipstick. It goes on smooth and gives you a rich, glossy finish that stays put through every kind of adventure.
See the world in luxe Jet Setter Liquid Eyeshadows that deliver beautifully intense color. This lightweight, water-based formula dries smooth with minimal fallout so your look stays right where you want it.
Fun Fact: The Jet Setter Liquid Eyeshadows are great for body art, so get creative on your shoulders, arms, hands and around your eyes.
High pigment and fast-drying, Wanderlove Luxe Matte Inkwell Eyeliner is a liquid eyeliner with a fine, automatic brush for insanely accurate application. It’s fade-proof and smudge-proof with a new matte finish that makes this customer favorite even better.
Our top-selling Beyond Brilliant Gel Nail Lacquer gets a revamp in this new collection. Hot Spot Gel Nail Lacquer features advanced ultraviolet technology that uses natural light to give you a flawless gel manicure without a salon appointment. It’s basically a manicure made for being on-the-go, but still gorgeous. 
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Fab Five: New Spring (Wander)Loves
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Love Your Skin

For this article, we’re sticking to the surface with self-love! Why not take this opportunity to show your skin some affection? Pour yourself a bath and follow these five steps to lovelier skin:
1. Start at the Top
The best part of any trip to the spa is the scalp massage. Bring the luxury home with a Scalp Massage and Hair Treatment. Your scalp is skin too, so it needs moisture like Shea Butter, vitamins and wheat protein. Soak in the tub and let the aromatherapy take hold as you hydrate and relax from head to toe.
2. Get Dirty
It’s not necessarily fancy, but faces love mud. There’s nothing like a good Dead Sea Mud Musk with minerals, antioxidants and vitamins to get your skin going. It’s a time-honored way to purify, unclog pores and slough off dead skin cells. In fact, don’t stop at your face, get your neck and décolletage in the mix as well!
3. Body of Evidence
No night of pampering would be complete without showing neglected skin the love it needs. Don’t leave the tub without using some Ginger & Sea Salt Body Rub first. The sea salt will gently exfoliate while moisture-rich ginger root extract hydrates thirsty skin.
4. Give Yourself a Hand 
Take your at-home spa experience up a notch – especially during hold weather --with a hand scrub. JAFRA’s Hand Scrub with Jojoba Beads exfoliates, repairs and moisturizes skin with soybean and olive oil. Potent antioxidants keep your hands looking young and Vitamin B gets in deep to help sooth chapped or cracked hands. It’s the perfect prevention of premature aging before you say goodnight.
5. Seal It In
After all that exfoliating and soaking, you need a great moisturizer to lock in the benefits. Towel off and put on some Royal Jelly Extra Soothing Balm. It has Manuka honey, cacao butter, and of course, Royal Jelly, to soothe skin in seconds. For your hands, apply Night Care for Hands, made with Shea, cocoa and red mango seed butters to hydrate and condition your hands and cuticles. It leaves behind the ever-so-relaxing scent of saffron and lavender to take you right to dreamland, happy and hydrated. 
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Thank You, Women

Where would beauty be without the amazing minds of women? For Women’s History Month, we’re shedding a spotlight on a few of the women who have made our beauty lives easier and inspired us with their success in the process.
Lyda D. Newman
A hairdresser by trade, inventor and suffragist Lyda D. Newman patented a new and improved hairbrush in 1898. Newman designed a brush that was durable, easy to clean, easy to make and provided ventilation during brushing.

When Newman wasn’t working in her hair salon, she was busy being a pillar of the Suffrage movement of the early 1900s. We have this beauty enthusiast and activist to thank for the synthetic bristle brushes we still use today.

Lydia O' Leary
Lydia O’Leary was an inventor who wanted acceptance and opportunity. She was born with a large, raspberry-colored port wine stain that covered a considerable portion of face and often received looks from strangers. After graduating from college in 1921, it was suggested that she look for work as a sales associate in New York City, but despite her qualifications, stores rejected her from front-counter jobs because of her birthmark.
O’Leary later took a job painting cards. It was a simple painting mistake at work that gave her the idea for her invention. After some trial, error and a little help from a local chemist, she created a makeup foundation that could effectively cover her birthmark. In 1932, Lydia O’Leary became the first and only person to ever receive a patent for a makeup foundation product.
Madame C.J. Walker
Madam C.J. Walker was a developer of hair products and the first female African-American millionaire. She was born to former slaves on a cotton plantation in Louisiana, and by the time she was 20, she had lost both parents and a husband. When she began to lose her hair from the straightening methods of the time, she invented a conditioning formula made of shampoo and pomade to straighten her hair. With that, Walker had invented a new method for hair straightening.

She began manufacturing and selling Madam C.J. Walker’s Wonderful Hair Grower as well as 16 other products. She went door-to-door giving beauty treatments as her sales pitch and trained others to sell her product as she did. Before her death in 1919, she had more than 2,000 “Walker Agents” selling her line of products. Walker also opened a chain of beauty salons and a beauty school called Leila College.

Lydia Pinkham
In 1875, teacher, women’s rights activist and abolitionist Lydia Estes Pinkham, turned her humble herbal home remedies into a lucrative business. She was deemed a crusader for women's health at a time when women's issues were not readily discussed in the medical community. As a result, she was both revered and persecuted for her frank discussions about women’s health. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound became one of the best-known patent medicines of the 19th century and one of the most successful products ever marketed for women. There are still remedies stamped with Pinkham's name available at drugstores today.
Jan Day
Janice Tripp Eldredge was born in 1919. After college, she took a job in Publicity (the PR of the day), where she met her future husband, Frank Day. Soon after getting married, Jan and Frank realized they did not want to have the kind of jobs where someone else determined how much they earned.
After some success in door-to-door sales, they set out to establish, “a company with a heart” and JAFRA (Jan + Frank) was born. They started from scratch, creating a high-quality product (Royal Jelly) and investing in hard working people who loved what they were doing. Today, hundreds of thousands of JAFRA Consultants and millions of skincare customers around the world have benefitted from Jan and Frank’s mission. 
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Thank You, Women

Staff Picks: Teresa’s April Favorites

1. Let’s talk new arrivals. Have you tried the new Berry Powerful Lip Care yet? Thoughts? 
Berry Powerful Lip Care has become one of my favorite lip balms. It helps keep my lips SO hydrated.
2. From fun new bobs to fresh blushes, spring means having fun with something new! How do you plan to switch up your look for Spring 2018? 
I’m going to make things pop this spring! I plan on introducing more color into my wardrobe. ;)
3. What’s your favorite beauty trend of 2018 so far? 
My favorite beauty trend for 2018 is definitely liquid and cream highlighters.  
4. Now that winter is coming to a close, what part of your body needs the MOST TLC and how do you plan to handle it? 
I would say that the body part that needs the most TLC would be my skin. I plan on using our Royal Almond line to moisturize my skin this summer. 
5. What’s your favorite thing about the new Wanderlove Collection? ​
My favorite thing about the Wanderlove Collection would be the Jet Setter Liquid Eyeshadows. Have you seen those colors?! They’re definitely a new must for me.
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