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We’re thankful for Y-O-U

Since 1956 until now, JAFRA’s motto has always been, “sharing and caring for others,” and this month we want to share with you how much we care and appreciate our JAFRA Beauties (a.k.a you of course!). Here are 5 Insta-looks shining in the social spotlight wearing our product!


Wearing JAFRA ROYAL Luxury Lipstick in ‘Coral Chic’

It’s not always easy to wear a bold lip but Helen does it so effortlessly. Being the 2019 Pantone color of the year, Coral Chic is the color that will give your look—or makeup bar—a  pop of brightness.
If red isn’t your thing, consider warming it up with this shade.. It will still accentuate the unique shape of your lips (just like red does), and give you a unique sunny glow. Holiday dinners with the family are almost here, are you ready to add the ‘chic’ in Coral Chic? I think so!
Helen, thank you for sprinkling JAFRA into your life and being a creative inspo to all of us!



Wearing JAFRA Beauty Limited Edition Galaxia Eyeshadow Palette

Our social butterfly and JAFRA Consultant, Jackie, is shining bright as the stars in velvety, ultra-pigmented shadows from our Galaxia line. This palette has soft shades to prep your eyelids and dazzling metallics to finish them with a p-o-p! You can easily create cosmic looks to wear during the day, at parties and after parties too!
Jackie, thank you for sharing the JAFRA opportunity with those around you and helping others reach for their dreams. You’re a shining star in our JAFRA Galaxy!



Wearing JAFRA Beauty Contour Palette

This creative soul reflects a cool yet sophisticated California vibe in this imaginative mirror image! Ashley is using our JAFRA Beauty Contour Palette to add a sun-kissed glow to a day of surf and sand. These shades can provide a subtle look or create a solid base for a more enhanced look. If you’re more of a no-makeup ‘makeup’ gal, this pallet is the perfect addition to your glam bag..
Ashley, thank you for being a gem in the social media realm and gifting us fun content all the time!



wearing JAFRA Lipstick

Find a lipstick that complements your street-style mood, like this one! Gabi is using one of our JAFRA lipsticks. Even adding the most subtle lip color can make a big difference to your overall look.
Do you like nudes but aren’t sure if they like you?
Factor in your skin tone, natural lip color and the makeup look you’re going for. If possible, blend different nude colors to perfect the shade that goes with your day’s wardrobe.
Gabi, thank you for rocking a JAFRA lip and sharing your beautiful selfies with us!



Wearing an assortment of JAFRA ROYAL Color products

One of our social-savvy Consultants, Hannah, is #JAFRAroyalty in her social media AND makeup looks! In this snap, she’s using JAFRA ROYAL Color products and we’re loving it.

With skin care benefits charged with Royal Jelly RJ˟, your makeup will benefit your look of the night but also your skin overall. The JAFRA ROYAL Color collection has the foundation, eyeshadows, and lipstick colors that will leave your makeup looking and skin feeling like a new version of yourself. Do you think you’re ready for this Royal Jelly RJ˟? Come on, it’s calling your name!
Hannah, thank you for loving JAFRA and always promoting inner and outer beauty. Keep rocking your crown daaaaarling!

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2020: The Year To Renew Ourselves!

I just love the turn of a new year! After vacation and downtime during the holidays… every year gives us a fresh start to reinvent ourselves and get closer to becoming the ultimate person we want to be! What are your New Year's resolutions? Who will the new you be?
This is a wonderful time to write down new goals, envision new horizons, and raise the bar! I grew up with my grandmother Jan Day who believed that everyone had the right to reach any goal without limit. This has always been one of my favorite quotes by her because it makes me question “what ARE my limits”? We all place limits on ourselves consciously and subconsciously. Every year I try to refocus and raise the bar for myself, letting go of old beliefs which hold me back and reinforcing new ones which will lift me to new heights.
One of the best ways to get rid of old unfavorable habits is to direct ourselves into new experiences. Sometimes “new” feels uncomfortable but “new” always evokes change and opportunities. Every year I remind myself of this and write down experiences that I would like to have, goals I would like to reach, and mountains I would like to climb, metaphorically speaking! Years ago I read a book, “Write It Down and Make It Happen”. Ever since, I started writing down my goals and wishes in a journal. Writing down new goals has a magical effect, it makes ideas more tangible, and in essence it is the first step to making it happen! One of my favorite parts about doing this exercise is going through old pages in my journals years later and having a sense of pride when most of the dreams on my list that seemed impossible at the time... actually came true because I kept pursuing them more and more each year. 
Moving on into 2020 let's remember who we are, where we are going, and most of all, let's climb higher than we ever have before. After all, we all have that right, let’s use it!
2020: The Year To Renew Ourselves!
Beauty Scene

You-Bloom: The inspiring new fragrance!

JAFRA has been spreading joy and beauty professionally since 1956, and their newest fragrance allows you to become an active participant in doing the same! Certain design features have been thoughtfully inspired by nature; and every note of this new fragrance has been delicately placed to compose a sweet symphony of feminine floral fragrance. Joyfulness and beauty are all around you; how can you indulge in self-care while bringing the bright blooms of spring into your home? Introducing JAFRA You Bloom!
The Inspiration Behind the Bloom

JAFRA You Bloom is inspired by the journey of a flower from bud to full bloom and beyond! You Bloom’s connection to nature is expressed from “head to toe” starting with the cap’s earthy hue, warm natural-like texture, and artisanal design. The journey of the flower continues in the design of the bottle; a lovely botanical print is emblazoned around the bottle. The free-hand floral illustration draws you in to the story of You Bloom. The floral design is mirrored from the bottle on the exterior sleeve as well. In addition, the outer packaging sleeve is made from 95% recycled paper, with no cellophane used in the packaging.
The bottle concept for JAFRA You Bloom was selected from a glass design contest for university students in Mexico City. The contest encouraged innovation and creativity, while promoting professional development.

Grow Your Own Garden

Perhaps the best part of the packaging (other than the amazing pen-and-ink style illustration on the front that makes me want to whip out my markers) are the instructions on how to use your hexagonal cartons to grow your own garden. This feature also makes JAFRA’s You Bloom an amazing multi-purpose gifting opportunity for many occasions.
When you open your You Bloom fragrance, set aside and save your paper cartons. You will need to purchase seeds of your choice and some potting soil.
  • Fill the cartons with potting soil, leaving about half an inch at the top.
  • Poke a hole in the center for your seed (pay attention to the seed packet you purchase as some seeds may need to be planted deeper or shallower), then cover seed and water.
  • Be sure to give your seed water and sunlight according to their individual instructions.
  • Once your seed has germinated and grown large enough, you can consider planting your carton inside another larger pot or in your garden outside.
  • The carton is made from recycled paper and is biodegradable so it will break down over time.
Using these cartons to begin your seed’s life indoors is especially great for starting your garden in winter, or allowing your kids to learn about growing, too! Since the cartons are lightweight, they are easy for kids or grandparents to help with, making it a great family activity as well.

Gifting You Bloom

JAFRA You Bloom is the ideal fragrance for a myriad of women in your life:
  • The floral-enthusiast: If spring florals are her passion, then JAFRA You Bloom will make her world go around! She will love the cartons that she can use to plant new flowers in her garden, and the floral story of inspiration! With Earth Day coming up on the 22nd, this is the perfect “thinking of you” gift for a friend.
  • The art-enthusiast: If art sets her heart ablaze, JAFRA You Bloom is the way to color her world. The beautiful pen and ink design on the packaging mirrors the hand-drawn florals on the bottle that bear the vibrant pink and orange hues. Your gift recipient will also love that the bottle was designed through a competition of university students in Mexico, fostering additional creativity and innovation.
  • The family woman: If family floats her boat, JAFRA You Bloom is the way to add some wind to her sails! The ability to repurpose the carton of her floral fragrance into a family activity will add another level of happiness to this already heartfelt and lovely present.
  • The gardener: If botanicals are her bag, JAFRA You Bloom will blow her mind. There are hand-drawn florals on the packaging and the bottle, the fragrance and the packaging are inspired by the journey of a flower from seed to bloom and beyond… and she can use the cartons to plant a new bloom for her garden!
  • You: If you went to work this week, cleaned the house, took care of the kids, or maybe you just found the energy to get out of bed…you have worked hard, and you deserve it; Treat yourself! It sounds like it might be time to gift yourself JAFRA You Bloom, too! This feminine floral fragrance will lift your spirits and allow possibilities to blossom and flourish.
How to gift JAFRA You Bloom:
  • In a beautiful gift bag, with a small package of potting soil, and a package of seeds of your choosing – the perfect, complete gift!
  • If you want to make a gift experience, you can create a complete gardening toolkit to pair with the gift set above. Add in a small trowel, pair of gardening gloves, and small watering can. If you are gifting to someone that falls into the “family woman” category (or even your own Mom), you could even include a “mommy and me” set!
  • As-is, all by itself. I mean, have you seen the packaging and bottle? It’s pretty perfect.
Feminine Floral Fragrance

Floral Fruity Green
Feel the beauty of nature in bloom with top notes of modern rose Damascena petals. The rose Damascena petals blend with other floral notes including ylang, orange flower absolute, and jasmine absolute. As the florals gently fade, the heart of the fragrance will come through and you will be met with a bright and beautiful world spiced with turmeric root. The vibrant turmeric root is combined with a medley of French burgundy, black currant, pink pepper, and violet leaf absolute. As the heart notes linger through the life of this floral and fruity fragrance, feeding its warm and spiced spirit, the base notes will begin to shine through. Stay grounded with the earthy elegance of oakwood absolute. The oakwood is joined by cedarwood, orris absolute, and vetiver.
Let your spirit bloom with this spring-inspired feminine floral scent. Perfect for those who are inspired by spring and intrigued by the journey of flowers. Earthy. Joyful. Inspiring. This fragrance will evoke a joyful appreciation of nature, ground you in the knowledge that you can blossom, and encourage new growth.

Celebrate the Beauty of Nature

Nature blooms all around you, and JAFRA You Bloom is a glorious celebration of spring! As the contemporary rose Damascene petals unfold amid a profusion of fresh greenery, bright turmeric root makes its presence known in the earthy oakwood to capture the full wonder of spring. The bottle is made from 20% post-consumer recycled glass

You Bloom Giveaways

Free is probably my second favorite F-word. (My most favorite is fragrance, of course! 😉) This month you will have TWO amazing opportunities to win your very own You Bloom from JAFRA. Make sure that you like and follow them on Facebook and Instagram… and then go enter the Giveaways so that you, too, can blossom and bloom with JAFRA’s You Bloom!

JAFRA ROYAL: Skin Care in Just 4 Minutes

Skin care has never been this easy! The JAFRA ROYAL Revitalize Ritual gets you clean, moisturized and on your way in just 4 minutes. Here’s how it works:

Start with a clean slate! Remove excess oil and dirt while you fight free radicals with the Gentle Cleansing Milk.

This is where you customize you skin care ritual by choosing the serum (or serums) that suit your skin best. You can select and layer the Line & Pore Perfecting SerumSpot Serum, and Extra Hydrating Serum as desired.
You can also enhance your ritual with complementary treatments when you have some free time to pamper yourself! Give your eyes some special attention with the Longevity Eye Crème and leave your skin glowing with the Volcanic Micro Polish Mask (use 2-3 times per week).

Now it’s time to moisturize! If your skin is craving serious hydration, go with the with the Global Longevity Crème. The Global Longevity Balm is a more lightweight source of moisture replenishment.  

The fourth and final step is only necessary for your daytime ritual. Always remember to protect your skin from sun damage and environmental stressors with Solar Protection Fluid with Broad Spectrum SPF 50. It’s sheer, lightweight and never greasy.
That’s it! The new JAFRA ROYAL Revitalize Ritual has everything you need to get your skin started on the right track, and you can do it all in just 4 minutes.
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JAFRA ROYAL: Skin Care in Just 4 Minutes

Skin Gets a Nutritious Boost with Superfoods and Royal Jelly RJx

We’re no strangers to the benefits of superfoods—Chia is much more than a pet, kale has graduated from a garnish to a main course, and we’ll mix anything into acai. Royal Jelly is a superfood that’s good for you inside and out—it’s like food for the skin. Packed with proteins, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and essential lipids, which serve as the building blocks of health and vitality, maintaining the youthful appearance of skin while reducing visible signs of aging. JAFRA’s exclusive RJx increases natural Royal Jelly’s power potency and precision.

JAFRA ROYAL Boost is a superfood cocktail for your skin.  Boost is a fast, fun and fresh, skin care ritual that targets your very specific skin care needs with superfood ingredients and Royal Jelly RJx—our exclusive beauty powerhouse technology—in every product.

Rich in active ingredients, the Boost formulas are packed with powerful superfoods to provide protection against future damage from free radicals, UV, and blue light radiation.
  • Mighty Matcha is a powerful antioxidant that protects skin from damage, and prevents signs of aging, all while energizing the skin.
  • Watermelon Extract is a vitamin-packed superfood that soothes and hydrates.
  • Aloe is a natural marvel that soothes, calms, and conditions skin.
  • Açaí berry is bursting with antioxidants and helps to rejuvenate, smooth, and soothe skin.
  • Ginger root is contains powerful antioxidants to help protect skin from free radicals and environmental damage.
  • Sweet beet is a nutrient-dense dynamo that helps to fight signs of aging, and is rich in folates, vitamin A and minerals.
  • Citrus fruits help to even the complexion and refresh the skin. These colorful heroes are loaded with vitamin C which helps give skin a healthy-looking glow.
  • Sea Buckthorn is a botanical rich in essential omega fatty acids and vitamins A, C, and E; it helps to sooth the skin and protect from aging.
  • Coconut water provides vitamin E and amino acids to help soothe tight, dry skin.
  • Green spinach is a mighty leaf, full of antioxidant to help rejuvenate skin.
These natural superheroes work together to deliver an unstoppable skin care product designed to encourage fresh, healthy, glowing skin, and prevent and address early signs of aging.

This revolutionary new line of skin care has been created with all skin types in mind. The collection for normal/combination/oily skin is oil-free, fast-absorbing, and lightweight to keep skin soft and fresh, and shine at bay; while the collection for dry/sensitive skin is formulated to lock in essential moisture, soothe, comfort, and condition, to give you a healthy glow.

Say HELLO to healthy skin powered by yummy nutritious superfoods and Royal Jelly RJx!
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